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The Spy Who Shunned Me was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore overheard a conversation between a couple of guards and learned that Dilara, like the other spies, had been captured and taken to the prison. With this, Ezio set out to free her.


  • Guard 1: Did you happen to see that? We caught another of the Sultan's spies lurking about. A woman this time, disguised as a harlot of low birth.
  • Guard 2: Sending his harem girls now, eh? It seems the Sultan is running out of skilled fighters. Where did you take her?
  • Guard 1: Inside. Into the prisons. But she won't last long. Not with Shahkulu in charge.
The Spy 4

Manuel discussing his plans with Shahkulu

Ezio made his way towards Dilara's cell, but came across a meeting between Manuel Palaiologos and Shahkulu first.

  • Manuel: How soon before my soldiers are trained to use those guns?
  • Shahkulu: A few weeks at most.
  • Manuel: The Janissaries will know I have betrayed them by now. But do they have the resources for retribution?
  • Shahkulu: Doubtful. The Sultan's battle with Selim commands most of their attention.
  • Manuel: Ah! What the hell is that smell?
  • Shahkulu: Apologies, Manuel. Some of these Ottoman prisoners are so... fragile.
  • Manuel: Shahkulu, try to moderate your anger. I know the Sultan humiliated your people. But there is no need to spit on men who are beneath us.

Shahkulu turned to a guard and issued an order.

  • Shahkulu: Hmm. You. Take the woman from the prison and bring her to the chapel.
  • Guard 1: Shahkulu, I don't have the key.
  • Shahkulu: Find it!
  • Guard 1: Who has the key? You?
  • Guard 2: I think Nikolos has it. He's on leave in the market.
  • Guard 1: Hristé mou! (Christ!) I'd like to run that man through with a spear.
The Spy 7

Dilara freed from the prison

  • Guard 2: Hey hey. Keep that to yourself, Entáxi (Okay)?

Ezio went to the market and retrieved the key, after which he returned to Dilara's cell.

  • Dilara: You took your time.
  • Ezio: You are welcome.
  • Dilara: Aman Allahim! (Good God!) What is that?
  • Ezio: Not everyone was taken prisoner.
  • Dilara: Poor men. Allah sizi kutsasin. (God keep you.) That Turkmen renegade did this. Shahkulu. I'll kill him!
  • Ezio: Wait!


Ezio freed Dilara from her prison cell, and she set of to kill Shahkulu, leaving him behind.




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