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The Soldier was a virtual representation of one of Haytham Kenway's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Having found William Johnson and Benjamin Church, Haytham decided to locate and recruit John Pitcairn, who served under General Edward Braddock.


ACIII-Soldier 2

Benjamin informing the group about Silas Thatcher

  • Benjamin: Johnson's told me what you intend. As it happens, the man who held me is the same one that you seek. His name is Silas Thatcher.
  • Charles: That fancy lad is our slaver?
  • Benjamin: Don't let his velvet tongue deceive you. A crueler and more vicious creature, I've never known.
  • Haytham: What can you tell me of his operation?
  • Benjamin: He hosts at least a hundred men, more than half of whom are Redcoats.
  • Haytham: All this for some slaves?
  • Benjamin: Hardly. The man's a commander in the King's Troop, in charge of the Southgate Fort.
  • Haytham: We need to find a way inside... Hmmm... Let me think on it. In the meantime, I'll attend to our final recruit.
  • Charles: John Pitcairn's our man. I'll take you to him.

Haytham and Charles went to the military district.

  • Redcoat: State your business.
  • Charles: New recruit.
  • Redcoat: More kindling for the pyre, eh? Go on, then.
  • Haytham: How'd you manage that?
  • Charles: Did you forget, sir? My commission is with General Braddock - when I'm not attending to you, of course.

Charles and Haytham came upon Braddock and Pitcairn.

  • Braddock: Pitcairn, you fool! Your acts are treacherous. Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you right now. Were you planning to announce yourself? Or did you hope my men wouldn't notice your arrival?
ACIII-Soldier 5

Haytham trying to convince Braddock to release Pitcairn

  • John: Sir, if you'll allow me to explain...
  • Braddock: Oh, by all means. I should like very much to hear this.
  • John: I have not deserted, sir. I am here under Commander Amherst's orders.
  • Braddock: Show me a letter bearing his seal and you might be spared the gallows.
  • John: I have no such thing... The nature of my work, sir... it's...

Haytham decided to interrupt.

  • Haytham: ...It's the sort of thing best not put to paper.
  • Braddock: Haytham.
  • Haytham: General Braddock.
  • Braddock: I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Wolves often travel in packs.
  • Haytham: Master Pitcairn won't be here for but a few weeks. I shall return him to his proper post once our work is finished.
  • Braddock: The Devil's work no doubt. It's bad enough my superiors insisted I grant you use of Charles. But they've said nothing about this traitor. You'll not have him.
  • Haytham: Edward, listen to reason.
  • Braddock: We're done here. See these gentlemen out.

Haytham and Charles were removed from the military district by Braddock's soldiers.

  • Charles: Well that didn't go as I expected.
  • Haytham: And to think, I used to call him brother...
  • Charles: What now? They'll chase us off if we try and return.
  • Haytham: We're done with the camp. And as luck would have it, so are they. Come along.

Charles and Haytham followed a small patrol of men, including Braddock.

  • Charles: What are you planning?
  • Haytham: To steal Master Pitcairn.
  • Charles: What?
  • Haytham: You'll see. Now, when I give the signal, you're to distract Braddock's patrol and lure them into a dead end.
ACIII-Soldier 8

Haytham following the patrol

Haytham and Charles followed the patrol for several blocks.

  • Braddock: Hmmm. Where shall we head next?
  • Redcoat: Perhaps down Marlborough?
  • Braddock: No... its residents are too content. Their homes are nice - their days untroubled.
  • Redcoat: What of Lyn or Ship Street?
  • Braddock: Yes. Those fresh arrived are often soon in dire straits. They're more likely to seize upon an opportunity to fatten their purses and feed their young.
  • Haytham: Now!

Charles disguised himself and ran up to General Braddock.

  • Charles: Oi! You're thieves and scoundrels one and all! Fie on you and your false war!

Charles threw horse manure at Braddock and ran away.

  • Braddock: After him!

Braddock eventually caught up to Charles.

  • Haytham: Unhand him, Edward!
  • Braddock: You again.
  • Haytham: Let us go - and John Pitcairn with us.
  • Braddock: I will not have my authority challenged.
  • Haytham: Nor I.
ACIII-Soldier 14

Haytham threatening Braddock about the consequences of interfering with the Order's work

  • Braddock: Put them all in chains.

A fight then ensued, and Haytham and his allies killed all the redcoats, with the exception of General Braddock.

  • Haytham: I stay my hand today because you were once my brother - and a better man than this. But should our paths ever cross again, all debts will be forgotten. You're free now, John.
  • Braddock: Traitor! Go on then! Join them on their fool's errand! And when you find yourself lying broken and dying at the bottom of -

Pitcairn ignored Braddock and spoke to Haytham.

  • John: I assume you've good reason for causing all this madness? What is it you require of me?
  • Haytham: I'll explain everything on the way...


Haytham recruited the last name on his list, and was finally ready to start his infiltration of Silas Thatcher's fort.



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