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The Snake Sheds His Skin was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


With the Armor of the Fallen reassembled, Kassandra acquired the means to bypass the Tartaros Veil, and with it the means to put an end to the Monger's actions against the underworld.


Kassandra traveled to the Lost Temple of Nyx to reconvene with Elpenor and confront the Monger. She donned the completed Armor of the Fallen and penetrated the Tartaros Veil, finding Elpenor already inside.

  • Elpenor: You look fabulous. Now, let me tell you my plan to catch the Monger.

  • Kassandra: Let's hear it. I'm ready.
  • Elpenor: Exceptional. I'll distract the prisoners while you head straight to the Monger. We can't let him escape. Once you defeat him, take him to the deepest abyss of Tartaros. You'll have to pass through the Entrails of Gaia to get there.
  • Kassandra: Entrails of... Never mind, let's go.

Kassandra and Elpenor drew their weapons and charged inside.

[Possible fork in dialogue depending on sticking to his plan or not. The following is the result of charging straight through i.e. following the plan.]

Elpenor engaged the escaped prisoners and cleared the way for Kassandra to chase the Monger.

  • The Monger: Fuck!
  • Kassandra: Monger... Ugly in life, ugly in death.
  • The Monger: I can't believe you're working with that fucking jellyfish, Elpenor! Ha! Took you long enough to find me, fuckface. What's the matter? Need the hetaerae to do your fighting for you?
  • Kassandra: This time, I'll tear you to shreds.

Kassandra killed his support and inflicted wounds on the Monger.

  • Kassandra: Hades wants you back in Tartaros where you belong.
  • The Monger: Ha! Hades doesn't fuckin' care.

Kassandra wounded him some more.

  • The Monger: You can't kill the Cult.

Kassandra inflicted deep wounds, enraging him.

  • The Monger: Fuck you!

Kassandra reduced him to the last of his strength.

  • The Monger: I'm gonna do to you what I wanted to do to your mother.

After a long battle, Kassandra finally subdued the Monger.

  • The Monger: No!
  • Kassandra: Elpenor's been waiting for your head.

Kassandra confirmed the Monger was defeated and slung his body over her shoulder, carrying him out of the Lost Temple of Nyx.

Kassandra journeyed through the Entrails of Gaia to the point above the deepest abyss of Tartaros. Kassandra cast the Monger into the abyss, and Elpenor joined her to take stock of their victory.

[Dialogue varies significantly but always ends up at one of the two choices. I got the "calmer" dialogue after listening to his plan + following his plan + not leaving him behind in Arms of Atonement, but it is possible to get the "angry" dialogue after the "followed/broke the plan," which is its own line.]

  • Elpenor: We make a good pair. At first I was worried you wouldn't stick to the plan—you haven't been very trusting of me.

  • Elpenor: We had a plan to keep the Monger from escaping. You should have trusted me!

  • Kassandra: Can you really blame me? You and the Cult destroyed my life.

  • Elpenor: I understand, but tell me you see that I've changed. That I'm trying to do good in death where I failed in life. I cannot move on without your acceptance.

  • Elpenor: I have done nothing but try to redeem myself in your eyes. But still, you refuse to give me a chance.

  • Kassandra: I've heard enough of your lies for two lifetimes.

Kassandra swiftly kicked Elpenor off the cliff into the abyss of death below. Elpenor screamed while Hades simply clapped.

  • Hades: I always find it satisfying to best an adversary twice, don't you?

Poseidon joined them. Hades had won their wager regarding Elpenor's fate.

  • Poseidon: Enough gloating, brother. She already kicked him in the pit. You won the bet.

He flipped Hades a coin.

  • Hades: Elpenor. What a useless pawn.

  • Kassandra: I suppose... you have changed. A bit.
  • Elpenor: My dear Eagle Bearer, you have no idea what your forgiveness means to me.
  • Kassandra: Who said anything about forgiveness?
  • Elpenor: I feel as though I can finally move on.

Hades joined them.

  • Elpenor: Hades! I—we returned the Monger to Tartaros for you, just as you asked.
  • Hades: I made no such request.
  • Elpenor: But you referred to the Monger as a thorn in your side.
  • Hades: And you inferred that I wanted him returned. Clearly you still have much to learn, Elpenor. We'll discuss this later at my palace.
  • Elpenor: Still, I'm on my way to eternal peace, thanks to you.

Elpenor took his leave as Poseidon arrived to join Kassandra and Hades. He had won their wager regarding Elpenor's fate.

  • Poseidon: I believe you're forgetting something, brother?

Hades flipped him a coin while staring down Kassandra.

  • Hades: Why would you help your enemy find peace?

  • Kassandra: I thought you and Elpenor were working together.
  • Hades: Elpenor was merely a means to further along your far more interesting journey.
  • Kassandra: Any chance this means you'll teach me more about the Staff now?
  • Hades: Patience, Keeper. A few more twists are still to come along your path. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  • Kassandra: First Elpenor, now you. I am so sick of everyone using my life for their entertainment.
  • Hades: It's far more than that.

  • Kassandra: You used Elpenor as some sort of trial for me.
  • Hades: Close. But the Fates wove your path with a defter hand than that.

  • Kassandra: What are you talking about?
  • Hades: You'll know soon enough.

Hades and Poseidon took their leave of Kassandra.


Kassandra defeated the Monger for a second time, this time casting him into the depths of Tartaros. She either sentenced Elpenor to the same fate or allowed him to continue his path of redemption.


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