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The Snake was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Shao Jun approached Wei Bin's fortress.


  • Jun: I am the blade in the shadows. My prey is Wei Bin. I shall walk in the darkness and strike swiftly. No one will stop me in my hunt...then I will kill your Master.

Shao Jun climbed into Wei Bin's fortress and noticed Wei and his personal guard.

  • Wei: Make sure no one disturbs the tranquility of this place.
  • Jun: Wei Bin has his own personal escort of guards. I should eliminate them. Might make getting to him easier...

Shao Jun killed the first guard and traversed through Wei Bin's fortress, overhearing guards talking.

  • Guard 1: Why come back to China after all these years? What do the Assassins want?
  • Guard 2: Who cares? I just hope I get to kill one of them personally.

Shao Jun eliminated Wei Bin's two remaining personal guards.

  • Jun: Wei Bin has no personal escort now...

As Shao Jun crept above a chamber room, Wei Bin walked below.

  • Wei: Remain ever vigilant - neglect your duties at your peril.

Shao Jun followed Wei Bin, hearing more guards discussing the situation.

  • Guard 3: Stay vigilant, we must keep our eyes open.
  • Guard 4: Agreed. We can't let anyone through.

Shao Jun tracked Wei Bin and struck him down.

  • Jun: Where is Zhang Yong?
  • Wei: Closer than you would care to imagine.
  • Jun: He is here. In Nan'an.
  • Wei: You think you're so smart that you could play us? We know about Wang Yangming. As you hunted me, Zhang Yong hunts him. Soon, you will truly be the last of your kind.


Shao Jun eliminated Wei Bin.



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