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The Smugglers of Cyrene was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The Mouse asks for Bayek's help one last time. He has a cunning scheme to trade up his life of grime in Cyrene. Trouble is it involves smugglers and Romans.


While passing through Apollonia, Bayek overheard Sminthos calling for him from a nearby warehouse.

  • Sminthos: Psst, Sir Bayek! Over here.

Bayek approached Sminthos.

  • Bayek: Why so secretive, Mouse?
  • Sminthos: I have shenanigans in mind, my friend.
  • Sminthos: The reward is money for you, and an idyllic new life for the Mouse. A farm by the coast where I will raise chickens, goats...
  • Bayek: But...
  • Sminthos: The man wants a Pharaoh's ransom for the deeds, Sir Bayyek. But Dolos the spirit of cunning sent you to help with my foolproof plan.
  • Bayek: I'm guessing this plan involves the Romans.
  • Sminthos: And smugglers! So, will you join me on one last adventure, Sir Bayek?
  • Bayek: Why not.

Bayek followed Sminthos.

  • Sminthos: It's surprising what Roman lips will spill if you ply them with enough wine.
    Sir Bayek! We're not done with the caper.
    The snitch told me the smuggler's ship has a codename. Corvum nigrum, the Black Crow.
    Before they dock the Crow drops her contrabrand into the shallows...

They reached the docks.

  • Sminthos: We'll make a pirate of you yet! Steal the dock manifest from the Romans. It will tell us the Black Crow's route into the harbor. I'll wait for you across the docks. Don't get caught, Sir Bayek!

As Sminthos left, Bayek slipped into the docks guarded by Roman soldiers. He came across numerous cages filled with exotic animals.

  • Bayek: Lions and other wild animals are exotic and expensive cargo. Must be why there's so many guards.

Sneaking further in, he killed a guard and looted the manifest from his body.

  • Apollonia Dock Manifest:
    Trading vessel Argos arriving to the Docks of Apollonia and Alexandria.
    Exported wine, oil, honey, animal skins and crafting items. Ship hold due to contain ten thousand amphorae.
    Notes from dock master: When I and Kleptos came aboard for our inspection I overheard the captain whisper corvum nigrum. The Argos is the smuggler's ship, I know it in my bones. And its passage here was via the shipwreck coast.
  • Bayek: Here it is, the Black Crow and notes from the Roman dock-master!

Bayek sneaked out of the docks and returned to Sminthos.

  • Sminthos: Sir Bayek, you return unscathed!
  • Bayek: The manifest says the ship arrived from Alexandria with the first tide.
  • Sminthos: Ah, they'll have dropped their illegal imports at the shipwreck east of Apollonia.
  • Bayek: However, based on the manifest, the Romans cracked the code, they'll be looking too.
  • Sminthos: I have turned you into a pirate, Sir Bayek! A swindler of the seven seas!
  • Bayek: Hahaha... Eh, I must admit this is one of your more enlivening schemes, Mouse.
  • Sminthos: It is good to hear your laugh, my friend. I've arranged to meet the man at the ruins on the coast. Come there with the "plunder". Soon that joyous land will be mine.

Bayek boarded a felucca and sailed to the nearby shipwreck. There, he found a number of Roman boats and eliminated the soldiers onboard. He then dived down and recovered the loot.

  • Bayek: This treasure will do more good for the Mouse than the smugglers.

Bayek resurfaced and sailed to the ruins mentioned by Sminthos. There, he came across a man with his guards along with a tied up Sminthos.

  • Arsenius: Find it you sacks of uselessness!

Bayek attacked Arsenius and his guards.

  • Sminthos: Bayek! Kill these swindlers! You're in trouble now my friend is here!
  • Arsenius: Where is our loot?
  • Sminthos: They trussed me up like a hog!

Bayek killed Arsenius and his guards, freeing Sminthos.

  • Sminthos: He was just another liar and cheat.
  • Bayek: Where will you go now?
  • Sminthos: Cyrene was a cruel mistress, Sir Bayek, but it's time to retire.
  • Bayek: You will miss her?
  • Sminthos: Miss Romans kicking me to the street? Miss people spitting at my poor "cursed" face? No!
  • Bayek: You should use this boodle to really buy a farm you wanted, Mouse.
  • Sminthos: Yes, I will. And make wine from my wines and cheese from my goats. Then one day we'll raise a cup to our friendship...
  • Bayek: That will be the best of days.
  • Sminthos: Here, your reward. Thank you from the depths of my heart... Bayek.
  • Bayek: A man's heart is his own god. Goodbye... Sminthos.


Bayek helped Sminthos to recover loot dropped off from a smuggler ship, allowing him to retire and live a new life as a farmer.


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