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The Slaver's Demise was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


We hunted down Bonacolto's lieutenants and saw justice done. From their bodies, we recovered the final clues to Bonacolto's location The cur is hiding in an ancestral keep in the nearby countryside, likely waiting for reinforcements. We will reach him first.

To that end, we've enlisted the aid of Perina and Corvo in storming the Contarini keep. They are as eager as we are to finish Bonacolto and finally rid Florence of Templar vermin.


The Spanish Assassins, Perina, and Corvo met outside the Contarini keep.

  • Spanish Assassin: Here we are. Bonacolto's somewhere in that keep.
  • Perina: Great. I'll leave the stabbing to all of you. I'll go on my own and see if I can find where our "friend" is hiding.
  • Corvo: And I'll go make some noise. See if I can pull some attention off the rest of you. Maybe crack some Templar skulls in the offing.
  • Spanish Assassin: Good luck. Today, Bonacolto dies.

Perina and Corvo went their separate ways while the Assassins infiltrated the keep, eventually reaching a courtyard where Bonacolto and a lieutenant were deep in conversation.

  • Bonacolto: What? I told you I was not to be dis- Merda! Assassins!
  • Spanish Assassin: I'm sorry, did you expect someone else? Please, excuse the interruption.
  • Bonacolto: Stay back! You won't have me!

The lieutenant engaged the Assassins in combat but was killed. Bonacolto then drew his knife and fought the Assassins, but was fatally wounded.

  • Bonacolto: *cough* You think this is... a victory? This is only the... *cough* beginning, you fools. We know who you are now!
  • Spanish Assassin: Confident for a dying man.
  • Bonacolto: *wheeze* My death changes nothing. Florence will still be ours within a year. You will not... stop... us...
  • Spanish Assassin: We will see about that. Regardless, your death is a good start.

Bonacolto collapsed dead on the cobblestones as Perina and Corvo returned.

  • Corvo: Damn it. I'm too late! I wanted to hear him beg for his life.
  • Perina: He's dead then? I *knew* the smell had improved in here...
  • Spanish Assassin: Bonacolto Contarini will trouble Florence no longer. What of the other Templars, Corvo?
  • Corvo: The flagstones are slippery with their blood, but you won't hear any of them complaining.
  • Spanish Assassin: Good. But Bonacolto spoke of a larger offensive. This may not be the end of the Templars in Florence. You had best be ready.
  • Perina: The bloody termites! No matter. They've lost the city for now, and we will be expecting them. They won't stand a chance.
  • Corvo: Al Diavolo! If any of those stronzo come back, it'll be straight into the blade of my AZZA!
  • Spanish Assassin: Well said, friends. Whether or not they return, we've sent them a painful message today. Come! Let us, for a while, enjoy a peaceful Florence.


The Spanish Assassins entered Bonacolto's lair and killed him, releasing Florence from his grip. Despite threatening that his plans were part of a larger scheme, the Assassins responded that they would be ready when the Templars returned, before joining their new allies in celebrating Florence's new peace.


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