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This article is about the genetic memory of Shao Jun. You may be looking for the gladiator during the 1st century BCE.

The Slaver was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having navigated the ports, Shao Jun reached Yu Dayong's fortress.


  • Jun: I am the blade in the shadows. My prey is Yu Dayong. I shall walk in the darkness and strike swiftly. No one will stop me in my hunt.

Shao Jun approached the fortress, moving around the outskirts and overhearing several guards talking.

  • Guard 1: There should be a new delivery of fresh slaves tomorrow.
  • Guard 2: Coming in on the boats?
  • Guard 1: Yeah, away from anyone looking too hard.
  • Guard 3: Seen anything?
  • Guard 4: Nothing. You?
  • Guard 3: No. Nothing at all.

While traversing the fortress outskirts, Shao Jun found a captured slave.

  • Jun: There are innocents condemned to slavery throughout the fortress. I should try and free as many as I can.

Eliminating the guards, Shao Jun freed the slave.

  • Slave 1: I thought surely that I would die, thank you.

Shao Jun continued through the fortress, overhearing more guards talking.

  • Guard 5: Keep a watch over the slaves, we don't want any trouble from them.
  • Guard 6: Especially with the Assassin returning.
  • Guard 5: Those are just rumors...

Shao Jun found another slave being held hostage.

  • Slave 2: Please help!

Shao Jun saved the slave.

  • Slave 2: Thank you, savior.

Shao Jun continued up the fortress, listening in on more patrols.

  • Guard 7: Yu Dayong has doubled all patrols. You know what's going on?
  • Guard 8: I heard the Assassins are back.
  • Guard 7: Yeah, I heard the rumors too but I can't believe it. We wiped them all out.

Shao Jun found another trapped slave.

  • Slave 3: Help! Somebody!

Shao Jun liberated the slave.

  • Slave 3: I thought surely that I would die, thank you.

Shao Jun proceeded up and around the fortress, eavesdropping on more guards.

  • Guard 9: I heard Qiu Ju is here at the fortress, checking in on Yu Dayong's progress.
  • Guard 10: We have more slaves than we can sell at the moment. I'm sure he'll be pleased.
  • Guard 9: I think he is actually here about the Assassins.
  • Guard 10: Don't believe the rumors.

Shao Jun eventually located Yu Dayong and struck him down.

  • Jun: This belongs to me.
  • Dayong: Zhang Yong will come for the box. He will avenge our deaths.
  • Jun: I am counting on it...


Shao Jun killed Yu Dayong and recovered the Precursor box.



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