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The Silversmith was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Assassin Council tasked Arno with investigating the silversmith, François-Thomas Germain.


Arno returned to the Assassin Council.

  • Arno: You look terrible.
  • Mirabeau: For months, I have been wrangling the Brotherhood, the National Assembly, and the King. Taken all together they have the political acumen of an especially stupid village council. I believe that excuses my appearance, young man.
  • Arno: I meant no disrespect, Mentor. I am only... concerned.
  • Mirabeau: Forget me, Arno. Weep for France. But enough politics. I hope you have happier news. What of (Lord) De La Serre's murderers?
  • Arno: The King of Beggars is dead. He was carrying this.

Arno pulled out the King of Beggars' pistol, which had belonged to one of Beylier's recruits.

  • Beylier: (Rest in peace). You should keep it. It'll do no one any good moldering in a forgotten crypt. Carry it with honor.
  • Arno: Thank you. I will.
  • Mirabeau: The mission...?
  • Arno: The King of Beggars and Sivert were only pawns in a larger game. Someone sent them after (Mister) De La Serre.
  • Mirabeau: Templars do nothing simply, do they? Do you have anything solid on this mysterious chess player?
  • Arno: The only lead I have is the instrument that killed De La Serre. A pin fashioned by a silversmith named Germain. But how he's involved, I can't yet say.
  • Mirabeau: It seems your course is clear. Find this silversmith, learn what part he plays.
ACU The Silversmith 2

Arno being sent by the council

Arno reached the silversmith's workplace, noticing large amounts of guards.

  • Arno: Well, that's not suspicious, is it?

Arno began to infiltrate the workshop.

  • Guard 1: Well, the Pope's condemned us.
  • Guard 2: How's that?
  • Guard 1: It's all over the coffee houses. The Pope's condemned the Civil Constitution, the revolution, all of it.
  • Guard 2: What you suppose that means?
  • Guard 1: Means we lock up the priests. It's not the lawyers, but it's a start.
  • Guard 3: He still in there?
  • Guard 4: I've been here three weeks, and I've never even seen him leave that room, let alone come down the stairs.
  • Guard 3: Dedicated to his work, is he?
  • Guard 4: Obsessed, more like. I don't think he really even knows we're here.

He eventually reaching the room where Germain was working.

  • Arno: (Mister) Germain? The silversmith?
  • Germain: Thank God! They've been holding me for months! Please, get me out of here!
  • Arno: First, I need to know about this.

Arno showed Germain the pin.

  • Germain: No time! I'll tell you all I know once we're away, but we must leave, before the guards return!
  • Arno: Fine. Let's go.
  • Germain: No! They'll be watching the front entrance. We'll have to... go downstairs and across.
  • Arno: Follow me, then. And stay quiet.

Arno killed the first group of guards.

  • Arno: Follow me.
    Let's go.
    Best we move on.
    This way.
    Keep moving.
    Hold on.
    Wait here.
    Hold a moment.
    Stay there.
  • Germain: As you say.
    Very well.
    Yes, certainly.
  • Guard 5: You sound like hell.
  • Guard 6: Whole damn place reeks of boric acid. He swears it's not poisonous, but...
  • Guard 5: So open the upstairs window and stop complaining.

Arno led Germain to the exit.

  • Germain: Keep one eye to the roofs. They often post sentries there as well.
  • Arno: Just how important are you as a prisoner?

Arno killed the sentries on the roofs.

  • Germain: Help me!
    Please! Help!
    Help! Help me!

Arno found Germain held by several guards.

  • Arno: Germain! Change of plans...

Arno killed all of the guards, except the one holding Germain.

  • Arno: No need to do anything foolish. Let the silversmith go.
  • Guard: Stay back!

Germain killed the remaining guard.

  • Germain: God be good... what have I done?
  • Arno: Only what you had to. Come, we must go.
  • Germain: Yes, of course.

Arno and Germain made their way to safety.

  • Germain: Thank you, my friend. You've done me a great service today.
  • Arno: Perhaps you can return the favor.
  • Germain: Yes, of course. I made the first some years ago, on a private contract for a man called Lafrenière. It seemed an unusual commission, I confess curiosity got the better of me. Recently, I started looking into Lafrenière's background and... What I discovered... you wouldn't believe it.
  • Arno: He's a Templar. Is that what you found?
  • Germain: Yes, I... I believe so. I didn't know how to take it. In any case, I was careless and Lafrenière found out about my schemes. Kept me under house arrest ever since. I do as he bids. Weapons mostly.
  • Arno: Where can I find him?
  • Germain: Well, Lafrenière is a very difficult man to pin down. Not long ago, I overheard him talking about protecting the shipments at la Halle aux Blés. It sounded ominous, whatever he meant. If I may ask, why are you so interested in him?
  • Arno: He killed someone very dear to me. I want to know why.
  • Germain: I see. You have my sympathies.
  • Arno: They will come looking for you again. Make yourself scarce.
  • Germain: Yes. I believe I might.


Arno freed the silversmith, who informed him about Lafrenière.


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