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The Siege of Charles-Towne was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


As was discussed, Edward met up with Thatch near Charles-Towne to find more medicines.


  • Edward: Heyo, Bonnet. Flying your own flag at last!
  • Stede: Yes... Yes, Blackbeard cut me loose sadly. Time to have a go at this myself.
  • Edward: Well, that's grand!
  • Stede: Yes, it's for the best, I think. I should have some wild stories when next we meet. Edward... your constant friendship has been my most treasured find on these seas. Well above gold and silver and rum, I... I prize the courage you have inspired in me this year. Thank you, Sir! A fair good morrow to you!

Edward found Thatch holding hostages.

  • Thatch: Are you not loved at home? Are you not wanted by your wives and families and countrymen? How else to explain your government's complete disinterest in your well-being? Hostages for medicines, these were my only terms! And yet, six days of pure fucking silence! So I must conclude that you men are the pariahs of Charles-Towne, and I would profit better by using your organs for chum and your bones for char! By Christ! This is my predicament: to kill ya, or to press you into my service. It's a decision I'll make hardly, but not with remorse. Ahoy, Edward.
  • Edward: What the hell are you doing, man? All of Charles-Towne can see this mess.
  • Thatch: It's the idea. Out of range but well in sight.
  • Edward: So where's the medicine?
  • Thatch: I sent a party ashore to barter with the governor. That were a week ago. No noise since.
  • Edward: I'll handle it. Give me a day.
  • Adéwalé: There's movement up ahead. Is it soldiers?
  • Edward: Aye, and in something of a hurry. I propose we follow... else they spring something we ain't ready for.

Edward started to tail the gunboat.

The Siege of Charles-Towne 3

Edward looking at the British gunboat

  • Adéwalé: What's your thinking?
  • Edward: Blackbeard's been at this eight days already, so it's a good bet someone out there has prepared the medicines, just in case.
  • Adéwalé: Ah. But they're stalling, thinking up ways to avoid paying it out.
  • Edward: Aye. So let's find where they've gathered and hope for the best.
  • Adéwalé: Careful, captain. We're drifting close to a watchtower.
  • Crew: The Jackdaw's got no business sailing such shallow waters.
  • Crew: It'll be a bloody miracle if we ain't spotted.
  • Adéwalé: There's another watchtower.
  • Crew: What's the captain thinking? If this fog shifts, we'll have nowhere to turn.
  • Adéwalé: Keep her at half-sail, captain. Speed'll do us no favors here.
    Careful with the banks.
    We cannot pass them undetected, captain. And there is no other way.
  • Edward: There's always another way.
  • Adéwalé: All stop!

Edward went ashore and disabled the alarm bell, after which he continued to the Jackdaw.

  • Adéwalé: I see them. Over there! Let us hope the river remains this wide.
  • Crew: This ship's built for the open ocean, not stalking bayous.
  • Adéwalé: If we run aground here, we may never get out.
    Be sure they don't spy us trailing them.
    Steady as she goes, captain.
    They're getting away, captain!
  • Edward: Then I'll have to go on without her. I'll be back with the medicines.
  • Adéwalé: Aye, sir!

Edward continued tailing the rowboat on foot.

The Siege of Charles-Towne 5

Edward tailing the rowboat

  • Ryder: It's your turn at the oars.
  • Soldier: The devil it is. I rowed last time.
  • Ryder: Aye, and wagered your next turn on a poor hand of cards, as I recall.
  • Soldier: Blast! So I did.
  • Ryder: Come on then. The captain's waiting.
    If heat or the reptiles don't finish us, it'll be these damnable insects.
  • Soldier: Aye, the mosquitoes'll sup every last ounce of vitality from us. You think it's true what they say about Blackbeard? That fire strikes out from his head? As if some volcano?
  • Ryder: If he's not the devil himself, then surely he's made some pact with hell. Only be thankful his ship remains anchored, and hasn't torn a path into the heart of Charles-Towne.
  • Soldier: Bloody pirates. Someone ought to do something.
  • Ryder: They'll be hunted down eventually. Every last one of them.

The rowboat reached a guard post.

  • Guard: Who's that there?
  • Ryder: Two old 'gators come for their supper.
  • Guard: Ryder, me old mucker. Bit warm tonight, ain't it?
  • Ryder: We'll talk about the weather another time, mate. Bit of a hurry. This blockade best end soon. I'm going land-crazy, and this dirty puddle won't do.
  • Soldier: One would suppose all this was for gold. Or rum at least.
  • Ryder: Nothing but medicines to cure whatever ailments fester aboard their vessels.
  • Soldier: Syphilis and scurvy, no doubt. What noxious coffins these pirate ships must be.
    What was that?! It was a crocodile, wasn't it? It's coming straight for us, I can feel it.

The rowboat reached another guard post.

  • Soldier: You seen any crocodiles tonight? I could've sworn I saw something pass the boat.
  • Guard: Nope, quiet night.
  • Soldier: Are you sure? I heard something in the water.
  • Guard: Quiet 'till you showed up. Go on then. Captain's waiting.
  • Soldier: Almost there.
  • Ryder: Good. Captain Wyatt is not a patient man.

The rowboat reached another guard post.

  • Simon: Hullo! Is that Ryder yonder?
  • Ryder: The very same.
  • Simon: Then speed along. You're expected. And you know how-

Simon was pulled into the water by a crocodile.

  • Ryder: Oh Christ!
  • Soldier: It took him! It took him! I told you!
  • Ryder: Just row, for godsakes! Row!
  • Soldier: I told you there was something! Didn't I tell you? Oh god...
  • Ryder: Let's just get out of here.

The rowboat reached it's destination.

  • Soldier: Thank christ! I thought we'd never make it.

The soldiers left the boat, and Ryder went to meet with Captain Wyatt.

The Siege of Charles-Towne 6

Edward eavesdropping on the soldiers

  • Ryder: I apologize, sir. There was an accident. Private Simon-- this crocodile--
  • Wyatt: I don't care about your accidents. What's the word from the harbor, soldier? Speak!
  • Ryder: No change, sir. They're holding fast but are yet to kill or maim any of the captives, near as we can tell. Perhaps it's time to--
  • Wyatt: To surrender? I've been entrusted with the affairs of the town, and I do not intend to bow to the demands of a pirate, no matter how fierce his reputation.
  • Ryder: Yes, sir.
  • Wyatt: As long as the supply key is with me, no man shall touch that medicine. May plague and calamity strike them all.

Several alarm bells were heard, and Edward's presence was revealed.

  • Ryder: Bloody idiot.
  • Wyatt: What?
  • Guard: Pirates! Their ship's here! Pirates!
  • Wyatt: Fall back! To the mansion!

Edward chased after the captain, with several more troops being alerted to his presence.

  • Wyatt: Intruder! Help!
    Kill him! Kill him!
    Stop him!
    Somebody shoot him!
    Do something, you fools!
  • Soldiers: What's going on?!
    Someone's after the captain!
    Hey! Stop!
    He's going for the captain!
    There's an intruder! Get 'im!
    Do something!
    Careful with the gunpowder barrels! Don't hit the gunpowder!

While trying to shoot Edward, the soldiers accidentally blew up some gunpowder barrels, resulting in the deaths of several other soldiers.

  • Wyatt: Close the gate!

Eventually, Edward was able to mortally wound the captain.

  • Wyatt: Oh God! Oh God, save me! And flay all you devils! Ah!
  • Edward: Blackbeard made you as good an offer as ever a man got from any pirate. You might curse his methods, but medicine was all he wanted. And now he'll get it.

Edward took the captain's key, leaving his corpse behind.

  • Edward: You should have bartered, mate.

Edward returned to the ship.

  • Crew: He's returned, Captain!
  • Hostage: Mmph!
  • Thatch: What's the take?
The Siege of Charles-Towne 11

Thatch telling Edward about his plans

  • Edward: Two crates, and the means for mixing additional doses.
  • Thatch: Ah... That's right thinking. Precious little of that these days. You hear that, Mister Wraggs? My young friend returns with offerings, and so saves your scrawny neck! Will you not thank him?
  • Hostage: Mm hm!
  • Edward: We should quit these waters, Thatch. The governor is bound to muster more soldiers.
  • Thatch: Nah, you go on ahead. I got some business in the north.
  • Edward: You're done, aren't you? Giving up on us? On Nassau?
  • Thatch: Look, lad. I'm late into my fourth decade on this Earth. And if I don't find some means to make the fifth a quiet and cozy voyage, I'd rather sink to the devil's doorstep than call myself captain another year. We'll meet again, lad. In this world or the one below.


Edward managed to acquire the needed medicines, and learned of Thatch's future plans.



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