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The Shifty Scribe was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A Greek philosopher is unfairly jailed after Eudoros plagiarizes his book. Bayek agrees to save him from the guards, and get him out of Alexandria.


While in Alexandria, Bayek overheard men discussing Aristo's predicament.

  • Man: Aristo's work is fine. A peripatetic philosopher, it's a shame what has happened to him.

Bayek overheard a woman cursing the Ptolemies in her residence.

  • Callista: Curse the King! Curse this miserable city! Curse Eudoros! May they all rot!
    Where's that bottle of wine? No one can get him back for me! He'll die in prison because of that viper, Eudoros! What will I do without him? Without my Aristo? My comforter, my job, my love.

Bayek entered the woman's house.

  • Callista: Who are you!? One of Eudoros' phylakes?
  • Bayek: I am no friend of Eudoros'.
  • Callista: He's brought nothing but sorrow to my husband Aristo. The great poet-philosopher... jailed! Jailed for writing beautiful things!
  • Bayek: Words are a powerful weapon.
  • Callista: My love spent years writing his masterwork. Years! Then Eudoros plagiarized it and passed my husband's genius off as his own!
  • Bayek: And Aristo took him to court?
  • Callista: Months of arguments! In the end, my husband is beaten, ridiculed and tossed in a cage!
  • Bayek: Is this what passes for justice in Alexandria?
  • Callista: Oh, my dear man, if you right this wrong, my husband and I can flee this city and be done with this ordeal.
    If you free him, I know of a boat that will take him on the southern docks, I will wait for you. Please, just bring me back my Aristo.

On a table, Bayek noticed a letter.

  • To Aristo of Alexandria:
    My friend, Eudoros is claiming all the work on the Nile in the book is his. Your life is in danger, he is charging you with plagiarism.
    Your friend Phanos

Bayek left the house, searching for Aristo. With the help of Senu, he discovered Aristo was locked in a cage, en route near the southern docks on a horse carriage. Bayek pursued the carriage, getting close to the cage.

  • Aristo: Who's this? Another of Eudoros' sycophants come to sneer? Leave me alone with my woes.
  • Bayek: I am a friend of Phanos! A protector.

Bayek attacked the carriage.

  • Aristo: Hit that one again! He deserves it. Get them! Hit that one next! That one smells vile, look out!

Bayek killed the soldier and carried Aristo out of the cage.

  • Aristo: You have more courage than Achilles himself! You've released me from daily beatings!
  • Bayek: We should go quickly.
  • Aristo: The vlakos broke my hip. Be careful, I pray you!
  • Bayek: Your wife tells me to get you out of Alexandria.
  • Aristo: My wife! The dear woman. Yes, there's a boat in port. Take me there.
    That Eudoros! What a detestable man! He couldn't forgive me for writing a better book.
    Please, we must get out of this city.

Bayek placed Aristo on the back of his steed.

  • Aristo: Please, we must get out of this city.
    We must flee. Those damned guards will find me. Egypt is no place for a philosopher.

Bayek brought Aristo the southern docks, where Aristo's wife was waiting on a trireme.

  • Callista: Aristo! Over here! The boat is ready. We set sail as soon as you're aboard.
  • Aristo: My wife! Thank the beneficent god!

Bayek carried Aristo off the horse and put him on the boat.

  • Aristo: We made it!
  • Callista: My love! I'm so grateful that you are free!
  • Bayek: You should leave, the Phylakitai will surely come after you.
  • Aristo: I shall flee. My wife has booked us passage to Crete. It was always our plan to go there. Perhaps we will have a better life there.
  • Bayek: May the gods look over you on your journey.
  • Aristo: My beliefs on duty and honor are ambivalent, but I can see that you have done yours. If all of Egypt was filled with men of your virtue, life would be divine.


Bayek helped Callista to free Aristo, allowing them then flee from Egypt.


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