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The Setting Sun was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek and Gamilat set off inside Amenmesse's pyramid in search of Ptahmose, Rufio's mason.


Bayek traveled to Arsinoe to meet with Gamilat.

  • Bayek: I should meet with Gamilat near the pyramid.

Bayek was horrified to see the pyramid being deconstructed stone by stone.

  • Bayek: I cannot believe this pyramid is being taken away! For what sick cause?

He found Gamilat and his men next to the Pyramid of Amenmesse crouched behind some reclaimed stones.

  • Bayek: Gamilat, there you are.
  • Gamilat: O gods. Glory and heroes are all that a people need. It makes life livable
    I must find a way into the pyramid. If I cannot find these shards of star, the will of Nabatea and Egypt will be crushed.

Bayek approached them.

  • Gamilat: Bayek, our hero! Just in time. We are planning our raid on Ptahmose, Rufio's mason.
  • Bayek: He is the one leading this pillage?
  • Gamilat: Yes! The temple will be gone soon. The pyramid as well. Ptahmose does not care about Egypt.

A flashback is shown.

  • Gamilat: He has employed Nabateans to carry out his sad work for Rufio. A souless wheka. He would give Amun to Rome as a slave if he could.

In the flashback, a worker showed a statue of Horus to Ptahmose. He accepted the statue and directed the worker to continue his work. Ptahmose then placed the statue on a cart full of other precious relics.

  • Gamilat: The people need monuments and sacred sites. If they disappear, the people's spirit will be crushed.
  • Bayek: They will remain, if we kill this Ptahmose fast enough.

Bayek and Gamilat made their way up the platform towards the pillaged pyramid.

  • Bayek: Let's get this Ptahmose.
  • Gamilat: This is our best chance to kill him, away from his camp, we must take him now! If we kill him, we will be seen as legends. I will fight beside you with all my heart.
  • Bayek: Shhhh. Quiet. Stay focused.

They reached the camp within the pillaged pyramid guarding the entrance to the temple.

  • Gamilat: Romans are all around the pyramid, faithless bastards.

Bayek and Gamilat infiltrated the camp and eliminated the soldiers, then made their way into the pyramid. They descended into the depths and found a single chamber with a tomb.

  • Bayek: He isn't here!
  • Gamilat: Nek! (Shit!)

Gamilat slammed his fist onto the sarcophagus in anger, causing the ground to give way and Gamilat to fall through.

  • Gamilat: Ahhhhhh!

Fortunately, there was deep water underneath that broke his fall.

  • Bayek: Gamilat?
  • Gamilat: I'm okay! There's a secret passage down here!
  • Bayek: I should join the "hero".

Bayek leapt down the hole into the pool of water. He climbed up a wall to regroup with Gamilat.

  • Gamilat: Amazing isn't it Bayek? There must be a pharaoh buried down here!
  • Bayek: A hidden chamber of our ancestors.
  • Gamilat: Magnificent, isn't it? Check for treasure, more of it, to fund our cause!
  • Bayek: We should leave and get Ptahmose, that is our priority.

Bayek tilted the stone panel up and passed through the other side with Gamilat into a large room with scaffolding and rope pulleys.

  • Gamilat: What is this? What were they constructing down here?
  • Bayek: We will need to find a way through.

As they explored the room, Bayek inquired about the pyramid itself.

  • Bayek: And what of this pyramid?
  • Gamilat: A failed venture of Taharqa's in honour of the pharaoh Amenmesse. Legend has it a sacred rock fell from the sky... Taharqa was seeking shards from this rock. Rumour has it they are stored in this pyramid. How I would love to find them! Haganu calls them the shards of star. A blade made of these shards would make its bearer very powerful. I would love to see you wield such a weapon Bayek!
  • Bayek: These shards cannot fall into Roman hands.

Bayek climbed up the walls to the top level.

  • Gamilat: I cannot climb like you Bayek. Help me get to such great heights.

Bayek jumped onto the platform, allowing his body weight to bring it down to Gamilat.

  • Bayek: Stay on this platform while I find a way to move it.

Gamilat stepped onto the platform. Bayek moved several rope bundles onto the other platform to act as a counterweight, causing Gamilat's platform to rise.

  • Gamilat: By the gods it's working! I'm rising like the sun! Almost there!

Gamilat reached the top level and got off the platform.

  • Gamilat: I have reached the exit Bayek, oh thank you great Hidden One!

Bayek climbed up to join Gamilat. He discovered a small opening and removed the stones blocking it. They slid under the opening to a tunnel and discovered snakes in the tunnel.

  • Gamilat: Snakes everywhere! My father died from a snake bite.
  • Bayek: Come on my seni.
  • Gamilat: These snakes remind me of Apep.
  • Bayek: I have fought Apep before.

They encountered more snakes.

  • Gamilat: More junk in our way!
  • Bayek: Not a problem.

They killed the snakes and reached a cracked wall, which Bayek destroyed. They went through and discovered another large room.

  • Bayek: So Ptahmose serves Rome?
  • Gamilat: Yes, I'm sure he works for Cleopatra even. Rufio is Marc Antony's General and so they all deter to that savage couple of monarchs.
  • Bayek: None of them can be trusted.

Bayek moved a rack of stones off the platform, allowing Gamilat to get on.

  • Bayek: Stay on the platform, I will make it rise.

Bayek climbed up to the second level and dragged out a different rack. He moved it onto the another platform, making it sink to the bottom and cause Gamilat's platform to rise up. Bayek crossed the level to another.

  • Gamilat: Bayek, I think I may have found the shards of star!

Bayek joined Gamilat in a small room.

  • Bayek: What have you found?
  • Gamilat: A scroll! Nek! (Shit!) Not the sacred objects I was hoping for. Let's get out of here!

They navigated their way through the room and came across a group of bandits.

  • Bayek: Our troubles are not over.
  • Gamilat: One more battle before we are free again!

Bayek and Gamilat eliminated the bandits.

  • Gamilat: You keep the scroll, it means nothing to me. Perhaps you can learn more form it.
  • Gamilat: I will get the rebels at my outpost to lead the attack on Ptahmose.
  • Bayek: Too many innocents may die. I will do this alone.
  • Gamilat: As you wish. Rain upon him like the soul of the sky.

Gamilat handed a scroll to Bayek before leaving the cave.

  • Scroll of Thoth:
    Nut, the goddess of night, spat and a
    Ball of flame crashed to the earth.
    Sky-metal, strong than strong,
    Fashioned into two bright daggers,
    By Ptah, god of the forges.

    Ptah asked Ra, "Where shall I hide them?
    "Light will show you the way," said Ra.
    And Ra gave him a container for light,
    The Crystal of Thoth.

    He took the crystal to Thoth's Temple
    And encased it within the roots
    Of the Tree of Life
    Born at this Temple.
    That none shall find it.
  • Bayek: A mysterious poem. Later I will explore the Temple of Thoth.

Bayek boarded a felucca and rode out of the cave, returning to Arsinoe. He investigated the riddle from the scroll upon his return.

In time, he continued his pursuit of Ptahmose. With Senu's help, he discovered Ptahmose at the Vilicus Castra.

  • Bayek: You are no mason, and Amun does not run in your ka. Only Anubis does.

Near the rebel cages, Ptahmose instructed his soldiers on how to torture.

  • Ptahmose: If they refuse to speak, make the incisions in their skin, and push scarabs into their flesh. And have them drink rotten wine. If they do not divulge anything, skin them. Slowly.
  • Rebel: Please no! I have told you everything, by all the gods, I will not lie to you! Just kill me already! Kill me please!

He led the soldiers away and lectured them on the purpose of their activities.

  • Ptahmose: Rome guides Egypt. The Masonic brotherhood will bring all our sacred shards into the great temples. Under our tutelage, the eye of Horus will overlook Egypt, and act as a beacon for our Masonic order. I will share these riches with the great Oracles of Rome. We need the Blades of Thoth. Where are they? The entire temple is ours. Rufio will be pleased.

Bayek engaged Ptahmose and his soldiers in combat. He brandished his new weapons.

  • Ptahmose: Are those the Blades of Thoth?
  • Bayek: Yes. The shards of the star were not meant for you, Ptahmose.
  • Ptahmose: I cannot believe it. Kill that neket iadet! (Piece of shit!)

Bayek struck down Ptahmose and his soldiers with ease and confirmed the mason's death. A hallucination of Ptamose appeared, in which he wrote on a papyrus. Bayek approached with his heron feather.

  • Ptahmose: Rufio, the shards of star still elude us...

As Bayek shove his feather towards Ptahmose, the Ancient stopped him as his eyes turned black.

  • Ptamose: The Order is eternal. You are ephemeral.

Ptahmose turned into stone before his petrified head slid from his shoulders into the Duat.

  • Bayek: I should meet with the Hidden Ones. Tell them the good news.


Bayek was able to assassinate Ptahmose, stopping his pilaging of the temples and pyramid in Arsinoe.


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