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The Serpent's Lair was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought out the lair of the Cult of Kosmos and infiltrated their meeting.


With Elpenor successfully assassinated, Kassandra made her way back to Herodotos.

  • Kassandra: So this is the "secret" chamber... They're not ones for subtlety, are they?

Herodotos awaited her outside the chamber, and together they walked to the entrance.

  • Kassandra: So, this is it.
  • Herodotos: Hidden chamber of the Cultists. Here, all along.
  • Kassandra: I'm going inside. Keep my clothes for me?
  • Herodotos: Best not to go in with your weapon either. I don't think they'll look too kindly on that.

Kassandra changed into the Cultist's cloak and mask she had retrieved from Elpenor's hideout.

The Serpents Lair - Cultist disguise - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra diguised as a cultist

  • Kassandra: How do I look?
  • Herodotos: Terrifying.
  • Kassandra: Good.
  • Herodotos: Find me once you've found out the truth in there. Keep your wits about you. Try not to do anything rash.
  • Kassandra: Me? Rash?

Kassandra pushed open the doors, leaving Herodotos behind to descend into the lair.

  • Kassandra: Who thought these ridiculous costumes were a good idea?

Once within the inner area, she was approached by another disguised Cultist.

  • Cultist: You're late, very late! It's a good thing Deimos hasn't arrived yet.
  • Kassandra: Sorry. It's my, er—first time.
  • Cultist: A new recruit? Welcome, welcome.

(If players choose "Who are these people?")

  • Kassandra: There's a lot of people here.
  • Cultist: All share our common mind.
  • Kassandra: Good.
  • Cultist: We're here to evaluate the strides taken by the Cult since the last meeting. We haven't met for some, some time.
  • Kassandra: Where did they come from?
  • Cultist: The land across the seas. We assemble as a community. Here, there is no war—there are no sides.

(If players choose "Who is Deimos?")

  • Kassandra: You mentioned someone. Deimos. Who is that?
  • Cultist: You'll learn his name very, very quickly.
  • Kassandra: He's our leader.
  • Cultist: I'm sure he believes that, but no, he's our weapon. He's... difficult, but he does important work for us. I don't envy his position one bit.
  • Kassandra: I'll go talk to the others. Thank you.
  • Cultist: Yes, yes, before Deimos comes. Who knows if you'll get a word in after that.

Kassandra moved away to talk to other Cultists. One of them ran a knife blade across the palm of his hand, allowing the blood to drip on the altar in the center of the room.

  • Cultist: It's only blood right now, but who knows. Deimos may ask for our hands next. Go on, go on, make your offering.

Kassandra took the blade and cut herself in the same manner.

  • Kassandra: I'll pass.
  • Cultist: The blood is for the cause—not the boy. Make your sacrifice.
  • Kassandra: Oh. Sorry.

Kassandra took the blade and cut herself in the same manner.

ACOD The Serpent's Lair - Kassandra Blood Offering

Kassandra performing the blood ritual

  • Cultist: We just have to keep our sights on what the bloodline will do for us.
  • Kassandra: The bloodline?
  • Cultist: The mother, the father, the sister—you know, his kin. We need them. All of them.
  • Kassandra: ...To use them.
  • Cultist: That information is not for Deimos, of course. You know how volatile he is. He could rip through is easily.
  • Kassandra: I'll be sure to keep it to myself.
  • Cultist: As you should. Nor can he know we're about to capture his mother.

(If players choose "What would we do with the mother?")

  • Kassandra: And do what with her?
  • Cultist: I would lower my voice if I were you. Just know she will be put to... good use. Unless she's uncontrollable.

(If players choose "Where is the mother?")

  • Kassandra: You know where she is?
  • Cultist: No. But it won't be long until we do. I assure you. She's the Cult's next target.

(If players choose "Who is Deimos?")

  • Kassandra: Tell me about Deimos.
  • Cultist: He's shown us what we need to know. He's a machine, a weapon for the Cult. Someone that unstable can't be trusted with such... personal information.
  • Kassandra: I have to go.
  • Cultist: To our great ambition.
  • Kassandra: ...To ambition.

She shook the Cultist's hand and went to find another she could glean information from.

  • Kassandra: I'll need much more information to identify who these Cultists are.

As she walked through room, she overheard a conversation between two Cult members.

ACOD The Serpent's Lair - Debate

A Cultist debate

  • Male Cultist: You're not listening! Forget the mother—she's useless.
  • Female Cultist: I'm still not convinced.
  • Male Cultist: You. We need another opinion on this. Why split resources searching for a woman we can't find? If we narrow our focus, Athens will be ours. Immediate threats have to be destroyed. Perikles has to be destroyed.
  • Female Cultist: Not without the mother. We aren't strong enough without the mother.
  • Male Cultist: Don't let Deimos hear that. If anything, we should be hunting the father.
  • Female Cultist: We know who the mother is. Looking for the father would be a waste of resources.
  • Male Cultist: What do you think? Hunt the Champion's mother or his father?

  • Kassandra: ...The father.
  • Male Cultist: What did I tell you?
  • Female Cultist: You're both wrong.
  • Kassandra: Now if you'll excuse me.

  • Kassandra: ...The mother.
  • Female Cultist: She's right.
  • Male Cultist: Get your priorities straight. Before you know it, Perikles will shore up his defenses, and we will have lost our chance.
  • Kassandra: Now if you'll excuse me.
  • Female Cultist: I hear you perfectly well - you're just wrong. We need to look for the father now.

  • Kassandra: Neither.
  • Male Cultist: You have a better idea?
  • Female Cultist: The sibling. Kassandra.
  • Male Cultist: She's as good as ours already. We need to look to the future.
  • Kassandra: No. Go after her. Now if you'll excuse me.

Kassandra bowed and took her leave. Making her way into a side tunnel, she discovered Cult letters.

  • Kassandra: Letters to and from the Cult... Gods, they have a foothold in every part of the Greek world. We're in more danger than I thought.

Another side tunnel revealed a pair of Cultists.

  • Cultist: Pull yourself together, malaka! You're a fucking pig before slaughter!
  • Cultist: I'll do it, I swear! I'll kill him! Let me go!

The antagonizer noticed Kassandra watching.

  • Cultist: You like to watch, you sick fuck? You're not just going to watch. You're going to teach this little insolent shit a lesson.
ACOD The Serpent's Lair - The Monger Offering Kassandra

The Monger asking Kassandra to do the torture

(If players choose "What did he do?")

  • Kassandra: ...Does he deserve it?
  • Cultist: Doesn't fucking matter, does it? What I say goes! No questions asked!
  • Cultist: I-I couldn't do it! But I'm not scared! Not anymore!
  • Cultist: If you can't kill a fucking artist, what are you gonna do when I tell you to kill a fucking archon?
  • Cultist: I will, I will! I'll kill Phidias!

  • Kassandra: I...
  • Cultist: Show him what happens to cowards! They get fuckin' burned!

  • Kassandra: No. He's yours.
  • Cultist: You don't know what the fuck fun is. More for me.

He burned his fellow Cultist with a glowing iron from the fire.

  • Cultist: Fuck with me, and there's plenty more where that came from!

(If players slew the guards at the House of Pythia in the Chora of Delphi, the Pythia will be in the chamber as well, and the following scene will play out.) While Kassandra turned to leave, the Cultist turned to the woman, the Pythia, in the chamber.

  • Cultist: You. Someone was spotted going into your house. Guards were found dead outside. Tell me who you talked to, or I'll break your pretty face.
The Serpents Lair - Kassandra and the pyramid - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra eyeing the pyramid artifact

Kassandra made her way back into the central chamber, where she felt a pull from the golden pyramid in the middle of the chamber. Kassandra placed the shard she'd taken from Elpenor into the pyramid, drawing the attention of a nearby cultist.

  • Cultist: Ah, you had the last piece. Now it is ready. Every time I see it, it calls to me and sings. Of power. Does it call to you like it calls to me?

(If players choose "I want to touch it.")

  • Kassandra: It does.

As she reached out her hand, the Cultist slapped it away.

  • Cultist: What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?
  • Kassandra: I—no.
  • Cultist: My great warrior hasn't even arrived yet! Gather yourself and hold your tongue, fool. Show respect for the bloodline.

At that moment, Deimos strode into the chamber with Elpenor's head. Enraged, he kicked over a flaming brazier. He threw the head into the middle of the chamber.

The Serpents Lair - Test of Deimos - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Deimos confronting the cultists

  • Deimos: Elpenor is dead. One of you is a traitor! The Artifact will expose them.

He took a Cultist by the collar, throwing him to the ground before the pyramid.

  • Deimos: You!!! Everyone will be tested. You. First.

Forcing his hand on the pyramid did nothing to the Cultist.

  • Deimos: Go.

He pushed another Cultist forward.

  • Deimos: You.

The result was the same.

  • Deimos: Go.

He then singled out Kassandra, motioning she approach.

  • Deimos: You.
ACOD The Serpent's Lair - Deimos Realization

Deimos stunned by Kassandra's identity

Undergoing the test, memories of her childhood played through her mind. Deimos slowly turned to her.

  • Kassandra: Alexios.
  • Deimos: Who are you? Go.

Deimos then continued the tests on other Cultists as Kassandra walked away. The next Cultist had his head smashed into the pyramid, then Deimos stood over him, punching him. A sliver of the pyramid landed at Kassandra's feet, and she scooped it up.

  • Deimos: The traitor is dead!

She exited the lair, returning to a waiting Herodotos near the Kastalian Fountain outside of Delphi.

  • Herodotos: You're alive!

  • Kassandra: There were people in the temple. I couldn't see their faces. They... Herodotos, they control all of the Greek world. Everything.

  • Kassandra: I found them. They have an army. Not the Spartans or Delians—an army just to themselves. I can't fight an army, Herodotos.

  • Kassandra: They know me. My family. They want my mother dead.

  • Herodotos: I see. It's worse than I thought.
  • Kassandra: There's more. They have a weapon.
  • Herodotos: What... kind?
  • Kassandra: A soldier. Stronger and more ferocious than any I've ever seen. Herodotos, it's my brother.
  • Herodotos: We need to get to Athens.
  • Kassandra: Athens? We need to find my mother. My clothes. Spear.
  • Herodotos: Of course.
  • Kassandra: My spear!

After Kassandra dressed, she continued her conversation with Herodotos.

  • Kassandra: The Cult of Kosmos call my brother Deimos. He used an artifact to see my memories.
  • Herodotos: Kassandra, the man I serve. We must tell him what's happened before it's too late. You've heard the name Perikles before?

  • Kassandra: Perikles is the great general leading the Delian League against the Spartans. They say he's ruthless.
  • Herodotos: We aren't leading the League against anyone! Perikles is a man of peace. The war was thrust upon him... upon us all.
  • Kassandra: A general who doesn't want war? Not likely.

  • Kassandra: Perikles is the king of the free people of Athens.
  • Herodotos: King!? Athens has no king. Perikles serves the people, not the other way around.
  • Kassandra: Serves the people? You're right. He's not much of a king.

  • Herodotos: Save your doubts. He is working to end this war. We all are. If there are forces colluding against him, he must be warned. We have to go.

  • Kassandra: You weren't there, Herodotos. The Cult controls everything. There's no stopping them.
  • Herodotos: Which is why you cannot turn away. They want to destroy all of the Greek world with this war.
  • Kassandra: I won't be some pawn in your scheme, Herodotos.
  • Herodotos: Don't do it for me, then. Do it for your mother.

  • Kassandra: To Athens?! They're hunting my family. My mother. I have to find her.
  • Herodotos: You carry the blade of Leonidas. Act like it! If Perikles doesn't put an end to this war, we're all as good as dead—including your mother.
  • Kassandra: Fuck your war! The Cultists are exterminating my family!
  • Herodotos: You have a duty to the Greek world. We both do. Perikles must be warned.
  • Kassandra: She is my mother. What would you have me do?

  • Herodotos: If there is one place where we can find information about your mother, it is in Athens.
  • Kassandra: How?
  • Herodotos: Perikles surrounds himself with the brightest minds in Athens, which is to say anywhere. In Athens you can fulfill your duty to your family. But before we go... I need you to meet me at the Lion of Leonidas, at Thermopylai.
  • Kassandra: Leonidas... Why?
  • Herodotos: There's something I need to know. Something that may help us take down this Cult, and save your mother.
  • Kassandra: You've proven I can trust you, but let's make it quick, Herodotos. First Thermopylai, then we go to Athens.


Kassandra infiltrated the meeting of the Cult of Kosmos, learning of their plans and their reach, and then decided to hunt them down, with the help of Herodotos.


  • Most of the clues to cultist identities come simply from completing the quest. However, there are two additional clues that can be obtained:
    • The first can be obtained by inspecting the door across from the blood offering basin and eavesdropping on the conversation within. It hints at a member of the Peloponnesian League branch whose family is being threatened by the Cult, coercing him to go along with their agenda.
    • The second comes from picking the correct dialogue choices ("I'll keep my distance," followed by "No, I can't") in the conversation with the woman after approaching the pyramid. It hints at her identity as a member of the Worshippers of the Bloodline branch who personally raised Deimos to be the Cult's champion.
  • As neither of these clues can be investigated without reaching the corresponding points in the main story, they are ultimately not required and purely cosmetic.
  • While the female of the two arguing Cultists states that the Cult needs to focus on finding the mother, the line of dialogue from walking near her states "I hear you perfectly well—you're just wrong. We need to look for the father now." This is likely a writing error, where the line itself was given to the woman but intended for the man, or the writer intended to write "mother" instead of "father."
  • The mace carried by the torturing Cultist is randomized, though when later met, he prefers Kolossos Mace.



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