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The Sentinel, Part 1 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore arrived at the hideout and met up with one of his apprentices, where they discussed the deaths caused by Vali cel Tradat, a former Assassin.


  • Apprentice: Mentor, we have a problem. A great many Assassins have disappeared in recent months, and I believe I know why.
  • Ezio: Disappeared? Do you mean they have been killed?
  • Apprentice: I fear so. But there is no time to explain. Hide in the park west of here, and wait for me to arrive. You shall see for yourself.

Ezio made his way to the park and rejoined his apprentice.

  • Ezio: Sharpen your senses. There is a danger here I do not fully understand. You keep watch, and I will have a look around.

Ezio investigated, discovering several murders.

  • Ezio: I do not like the look of this.

Ezio spotted Vali cel Tradat.

Sentinel P1 10

Vali using a smoke bomb to escape

  • Ezio: Follow that man!
    Only a guilty man runs with such speed.
  • Vali: And only a fool stops to fight!

Despite their chase, Vali managed to escape. He left. After fighting off several Byzantine guards, Ezio and his apprentice reconvened.

  • Ezio: Are you injured?
  • Apprentice: My pride is wounded, and now my heart is heavy. That man, his name is Vali. He was an Assassin once.
  • Ezio: He has obvious skill. And a score to settle.
  • Apprentice: Evet. (Yes.) Until that man is caught or killed, I fear none of us will be safe in this city.
  • Ezio: And until you are properly trained, I will not let you go head-to-head with a killer as deadly as this man. Let us focus on further honing your skills first.


Ezio and his apprentice failed to kill Vali cel Tradat.



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