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The Seer was an unnamed wise man working in Memphis, Egypt, during the 1st century BCE.

He led a ritual to ascertain the survival of the son of Taimhotep and her husband Pasherenptah, the High Priest of Ptah in Memphis, and was accompanied in this by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa as well as Taimhotep's maid, Mara. [1]

At some point after that ritual, Bayek returned to the Seer to talk about his own recurring dream, seeking his guidance and help. The Seer agreed, after Bayek helped to deliver a protective amulet to three others. For the ritual, they needed to reach an islet, fetch a statue of Khnum from the Sunken Temple of Ramses and place it on an altar, in order for Khnum to take Bayek's place in his dreams, and battle Apep in his stead.[2]