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The Second Camp was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Following her elimination of the false Mackandal's first camp, Aveline reunited with Élise Lafleur, who guided her to another encampment.


Aveline met with Élise again.

  • Élise: Still in one piece, I see. What did you find?
  • Aveline: A letter from the coward Mackandal. He's preparing a ceremony–
  • Élise: Voodoo?
  • Aveline: Yes, but to what end?
  • Élise: Power. What other end is there? Show 'em you've got the spirits at your back – especially the mean ones, and people do almost anything you say. There's your real magic.

Élise and Aveline walked a short distance.

  • Élise: It's that way– well-hidden in the trees. Wait! I recognize those men. They're escaped slaves. Hired from San Danje!
  • Aveline: The shanty town?
  • Élise: Oui (Yes), though it barely deserves the name – a cramped, miserable place...
  • Aveline: The men I saw at your camp... They were from San Danje?
  • Élise: Roussillon wasn't too happy when I hired them, but he got used to the idea. Please, you can't hurt them.
  • Aveline: It goes without saying.
  • Élise: Best of luck, then. Go. I'll be at "the office" if you need me.

Aveline tailed the Acolyte to a secluded area on the edge of the camp, where she killed him and found another letter.

  • Letter: My faithful Acolyte, preparations are complete. Our ceremony will take place on the Eve of Saint John. Assemble my followers.

Aveline then returned to the smugglers' hideout, hoping to find Élise.

The Second Camp 5

Rousillon speaking with Aveline

  • Rousillon: He has balls of steel. Et puis? (Well?)
  • Aveline: Where is Élise?
  • Rousillon: My company doesn't satisfy you? I am hurt! Pray, tell me what you found, I'm as good a confidante as the "lady", I swear.
  • Aveline: It's not a confidante I need, but an informant. Mackandal is holding a ceremony on Saint John's Eve, tonight, but I don't know where.
  • Rousillon: I know who can help. And you can help me in return. There's a houng– a... a witch doctor in San Danje – the eyes and ears of the bayou. I sent Élise to him with supplies, but she forgot this. So hard to find honest criminal help these days... Give him this. With his trust, the secrets of the bayou will be yours.
  • Aveline: Thank you.
  • Rousillon: By the by, come back when you're done. I have a job or two that could use a woman of your caliber. And some work, as well! Enh? (huh?)


Aveline eliminated another acolyte and found out that the voodoo ceremony she had uncovered was to take place on the Eve of Saint John. Hoping to find out the ceremony's location, she consulted Roussillon, who advised her to seek out the houngan of San Danje.



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