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The Search was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Traveling to Nan'an with Wang Yangming, Shao Jun plotted her next target.


  • Wang: What happened in Macau was not your fault, little sister. This Tiger, Qiu Ju, burned the port. He's known for his cruel deeds. We call him the Demon.
  • Jun: I know, shifu, but we caused this madness... my desire for revenge did...
  • Wang: I already warned you about those feelings, Shao Jun. I know your quest for vengeance fits with the goals of the Brotherhood, but you cannot put your heart into such endeavors.
  • Jun: Master Ezio told me the same thing...
  • Wang: A wise man, to be sure. Unlike our next target; Wei Bin.
  • Jun: The Snake. The one who led the slaughter of our Brotherhood. Zhang Yong's right hand man.
  • Wang: Yes. So, Wei Bin should lead us to him. But the danger is greater than ever. They know what we can do now, and they want this box and the secrets it may hold. You will travel to Wei Bin alone. I know of someone here in Na'nan who may be able to help us use the box.
  • Jun: Very well, shifu. I will find you once Wei Bin is dead and I have Zhang Yong's location.

Shao Jun navigated the markets, overhearing guard patrols on her way.

  • Guard 1: Keep your wits about you.
  • Guard 2: And you yours, you're meant to be watching my back.
  • Guard 1: I'll watch yours, just make sure you're watching mine.

Shao Jun noticed an altar in the marketplace.

  • Jun: Wei Bin saw to the death of many of my brothers and sisters. I should light a candle at the altars throughout the city in respect of those who did not make it.

Shao Jun lit three candles and remembered her training with Ezio.

  • Ezio: You can repel a blocked attacker with a counter action.
    Excellent work, keep it up!
    Impressive, Shao, you have a good grasp of this combat technique. Now finish your foe!
    Exemplary work, here ends my lesson.

Returning to the present task, Shao Jun proceeded towards the stronghold, overhearing more guards talking.

  • Guard 3: Wei Bin has been paranoid ever since the events of Macau.
  • Guard 4: Now he has got us patrolling the city as well as guarding his fortress.
  • Guard 5: Wei Bin wants us controlling the city, just in case the Assassins try and take it.
  • Guard 6: Easy for him to order us to patrol down here whilst he is safe up there.
  • Guard 5: Don't let the Masters hear you speak like that.

Shao Jun lit two more candles and reached a pile of barrels. One of the barrels tipped the pile, causing it to roll in Shao Jun's direction.


Shao Jun performed a Leap of Faith into the riverside, being one step closer to Wei Bin.



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