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The Sandman was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie sought to find the leader of the attacks by the Templars and the British Indies Company.


Jacob or Evie met Duleep at the docks near the River Thames.

  • Duleep: I spoke with Mister Green and we have discovered the location of the British Indies secret headquarters. You are to meet him, and he will give you the details. There is a foundry nearby where the Templars and B.I.C. members have been meeting on a regular basis. Mister Green waits for you there.
  • Jacob/Evie: But we still don't understand why they tried to frame you.
  • Duleep: We don't but Mister Green seemed to think they're using the factory to develop something. It's a good place to start digging. Good luck.

Jacob or Evie reached the factory and joined Henry on the roof.

  • Henry: You made it.
  • Jacob: You found the British Indies Company hideout?
  • Evie: His highness said you found the British Indies Company headquarters.
  • Henry: They've taken over an abandoned foundry. It's heavily fortified and word has it, they're shipping something precious overseas.
  • Jacob: My gut tells me that "something precious" is something bad.
  • Evie: Whatever it is, it can't be good.
  • Henry: My thoughts exactly. Go find out what they're protecting and destroy it. Maybe you'll discover why they're after Mister Singh.
  • Jacob: So this is where they've been keeping that sleeping gas... They can't leave London.
  • Evie: This is where they're hiding that elusive sleeping gas... These crates can't leave London.

Jacob or Evie located crates marked with sleeping gas and destroyed them.

  • Jacob: They're shipping this to India? No... What do they want this for? War? I must destroy them.
  • Evie: They're shipping this to India? It can't be... They're creating a biological weapon. I must destroy them.

After the crates were destroyed, the Templars were alerted.

  • Templar: Sir!... Somebody get the boss. We've got a problem.
  • Jacob: Yes, go fetch the manager.
  • Evie: This is it. We've got them now.

Jacob or Evie tailed the messenger as she left the factory and ran to a carriage at the docks.

  • Templar: Sir! The bomb shipments! They've been destroyed!
  • Jacob: Is that Ellsworth? I better get a closer look.
  • Evie: Is that Brinley Ellsworth? It can't be. I need to get a better look.

Brinley Ellsworth stepped out of the carriage.

  • Brinley: Destroyed? How?
  • Templar: There's someone in the vicinity! A spy! One of those Rooks, I wager.
  • Brinley: It must be those damned renegades Singh is friends with. Who knew one caged bird could cause so much trouble.
  • Jacob: You're caught, Ellsworth. Give up.
  • Brinley: I knew you had something to do with this! Seize him!

Brinley's reaction was different if Evie was present.

  • Evie: You have been unmasked, Ellsworth. Give up.
  • Brinley: I knew you were to blame! Seize her!

Brinley returned to his carriage and drove away.

  • Jacob: Damn it, he got away. I must tell Singh this news immediately.
  • Evie: He's gone. I must report back to Mister Singh immediately.

Jacob or Evie escaped the area, then met Duleep aboard the Train Hideout.

  • Duleep: What did you find out? Who's behind all of this?
  • Jacob/Evie: You are not going to like what I have to tell you, your Highness. Brinley Ellsworth is behind the attacks.
  • Duleep: Ellsworth...
  • Jacob: He was gone before I had the chance to follow him... But we need to track him down and put an end to this before anything worse happens.
  • Evie: He rushed off before I could catch up to him... I'm sorry, but we need to find him before he puts your life at more risk than he already has.
  • Duleep: I need some time to think on this.


Jacob or Evie destroyed a shipment of sleeping gas that would've been sent to India, and discovered Brinley Ellsworth as the perpetrator behind the attacks on Duleep Singh.


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