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The Ritual of Baphomet was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having infiltrated the Baphomet Cult, Arno visited an Assassin who knew where to find their place of worship.


  • Assassin: I've done some research. An ancient cult! Right here! It's all there on the table.
Assassin's report

"Rumors persist as to the continued existence
of a Cult of Baphomet in Paris. I have myself
heard references to a secret entry to a shrine
located in one of the isle's cemeteries. Some
speak, as well, of a member of the cult who
proselytizes in a tavern."

A summary of the medieval inquisition into the
Templar Order, 1307:
"Yes, in our profound conviction, the Grand Masters
of the Order of the Templars worshiped
the Baphomet, and caused it to be worshiped
by their initiates; yes, there existed in the past,
and there may be still in the present,
assembles which are presided over by this
figure with head of goat, seated on a throne
and crowned by a flaming torch between its
Old diary

21/07 - I've questioned some priests who also
believe that there still exist followers of
Baphomet here on our islet.
31/08 - I seem to discern odd silhouettes in
the cemetery. I dared not approach lest I put
my life at risk.
01/09 - I followed what I believed was a
member of the cult. He disappeared into a
blind alley.
05/10 - Rumors of one who brings initiates
into the order. He is said to haunt taverns and
unsavory locales.

After reading the research, Arno headed for the cemetery near Notre-Dame and approached the catacomb entrance.

  • Cultist 1: Ah! A new initiate! We are using the chalices you stole in tonight's ritual. Enter!

Arno followed the member into the catacombs.

  • Cultist 1: Welcome to the Cult of Baphomet.

Whilst searching for the Templars, Arno overheard several members of the cult.

  • Cultist 2: Sisters and Brothers of Baphomet! We here dedicate the life our beloved Sister, Jeanne, to the glory and power of the wisdom of Baphomet!
  • Cultist 3: We stand together in gratitude to you, Jeanne, for your bravery.
  • Jeanne: I yield this, my body, for the good of my Sisters and Brothers in Baphomet.
  • Cultist 2: We honor your sacrifice.


Arno killed the Templar members of the Baphomet Cult.


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