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The Return was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having killed Gao Feng, Shao Jun set out to escape the Maijishan Grottoes.


  • Jun: This was once a safe place for us Assassins. Zhang Yong's Tigers saw to the end of that. Their forces surprised and overwhelmed us, all but wiping out the Brotherhood. Gao Feng's death will send a message to the Templars. The Assassins have returned...

Shao Jun traverse the landscape above the caverns, eventually reaching a perch.

  • Jun: Time to become more familiar with my surroundings.

After taking in the view, Shao Jun performed a Leap of Faith into a hay-cart below. Using the environment to her advantage, Shao Jun snuck past a couple of guard patrols.

  • Guard 1: Seen anything?
  • Guard 2: Nothing. You?
  • Guard 1: No. Nothing at all.
  • Guard 3: Been a quiet patrol.
  • Guard 4: Yeah, not much activity.
  • Guard 3: Let's hope it stays like that.

Shao Jun came upon a cavern with guards and a collection of boxes held by a rafters. Using her throwing knives, she cut the rope holding the rafter up.

  • Guard 5: Wha...?
  • Guard 6: Hmm, nothing...

Having distracted the guards, Shao Jun continued on her way. Using the same technique, Shao Jun snuck past another group of guards.

  • Guard 7: What's that?
  • Guard 8: Bloody rats...

After sneaking past another patrol, Shao Jun came across a crossbowman, once again remembering her training with Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

  • Ezio: Let's test your reflexes.

Returning to the present thought, Shao Jun eventually arrived a guard standing next to a hay-cart. Using her noise darts, she distracted the guard.

  • Guard 9: What was that?
    Maybe I'm hearing thing...

Shao Jun hid in the cart and eliminated the guard. Using some nearby foliage, Shao Jun worked her way around the outskirts of the caverns and entered an Assassin sanctuary.

  • Jun: This is where we used to keep the Assassin Scrolls. I should try to retrieve as many as I can while I have the chance.

Whilst in the room, Shao Jun overheard guards talking about the structure.

  • Guard 10: Who would have known the home of the Assassins would make such a good prison for those who would defy Zhang Yong and the Tigers?
  • Guard 11: With all of them gone and their supporters in cages, China will finally know peace.

After acquiring the three scrolls, Shao Jun crept above a room of hallway of guards, taking notice of a prisoner attempting to escape. A caged bird noticed the prisoner and began chirping. Noticing the chirps, the guards turned around and shot the prisoner with a crossbow.

  • Guard 12: Almost too easy.

Using this knowledge to her advantage, Shao Jun snuck past another bird cage and heard two guards talking.

  • Guard 13: Stay vigilant, we must keep our eyes open.
  • Guard 14: Agreed. We can't let anyone through.

Continuing on, Shao Jun eventually reached a cliff and performed a Leap of Faith into a wagon driven by Wang Yangming.

  • Wang: Is it done?
  • Jun: Gao Feng is dead, shifu.
  • Wang: As is Ma Yongcheng.
  • Jun: The Butcher? Good, our plan worked. Who's next?
  • Wang: Patience, sister. We must move carefully. Zhang Yong and his Tigers control the Empire now.
  • Jun: He is down two Tigers after tonight. Gao Feng did not have the box. I did not retrieve it in time.
  • Wang: Worry not, young one, we knew that was a risk. To allow yourself to be captured without the box would have meant certain death. We will get it back. Maybe the Templars will even lead us to the missing piece.
  • Jun: Perhaps, but now I'm afraid we have just given our enemies a dangerous weapon.
  • Wang: Take some rest, little sister. Together, we will free our land from the Templars and their pawns, Zhang Yong and his Tigers. We will rebuild our Brotherhood.


Shao Jun escaped the prison and reunited with her Mentor.



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