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This article is about the memory of Kassandra. You may be looking for the server bridge.

The Resistance was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


After being freed from prison, Kassandra returned to Perikles' Residence.


Kassandra retrieved her equipment and made her way to Perikles' residence, where she was greeted by Sokrates in the hallway.

  • Sokrates: You made it.
  • Kassandra: Of course I did.
  • Sokrates: Barnabas was ready to go after you again.
  • Kassandra: Like he said, it's the thought that counts, right?
  • Sokrates: Apparently. Come, the others are waiting.
ACOD The Resistance 3

The Periklean Circle

Kassandra followed Sokrates into a room, where Alkibiades, Aristophanes, Barnabas, Herodotos and Hippokrates were waiting. This was the first formal meeting of the Periklean Circle.

  • Herodotos: We were worried you wouldn't make it.
  • Barnabas: Especially with every Athenian guard looking for you.
  • Kassandra: Kleon will have to do more than that to stop me.

Kassandra looked at the table filled with scrolls.

  • Kassandra: What's all this?
  • Hippokrates: We've begun working on a plan to take down Kleon.
  • Alkibiades: Although I hardly call it a plan. Lots of talking, not much... action.

(If players chose "Why do this in Perikles' home?")

  • Kassandra: It feels different without Perikles.
  • Hippokrates: But his inspiration lives on—that's why we're here.
  • Sokrates: Where once we gathered to forget our problems, now we meet them head on.
  • Alkibiades: And get back to what trulymatters—
  • Herodotos: —To restore Athens to its former glory.

(If players chose "Let's talk about your plan.")

  • Kassandra: So you're taking down Kleon. Tell me the plan.
  • Aristophanes: It won't be simple. His death would disrupt the peace and be worse for Athens.
  • Herodotos: He's right. We must discredit him first.
ACOD The Resistance 4

Aristophanes proposing a play to discredit Kleon

  • Alkibiades: Aristophanes apparently has some play he thinks will do the job.
  • Aristophanes: Some play? It is so much more than that.
  • Alkibiades: Oh, don't get your tunic in a twist. I just don't see why we can't all love each other. It's so much more fun that way.

Alkibiades left the room, leaving Kassandra to ask some final questions of the rest of the circle.

(If players chose "What's the play?")

  • Kassandra: What's so special about the play? Will your famous "Orange Ape" impression be making an appearance?
  • Aristophanes: Ha! Funnily enough, that was the inspiration.
  • Kassandra: Isn't it a risk to show him in a bad light in front of his admirers?
  • Aristophanes: I think the play will change their minds. Good art is risky, but my plan will work.

(If players chose "We can't waste them.")

ACOD The Resistance 6

The group motivated to stop Kleon

  • Kassandra: We can't just sit around. Kleon is sending a boat to Mytilene to kill the people there.
  • Herodotos: The people trust Kleon. They'll vote for whatever action he puts forth.
  • Sokrates: But that does not mean we plan to do nothing.
  • Aristophanes: Taking down Kleon won't be easy.
  • Herodotos: But with your help, it will be possible.


Kassandra met with her friends at Perikles' residence, devising a plan to deal with Kleon.


  • Herodotos wears his attire from Perikles's Symposium during the events of Chapter 8 in Athens, rather than his hooded travel attire from sailing aboard the Adrestia and when accompanying the player on other quests.



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