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The Rescue of a Northern Ally was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

We must continue to hound Torquemada's agents and stop the Templar plans! We have learned that Inquisitor Ramírez, whom we failed to eliminate at Sádaba Castle, has gone to northern Spain.

It is a region unfamiliar to us, and we must seek intelligence regarding Ramírez's plans concerning the third section of the Staff of Eden. Our Brotherhood has a northern bureau, managed by Diego de Alvarado. He should have the information we need to plan our next course of action.


The Assassins met on the ramparts of a Templar-occupied fort.

  • Aguilar: Diego de Alvarado, our northern informant has been captured by the Inquisition! They no doubt plan to torture him to find out about our hideouts. We need to act quickly. We need the intelligence only he can give us!

The Assassins made their way through the base, eventually finding Diego tied to a chair in a holding cell and freeing him from his restraints.

  • Alvarado: My thanks, friends; I had no hope of being rescued! I thought I would never leave that cell alive To be safe, we better part ways and escape separately; too large a group risks being seen. Meet me later at my safe house, in the slums outside Burgos. I will tell you everything once we have regrouped.

The Assassins escaped to safety and later reconvened with Diego in his safe house.

  • Aguilar: Now, what can you tell us, friend Alvarado?
  • Alvarado: I have critical information. Ramírez is here in the north, though his precise whereabouts are currently unknown. His lieutenants comb the region for the third section of the Staff of Eden. They are spread out; they do not have the precise intel regarding its location.
  • Aguilar: An excellent opportunity for us to eliminate some of these agents, and possibly locate the section of the Staff first!
  • Alvarado: I know the identity of one of those lieutenants, and can take you to him. Come!

Diego and the Assassins walked out the back door of the safe house.


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