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The Rescue was a virtual representation of one of Arbaaz Mir's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Arbaaz Mir infiltrated the Amritsar Summer Palace to save Pyara Kaur and assassinate William Sleeman.


  • Arbaaz: Hamid! I have them! I have the box and the Koh-I-Noor!
  • Hamid: Arbaaz, Sleeman and his troops have taken the palace.
  • Arbaaz: What?! Pyara?
  • Hamid: Sleeman has her. It is a trap, they know you will come.
  • Arbaaz: Perhaps, but they will not see me coming.

During his infiltration, Arbaaz encountered several guards attempting to block his path.

  • Arbaaz: Hold on, Pyara... I'm coming!
  • Guard: Retract the bridge!

Arbaaz reached a tower, where more guards were located.

  • Guard: Blow the tower!

Arbaaz encountered more guards.

  • Guard: Lower the gate!

Arbaaz climbed through underground caverns.

  • Guard: Smoke him out!

A guard near the puckle gun noticed Arbaaz.

  • Guard: Assassin! Shoot him down!

Arbaaz entered the palace's main room.

  • Arbaaz: There she is... If Sleeman sees me, I'm dead...
  • Sleeman: I know you're there, Assassin! One false move on your part and I'm afraid your beloved Princess will suffer the consequences. You've brought this on yourself, Assassin! You've meddled with things that don't concern you or your kind! We should have ended this long ago, but we let your puny little Order slip through our grasp. Well, I aim to make up for that mistake, starting with you! I hate to admit it, but you've rather impressed me, Assassin... I thought that rabid dog, Burnes, would be the end of you! I'm growing weary of your little vanishing act, Assassin! Why don't you step out of the shadows and face me like a man?!

Sleeman noticed Arbaaz making his way towards him.

  • Sleeman: There! Be a good boy and just die!

Arbaaz killed the soldiers, resulting in a stand-off between him and Sleeman, who held a knife to Pyara's throat.

  • Arbaaz: Let her go, Sleeman. We can resolve this without her.
  • Sleeman: Give me the box and the jewel... and I'll let her live.
  • Arbaaz: Let her go first.
  • Sleeman: No. The box AND the jewel. Toss them now.
  • Pyara: I'm sorry, Arbaaz...
  • Arbaaz: Pyara... I'm sorry too.
  • Sleeman: You'll both be very sorry if you don't toss me that box and the jewel NOW!

Arbaaz did as he was told, and Pyara used the distraction to stab Sleeman in his side, using a hidden knife.

  • Sleeman: Damn you!

Arbaaz and Pyara escaped to safety.

  • Arbaaz: Did he hurt you?
  • Pyara: Did you not see? I hurt him.
  • Arbaaz: I may recruit you into the Brotherhood.
  • Pyara: Shut up. Now go after him, and get that box back.
  • Arbaaz: I'm not leaving you. The place is filled with Templars, Pyara. The Brotherhood will get this box back.
  • Pyara: The Koh-I-Noor, you grabbed it!

Some time later, Arbaaz met with Ethan Frye.

  • Ethan: You have my thanks, Arbaaz. It can not have been easy to retrieve the diamond.
  • Arbaaz: Take good care of it, Ethan. It is truly unique; it would be a shame if its fate was to remain hidden in a safe.
  • Ethan: I will. You have my word; the diamond's journey is just beginning...


Arbaaz Mir rescued Pyara Kaur and retained possession of the Koh-i-Noor, eventually passing it on to Ethan Frye. However, William Sleeman escaped with the Precursor box.



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