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The Rescue was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor and Robert Faulkner sailed the Aquila along the East Coast to address the raidings of the Randolph, of which they were alerted to by Amanda Bailey.


  • Amanda: Ahoy, Bobby!
  • Connor: Do you trust her?
  • Robert: With my life, captain.
  • Amanda: Hello. Name's Amanda. You must be the captain.
  • Robert: Now - what's all this about then?
ACIII-Rescue 1

Amanda Bailey informing Connor about the attacks

  • Amanda: You stride into my bar off the piss and looking for officers. Days later I start hearing whispers the Ghost of the North Seas stalks the Atlantic again. The Aquila has returned and I need her help. Nicholas Biddle now sails for the Patriots, captaining the Randolph. But the man is raiding up and down the coast 'round Nantucket claiming it's a Loyalist post.
  • Connor: Where is he now?

Guns sounded not too far away.

  • Amanda: Speak of the Devil.
  • Robert: Head below deck, Mandy. It's safer there.
  • Connor: I want to see this myself.

Connor climbed the Aquila's center mast, and saw a merchant ship being attacked through his spyglass. He then set sail for a nearby skirmish.

  • Connor: The Randolph is attacking a merchant vessel not far from here.
  • Robert: Your orders?
  • Connor: We need to find out what Biddle intends but we must hurry. What else do you know of Biddle?
  • Robert: All of the sudden Congress has a brand new ship for him to captain. From British coxswain to captain of a Colonial flagship. Something doesn't add up.

The Aquila set course for the merchant ship.

  • Robert: Heavy gusts captain! Hard counter!
    That wind'll push hard-up those rocks! Veer off!
    There's a storm comin', captain. Feels like a big one.

A rogue wave appeared, but Connor ordered the crew to brace, limiting the impact of the wave.

  • Robert: Well done, sir. That could have been ugly.

Another rogue wave appeared.

  • Robert: Another, captain. She's all yours.

The Aquila reached the skirmish.

  • Robert: The Randolph has turned sail. Do we chase him?
  • Connor: We cannot leave this merchant vessel to the mercy of the English.
  • Robert: Why is Biddle doing this? Nantucket is for the Patriots!
  • Connor: The company he keeps tells me his true allegiance lies elsewhere.

The Aquila destroyed the attacking ships.

  • Robert: A salute to us sir. They're safe. What now?
  • Connor: Pursue the Randolph.
ACIII-Rescue 5

The Aquila ambushed by British ships

The Aquila followed the Randolph.

  • Connor: Who are they?
  • Robert: More English by the cut of their jibs.
  • Connor: Where is the Randolph?
  • Robert: He's gone, captain. Cut and run. Left us to deal with this rabble. But this storm concerns me a great deal more!
  • Connor: We have little choice!
  • Robert: Aye. Time your shots between the waves, sir! Then we MUST find shelter or it won't be cannon fire that ends us!

The Aquila destroyed the English frigates.

  • Robert: I'd say it's high time we find some cover from this storm captain!
  • Connor: I agree, Mister Faulkner! We make for the Vineyard.

The Aquila escaped the storm.

ACIII-Rescue 6

Amanda Bailey thanking Connor for his help

  • Connor: I have never seen weather like that.
  • Robert: It's rare, but it happens. You did well. What's bothering me is Biddle's a Patriot now. Why's he helping the British Navy like that? Old friends maybe?
  • Connor: How would you convince the Continental Congress that the Navy needs more ships?
  • Robert: The rash of British raiding along the coast is reason enough to address the gripe. Gunboats at the Vineyard, now this...
  • Connor: Hm... Biddle aims to be the first Admiral of the Colonial Navy and is making a case for the need.
  • Amanda: That was some deft sailing, captain! I was watching from the gun deck.
  • Robert: What were you doing on the gun deck?! I told you to stay out of harm's way!
  • Amanda: I'm fine, Bobby. Not to worry.

Amanda turned to Connor.

  • Amanda: The people of Nantucket are surely grateful. And so am I.

Amanda spoke once more with Robert.

  • Amanda: Glad you're back.

Amanda smacked Robert's bottom, and left. Connor stared curiously at Faulkner, before turning his gaze to the sea.


Connor saved the merchant vessel and learned of Nicholas Biddle's true allegiance.



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