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The Rebellion's Uprising was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


With Adonis' rebellion able to confront Persephone's forces on equal terms, the time had come to launch the final assault on Pherephassa Point to wrest control of Elysium from Persephone, and with it control of the gate to the underworld.


Kassandra had completed her own mission and done everything necessary to ensure Adonis' rebellion could defeat Persephone.
{Note: Dialogue triggers upon collecting the fourth Keeper's Insight, compromising Influence in the third region, or at the conclusion of No Good Deed, whichever comes last.}

  • Kassandra: Adonis' troops should be strong enough to take Persephone down. I should let him know.

Kassandra met with Adonis at the Shrine of Stallions, after his forces had pushed into the Asphodel Fields and occupied the foot of Persephone's mountain palace.

  • Adonis: I've had scouts looking everywhere for you. I didn't think to check Persephone's throne room.

  • Kassandra: Of course you didn't. And thanks to me, Persephone blames Hekate. We have the advantage.

  • Kassandra: You should be thanking me. Persephone knows what we're doing. She's prepared.

{Should be an option to give the eternal flame recipe, if specifically kept for rebels. May be other points of discussion, like killing rebels during The Keeper and Kyros.}

{Could be romance-influenced. I got it on a "Think of the people" route in 'Beacons' after exposing Aphrodite's spy to him.}

  • Adonis: That so? Then we need to strike, and we need to do it now.
  • Kassandra: For Aphrodite.
  • Adonis: And for your freedom to breach the gate out of this realm.

  • Kassandra: All right, muster your troops. We're going to battle.

  • Kassandra: (decline dialogue)

Kassandra left to better prepare herself, then returned.

  • Adonis: (return dialogue)

(back to choices)

Adonis' forces stormed the commons of Pheraphassa Point and engaged the bulk of Persephone's forces in the marble streets. Buildings were ruined, and the forces were evenly matched. Kassandra entered the fray and killed enemy captain until a Kolossus joined the battle. Kassandra destroyed it and brought victory to the rebel forces.

Kassandra continued towards the palace. She climbed past some rubble and found herself boxed into the bridge leading to the palace with Hermes.

  • Kassandra: Hermes, you shouldn't be here.
  • Hermes: Where else would I be while the humans burn Elysium to the ground? My friend, help me protect her.

  • Kassandra: I have helped you. But nothing is going to stop this. The gate must open. After everything I've done for you... Please, Hermes, listen to me.
  • Hermes: We haven't had the easiest friendship, the Staff Keeper and Key Maker, but you've done so much for me. Together, we'll get Persephone to stand down.
  • Kassandra: Thank you. Let's go together.

Hermes and Kassandra make their way up to Persephone.

  • Persephone: Stop.

  • Kassandra: You really think I'm going to protect Persephone? These rebels are here because of me.
  • Hermes: This is no time to joke. We're the Staff Keeper and Key Maker, bound by mysteries.
  • Kassandra: We're not friends. We're not bound. I played you and her to get what I want.
  • Hermes: It was you this whole time? You let me worry about these delinquents... All my worry, all this suffering was because of you.
  • Kassandra: I told you I'm getting to that gate whether Persephone likes it or not. Now get out of my way.
  • Hermes: I will not!

From here, this leads directly into the friendship ended dialogue choices.

  • Kassandra: Don't get in my way!

  • Hermes: It was you this whole time? You let me worry about these delinquents... All my worry, all this suffering, was because of you.
  • Kassandra: I told you I'm getting to that gate whether Persephone likes it or not. Now get out of my way.

  • Hermes: Humiliating me wasn't enough? You have to destroy my home... my love?
  • Kassandra: Hekate isn't here to save you this time. Stand down!

  • Hermes: I will not!

  • Kassandra: Then today is the day the gods themselves fall to their knees before me.

  • Kassandra: It doesn't have to be like this, Hermes.
  • Hermes: It could have been different between us. You were my friend, but you've given me no option. I have to protect the one I love.

Kassandra and Hermes drew their weapons and prepared to fight.

  • Hermes: So, this is what friendship means to you?

Kassandra unleashed her newfound powers and inflicted deep wounds on Hermes.

  • Hermes: Pathetic! Your father would be disappointed.
  • Kassandra: He'd be disappointed in you.

Kassandra wounded him some more.

  • Kassandra: You're no god.
  • Hermes: I will... not stop...

Kassandra defeated Hermes and brought him to his knees. She readied her fist to knock him out.

  • Persephone: Stop!

Hermes stumbled to his feet.

{Always ends up at this point...}

  • Persephone: Pathetic. You have failed me for the last time, Hermes Trismegistus.

Hermes slowly shook his head with sadness in his eyes. Persephone's hand glowed with power. As she closed her fist, Hermes' armor glowed as his movements were restricted and began choking.

  • Hermes: P... Perseph...

Hermes began floating. Persephone cast Hermes towards the edge of the bridge. He could not stop his momentum from carrying him over the railing. Kassandra yelled after him.

  • Kassandra: Hermes!

Kassandra looked up at Persephone with contempt, who stared back at Kassandra before returning to her palace.

  • Kassandra: That's it. Persephone's control over Elysium needs to end. Now.

Kassandra climbed over the rubble blocking her way and up the stairs. She entered the palace and climbed up to Persephone's throne room at Pherephassa Point, where she found Persephone and Hekate.

  • Persephone: You. Don't move a muscle.

Kassandra crossed her arms and waited.

  • Hekate: You're letting a human get in the way of our friendship.
  • Persephone: You let her get in the way. You should have told me yourself, but all I hear spouting from your mouth are lies. I've had enough! In fact, I'm going to do something about that.

Hekate realized exactly what Persephone meant.

  • Hekate: Don't.

Persephone's extended her glowing hand towards Hekate. Hekate's eyes briefly turned the same shade of purple as Persephone's as she became compelled to tell the truth for eternity.

  • Hekate: You were never fit to lead Elysium! And I hate your dress!

Hekate held her fingers to her mouth in shock.

  • Persephone: Good luck manipulating anyone with your lies ever again. If I were you, I'd leave before I say anything else stupid.

Hekate left in a hurry.

  • Kassandra: How did you do that?
  • Persephone: It comes naturally to me.

  • Hekate: Don't let her get away with anything. We're in this together. I'll always be at your service.
  • Persephone: Even outside of Elysium? If it comes to that?
  • Hekate: I'll be there. For now, I'll leave you two. I'm sure there's plenty to talk about.

Hekate left the chamber.

  • Kassandra: You're making a huge mistake.
  • Persephone: With war brewing outside my window, I wonder what you'd suggest I do instead.

Adonis marched in to confront Persephone.

  • Adonis: Your beautiful Elysium has turned to rubble, all because of your stubbornness, Persephone.
  • Persephone: You fool, I made this place beautiful for you! Nothing I've ever done for your love has been good enough.
  • Adonis: You're a prisoner too, you should know it's impossible to love your captor. This is the last time I'll ask. Let us go. Let me go.

  • Persephone: You've turned this whole realm against me—but you didn't do it alone. Go. Your friend here won't be as lucky.

  • Persephone: I do love you, Adonis. And true love is selfless. Go. Treat Aphrodite better than you ever treated me.

  • Adonis: Thank you, Persephone. I'm forever grateful. Go easy on Kassandra.

With Persephone's permission granted, Adonis left the palace, and presumably Elysium entirely, to return to the mortal realm.

  • Persephone: After you went and fucked this lowly mortal behind my back? I don't think so.

{There's more, but it ends in Adonis getting burned worse than if Hekate is still trusted.}

Persephone turned her attention, at last, to Kassandra.

  • Persephone: Your turn.
  • Kassandra: We don't have to do this. Just let me pass through Elysium. Adonis would've rallied the people with or without my help.
  • Persephone: You're lying!
(Leonidas sacrificed)
  • Kassandra: What about your lies? You made me a promise if I brought you Leonidas.
  • Persephone: After everything you've done against me? Don't make me laugh. But once I'm finished with you, maybe you'll be with your loved ones after all.
  • Kassandra: Persephone you don't have to control everything. You're free to let go. Maybe you can finally go home.
  • Persephone: You know nothing of what I've been through.

Persephone stalked forward, and Kassandra stepped back.

  • Persephone: I was stolen from your world. I had no choice but to take this one for myself.

Persephone pulled out an artifact and whistled for Ros. She threw it into a pit leading to the Underworld and Ros chased it. Kassandra drew her spear as Ros ran past.

  • Kassandra: Huh?

A flash of light burst from the hole, distracting Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: What?

Persephone grinned and held out her hand at Kassandra. Kassandra's armor glowed with the same light as she was unable to move and forced to her knee. Persephone stalked forward.

  • Persephone: And this world is mine alone.

Persephone flicked Kassandra on the forehead and sent her flying effortlessly into the pit. Kassandra yelled through a long fall into a crash landing.

Kassandra came to her senses in a circular arena in a barren land. She climbed to her feet and assessed her surroundings with her spear still in her hand. She noticed the faint shape of a dog's head with glowing yellow eyes, then another head, and a third. The three-headed dog grumbled.

  • Kassandra: Ros? ...Good dog. Good dog.


Kassandra won the battle against Persephone's forces. Persephone threw Hermes from the mountain. Despite Kassandra's victory, and regardless of Hekate's and Adonis' fates, Persephone remained in control of Elysium. She then tossed an artifact into the pit leading to the Underworld, which Ros chased, transforming into Cerberos on the way down. While Kassandra was distracted by the dog's transformation, Persephone restrained her with her powers and flicked her effortlessly into the same pit.



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