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The Rebel Camp was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After receiving a letter from Connor, Aveline set out to find and rescue the slave Patience Gibbs.


  • Letter: Aveline, do you still call yourself Assassin? Whatever name you take, you came to me for help once and now I must ask the same of you. There is a girl of uncanny strength and wit: Patience Gibbs. She is accused of leading a slave revolt, and her master has placed a high price on her capture. She is a hunted girl. I have attempted to recruit Patience for the Brotherhood, but she will not allow me to approach her with help. Your name is legendary among the slaves, even as far North as Newport, I believe you will have more success. She was last seen on Goat Island. Start your search there, if you accept.
    Your Friend and Brother, Connor.
    Post-script: Take care to heed the fort and Patience herself. I have learned the hard way; she is dangerous when startled.

After reading the letter, Aveline freeran around the island, in search of the rebel camp. Before she could reach it, however, she noticed a slave being attacked by a couple of guards.

  • Guard: Now you'll pay, boy! Them's the rules. Unless you tell me where she hid it.
  • Slave: How should I know.
  • Guard: If you rethink that, it'll hurt less.
  • Slave: I don't care.

Aveline killed the guards and talked to the slave.

The Rebel Camp 3

Aveline speaking to a slave

  • Aveline: What happened here?
  • Slave: We all escaped together. She helped us. She said a ship would come. But they found us.
  • Aveline: Who helped you?
  • Slave: Patience Gibbs. Our camp was just beyond that hill, but they ransacked it, and took us prisoner. They must be holding her there.

Aveline approached the camp and overheard several guards interrogating prisoners.

  • Guard: Where is it?
  • Prisoner: Why would I know?
  • Guard: Where'd she hide it?
  • Prisoner: Let me go!
  • Guard: Oh, a comedian!

  • Guard: Come on now. Where is it?
  • Prisoner: I'll kill you.
  • Guard: Go ahead.

  • Guard: Where is the artifact?
  • Prisoner: What artifact?
  • Guard: I will ask you one more time: where is the artifact?
  • Prisoner: I do not know. What does it do, this artifact?

Approaching closer, Aveline overheard separate groups of guards conversing.

  • Guard 1: How valuable is this thing anyway?
  • Guard 2: Dunno.
  • Guard 1: Well what does it do, then?
  • Guard 2: They wouldn't say.

  • Guard 1: I bet the artifact ain't even here. I bet she has it on her somewhere.
  • Guard 2: That's why I'm not even looking for it. They'll find it soon enough.
  • Guard 1: It's so boring here. I wish there was more to do.
  • Guard 2: Tell me about it.

  • Guard 1: How long do we have to stay here?
  • Guard 2: Until we find the artifact.
  • Guard 1: Then why are we just standing here?

Aveline killed the surrounding guards and freed the slaves.

  • Aveline: Have you seen Patience?
  • Slave: Who are you? Why do you want her?
  • Aveline: I'm trying to help. Just tell me what you know please.
  • Slave: She was fighting when they took her... I hope she's with the others.

  • Slave: Thank you.
  • Aveline: Have you seen Patience Gibbs?
  • Slave: Find the others. She must be with them.

The Rebel Camp 5

A slave telling Aveline about the captain

  • Slave: Who are you?
  • Aveline: I'm trying to help Patience Gibbs.
  • Slave: There was a captain, giving orders. He's still here, searching for something. He knows where they are taking her. He sent them. He has many bodyguards. You will not get to him without crossing them.
  • Aveline: Thank you.

After leaving the final group of slaves, Aveline set out to find the captain, locating him on a bridge.

  • Aveline: You! Where is Patience Gibbs? What is going on here?
  • Captain: State your business!

Panicked, the captain shot the gunpowder barrels on the bridge, blowing it up. Aveline eventually caught up to the captain and interrogated him.

  • Aveline: Where is she?

Aveline stepped on the captain, putting her force on his chest.

  • Captain: Alright. Stop! Doctor Judge will take the witch to Fort Washington for questioning.
  • Aveline: Thank you.
The Rebel Camp 10

Judge ordering Patience's imprisonment

Aveline left the captain and made her way to the fort, where she witnessed Patience being captured.

  • Patience: Devil! They were innocent! Their blood is on your hands. You'll never have my mother's charm! I will always be a step ahead.
  • Judge: Jail her. Discipline her as you must. But remember, I'm paying you to keep her alive. I must have that charm.
  • Patience: I will kill you first! I will avenge my mother! It will never be yours! Release me! I'll have your hides for carpets!


Patience was captured by Edmund Judge and Aveline infiltrated the fort to rescue her.



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