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The Quebec Caper are a collection of documents compiled by Layla Hassan on her laptop before and during her first Assassin mission in Quebec, Canada.


ACOD QC File 1 - Setup

Layla Hassan: I'm in!

Victoria Bibeau: How'd you manage that?

Layla Hassan: Let's just say I left a crypto-key under the doormat in case Abstergo escorted me out.

Victoria Bibeau: Was your hunch right?

Layla Hassan: Yep, just in time! They must have a location, Notre-Dame de Québec, but I can't find the relic. I'm sure it must be there.

Victoria Bibeau: Hmm, guess they don't have a Catholic on their team... Like you do. >.>

Layla Hassan: NO way?! Quebec City, here we come!

ACOD QC File 2 - Source

Subject – Potential Descendant

- Recollects 'those who possess the ability of recollection'
- 15th century Order of Order of Franciscan Monks (FR Récollets)
- 1614 King Louis XIII requested Samuel de Champlain take a selection of Recollects to Canada
- Order was abruptly disbanded upon return to France

Operative **REDACTED** tracing bloodline **REDACTED**

Recollect friars:
- Father Denys Jamet
- Father Jean Dolbeau
- Father Joseph Le Caron
- Brother Pacifique Duplessis
- Brother Nicolas Viel - drowned in 1925

Location: Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec
- 4 centuries of treasures and archives here
- 900 people buried under the cathedral
- Excavation uncovered hidden relics

Operative Summary: Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec – target item NOT FOUND.

Operative Update – Sept 5, 2017: Agents have the location under surveillance awaiting new intel.

ACOD Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec

The Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec. Architectural masterpiece, 1633 historical landmark... and blood repository.

ACOD QC File 4 Exection

Kiyoshi Takakura: Area clear. Slipped first responder $.

Victoria Bibeau: Nice work. Media's got their story.

Layla Hassan: manage to get the gold paint off, K?

Kiyoshi Takakura: Paint isn't a bother – it's the ringing in my ears.

Victoria Bibeau: I can't believe you pulled that off!

Kiyoshi Takakura: If you can't believe in a golden Kiyoshi angel flying overhead, what can you believe in?

Reporter: Last night, a burglary took place at the Notre-Dame de Quebec Cathedral-Basilica. Fortunately the damge to this historical building is minimal. The parish secretariat reports that the criminals left without t he items they meant to steal.


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