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The Prophet was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno arrived at the Cimetière des Innocents to assassinate Chrétien Lafrenière, the man he believed to be responsible for François de la Serre's death.


Arno surveyed the area.

  • Guard 1: -you'll be reinforced before the Master arrives. We'll post snipers on the roofs. The instructions are all here. Get to it.

Arno noticed a group of guards at a catacomb entrance.

The Prophet 3

The guards discussing the groundskeepers

  • Guard 2: Think we should go with them?
  • Guard 3: The Master's elite bodyguards? I think they can handle it.
  • Guard 2: Suppose you're right.
  • Arno: I'd better find myself a place to wait before the rest of them arrive.
  • Guard 2: What's going on?
  • Guard 3: A few of the groundskeepers heard more than they should have. They're hiding in the catacombs.
  • Guard 2: So the Master's bodyguards have to dig them out? Seems excessive.
  • Guard 3: Bastards are fighting back. Dug in like ticks.
  • Guard 2: They'd best be dead by the time the Master arrives. I don't want him vulnerable.
  • Guard 4: Get more men up on those walls! Make sure those gates are locked! The Master left specific instructions, and they're to be followed to the letter!

Arno retrieved the security plan for the guards.

  • Arno: This shows exactly where Lafrenière will be every step of the way. They couldn't have made it easier if they'd tried. Got you now.

Arno entered the catacombs and rescued the gravediggers from the guards.

  • Gravedigger: You came along at just the right time. I'll gather up the others, we'll hold position here. Cover your escape, if you need it.

Arno hid in a haystack, waiting for Lafrenière to arrive.

  • Arno: I love it when the target comes to me.

Lafrenière and his entourage arrived. He stepped onto a podium and began his speech.

The Prophet 7

Lafrenière speaking to the Templars

  • Lafrenière: The Truth is in peril, my brothers. She is beset on all quarters. Jacobins lay her on the rack, cruelly breaking her to their populist agenda. False prophets go among the people, promising "Liberty, equality, fraternity."
  • Spectator: Bastards!
  • Lafrenière: Within our own Order, false brothers would see us abandon her and throw in with the very forces we strive against! And always, always the Assassins lurk in their shadows, watching for signs of weakness.
  • Spectator: Traitors!
  • Lafrenière: Our enemies believe that by taking our weapons, they take our power. I think the Friends of Truth are not so easily dissuaded! Union, Strength, Virtue! Ready yourselves, brothers! Tonight, the Truth is on our side!
  • Spectator: Huzzah!

The speech over, Lafrenière spoke to his followers.

  • Lafrenière: Is all in readiness?
  • Guard 5: (Yes sir). The men know their duties - the bastards won't escape us tonight.
  • Lafrenière: Good. The enemy has thwarted us for the last time.
  • Guard 5: As you say, Master.
  • Lafrenière: I trust the payment was received?
  • Austrian Templar: Of course, my brother.
  • Lafrenière: You've done a great service to both France and the Order. We will not forget.
  • Austrian Templar: The Austrian Rite is always loyal to the true Templar Order.
  • Lafrenière: Brothers! Soon we will strike at the very heart of our hated enemies! They have hounded us for years, but no longer! With one stroke, we will save our Order, and rebuild our Nation! The Father of Understanding marches with us tonight! Prepare yourselves!

Arno assassinated Lafrenière. Through his target's memories, he saw Lafrenière's induction into the Templar Order.

The Prophet 8

Lafrenière being inducted into the Templar Order

  • De la Serre: Then rise, my brother, and be welcome.

The vision turned to Lafrenière speaking with de la Serre.

  • Lafrenière: You don't trust the man, do you?
  • De la Serre: Mirabeau is a good man. An honest man.
  • Lafrenière: Mirabeau is a self-aggrandizing drunk!
  • De la Serre: Do not forget who is Grand Master here, Lafrenière.

The vision turned to Lafrenière passing a letter to his messenger, Perrault.

  • Lafrenière: Take this to Grand Master de la Serre immediately. Deliver it to him in person.
  • Perrault: Yes, Master.

The vision turned to Lafrenière at the Halle aux Blés.

The Prophet 11

Lafrenière ordering his men to attack the Hôtel de Beauvais

  • Guard: Master, we have a problem. Christophe has been feeding information to our enemies. We must assume this location is compromised.
  • Lafrenière: We'll have to move up our timetable. Gather the men. We strike l'Hôtel de Beauvais tonight.

The vision over, Arno escaped the area.


Arno assassinated Lafrenière. Through his memories, he discovered that Lafrenière was planning to attack the Hôtel de Beauvais in force.



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