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The Proper Tools was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Big Dave needed better tools to craft Norris' knife. Connor went to New York to acquire the necessary pieces.


Connor walked up to Dave and Norris.

  • David: Connor! You have a minute, my friend?
  • Norris: How's it coming, Big Dave? You make any progress on the knife? I would like to give it to Myriam soon.
  • David: The steel Norris smelted is something else - I've rarely seen such fine metal. Trouble is, my old tools aren't hard enough to work it. The ones I need aren't hard to find- a shop or two in New York sell them at a good price. I'd do it myself but with the Regulars after my head, I'll stay here safe and sound if I can.
  • Connor: I have matters to attend to in New York. I will see to it the next time I journey there.
  • David: Sounds good!

Connor traveled to New York and purchased the pieces needed for Dave's new hammer. As he was leaving the general store, Connor overheard two guards talking.

The Proper Tools 4

Connor overhearing the two Redcoats

  • Guard 1: Captain's on a warpath for that deserter.
  • Guard 2: What's his name? 'Big Man' or some-such-thing?
  • Guard 1: Big Dave. Did in a whole unit escaping, they say. Big Dave's in for a rough ride, seems to me.

After the guards left, Connor returned to Dave with the hammer pieces.

  • David: Connor!
  • Connor: I have the tools you requested.
  • David: Ah! Excellent! I'll get right to work. Norris has been hanging around pestering me about his knife.
  • Connor: I thought you should know I overheard some Regulars talking. They are looking for you.
  • David: I imagine they are. I'll have to face them some time or another.


Connor retrieved the necessary tools.



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