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The Prince of Pirates was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After accruing the experience necessary, Alonzo traveled to Bahía de Guadiana to once again meet up with La Buse.


La Buse approached Alonzo with his ship.

  • Alonzo: Where is this pirate gathering you told me about?
  • La Buse: Our hidden cove is... somewhere south of our position. But in this fog, this area is dangerous.
  • Alonzo: I thought the pirates ruled these parts... It seems the Royal Navy does!
  • La Buse: Since Britain is at peace with Spain, King George thinks he can take control of our seas!
  • Alonzo: And your leader... Hornigold... does nothing?!
  • La Buse: He believes he's still fighting the old enemies of the crown.
  • Alonzo: I am done following kings... and I can pick my own enemies!
  • La Buse: Follow me and you'll soon have an opportunity to do so!

The pair set off together, with Alonzo following close behind La Buse, until they spotted an English vessel in the distance.

Alonzo and La Buse watching the brig

  • La Buse: Damn Navy brigs! I knew they'd be lurking around our hideout! Destroy those sentries one by one... and you'll clear a safe passage to the cove!
  • Alonzo: I'll find a way to pluck them... one after the other... just like ripe fruit!

Alonzo sailed to and dispatched all three of the brig sentries.

  • Jumao: Well done! Now reunite with La Buse... But sail carefully – the British might have dropped mines!

Alonzo managed to avoid the mines and successfully met up with La Buse.

Alonzo and La Buse arriving at the pirate assembly

  • La Buse: Now the fog has cleared, you will finally get your chance... to join our confederation!
  • Alonzo: And become one of the legends of the south seas!
  • La Buse: ... All in due time, my impatient friend.

Alonzo and La Buse assembled with other pirates.

  • La Buse: The assembly is in progress, Alonzo!... They are about to elect the man who is to lead us!

Samuel Bellamy and Benjamin Hornigold argued together.

  • Bellamy: We won't maintain this bloody code, Ben! We care not for your... personal vendetta!
  • Hornigold: You'll have us divided and killed! The Navy's too dangerous! A mosquito does not bite a raging dog!
  • Bellamy: I won't kiss King George's arse... on account of your fear of dogs, mate!
  • Hornigold: The Navy will prevail, Sam! You'll lead our brothers to their doom!
  • Bellamy: I say we put this to a vote... All in favor of a new captain, say aye!

The crowd of pirates voiced their affirmation.

  • Pirates: Aye!
  • Hornigold: Bloody pirates! Always following the loudest bark!
  • Bellamy: My dear brother... It seems your leadership is no longer required! Who will rid of us of this traitor?!
  • Alonzo: I!... What should I do with him?
  • Bellamy: And who are you... boy?!
  • Alonzo: Not a boy, Bellamy! A pirate captain!... One who owes his command to La Buse!
  • Bellamy: You'll do, boy! Take Hornigold far from here... before I have him killed!

Alonzo set sail to take Hornigold away, avoiding Navy ships and arriving on a small island.

  • Alonzo: You'll be safe here, captain.
  • Hornigold: Thanks, Alonzo. You are smarter than this lot... you should get out of this life while you can!
  • Alonzo: ... And turn my back on fortune? Thanks for the advice... but I like being a pirate!
  • Hornigold: Even a pirate had duties, Alonzo. In the end, it's not your gold... but your acts that matter!
  • Alonzo: And what will you do, Ben? Without a ship... and without a single man to call your friend?
  • Hornigold: Oh, I still have friends, boyo... Back in Nassau!... You should visit us one of these days!
  • Alonzo: Farewell, Ben... I'll keep that in mind.

As night fell, La Buse met up with Alonzo again.

  • La Buse: Alonzo!
  • Alonzo: Why are you here... friend?
  • La Buse: Bellamy is cooking up something... something that's bound to make him rich!
  • Alonzo: The man owes me... I want my part of this take!
  • La Buse: Join him before night's end or you never will!
  • Alonzo: There's no time to waste... Full speed ahead!

Alonzo raced his way to Bellamy's location, barely making it.

Alonzo meeting up with Bellamy

  • Bellamy: What are you doing here?
  • Alonzo: I want my share of this take!
  • Bellamy: Your share, eh?... It seems you've earned it, boy!
  • Alonzo: Thanks, Sam! You won't regret it!
  • Bellamy: Neither will you! A ship sails north of here... a ship carrying a special cargo!

The two began their journey towards the cargo.

  • Alonzo: What is it? Gold? Stones?!
  • Bellamy: Something more precious... Humans! Plucked from their homes to slave away in the colonies.
  • Alonzo: There is no profit in human trade!
  • Bellamy: Indeed... Only damnation and dishonor.
  • Alonzo: No food I've tasted is soiled by damnation... Or bought with honor.
  • Bellamy: Not the food that fills your belly!... Enough talk! Help me take this ship before it's too late!

Alonzo sailed forward and engaged in combat with the slave ship.

  • Jumao: Don't sink this ship or you'll kill innocent people!... Shoot the weak points to slow her down!

Alonzo shot all six of the ship's weak spots with his swivel gun.

Slaves dropping into the sea

  • Jumao: Something odd is happening...
  • Alonzo: She's disabled! I'll catch her in no time!

The slave ship began to lose its human cargo.

  • Jumao: Men are jumping overboard! Forget your prize and save them, Alonzo!

Alonzo saved all of the drowning slaves, before returning to Bellamy.

  • Bellamy: The men are freed, slaves no longer... yet one of them wishes to remain on your ship.

Aaminah suddenly spoke.

  • Aaminah: If this captain proves worthy of my trust!
  • Alonzo: A woman?
  • Aaminah: A woman makes you feel uncomfortable, pirate?
  • Alonzo: No... What do you want from me?
  • Aaminah: Justice! Slavers flock the sea... Taking my people from their land and selling them like fruit!
  • Alonzo: Fruit worth its weight in gold...
  • Aaminah: Choke on your greed, dog!

Bellamy interjected.

  • Bellamy: A pirate is no mere outlaw, Alonzo! We are no longer bound by rite and ritual! We fight to preserve the most important thing: Freedom!
  • Alonzo: All right... I will help... if she stays on board.


Alonzo cleared out the Royal Navy sentries patrolling near the pirate gathering place, enabling a new leader to be elected: Samuel Bellamy. Bellamy then had Alonzo take Benjamin Hornigold to an island and maroon him there, before Alonzo raced back to join in Bellamy's next venture. Having spared a group of slaves from the ship that they were aboard, Alonzo gained a new crew member for his ship in Aaminah.


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