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The Prince's Banquet was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore met with Yusuf Tazim and other Ottoman Assassins at the Hippodrome of Constantinople to plan the protection of Prince Suleiman I at the Topkapı Palace's cultural exposition.


Ezio met up with Yusuf, along with other Assassins.

  • Yusuf: A pleasant surprise, Ezio. We should trade stories if I am not dead by this time tomorrow.
  • Ezio: Is there a chance of that?
  • Yusuf: We learned that the Byzantines are planning to infiltrate Topkapı Palace now that Prince Suleiman has returned from his hajj (pilgrimage). If they do strike, it will be tonight at the cultural exposition the Prince has organized.

Ezio assuring Yusuf about his plan

  • Ezio: So what is our plan?
  • Yusuf: Kardeshim (Brother), this is not your fight. No need to snare yourself into the Ottoman affairs.
  • Ezio: The Byzantines found a key beneath Topkapı Palace, and I would like to know how.
  • Yusuf: Ezio, we want to protect our Shehzade (Prince) not interrogate him.
  • Ezio: Trust me, Yusuf. Just tell me where to go.
  • Yusuf: Topkapı's main gate. We plan to dress as entertainers and walk right in.
  • Ezio: I will find a disguise and meet you there.

Ezio and the other Assassins made their way to the Topkapı Palace.

  • Ezio: Minstrels from Italia? I am going to enjoy this.

The Assassins knocked out the minstrels and disguised themselves in their clothes.

Ezio, Yusuf and the rest of the Assassins disguised as minstrels

  • Yusuf: I look ridiculous. I feel ridiculous.
  • Ezio: My blade is too conspicuous in this outfit. Are you armed?
  • Yusuf: Mesele degil. (Not a problem.) You mark the targets and we will take them out.

Ezio picked up a lute.

  • Yusuf: You know how to play that thing?
  • Ezio: I learned a few chords when I was young.
  • Yusuf: When were you ever young?

Ezio walked up to some guards protecting the courtyard at the entrance.

  • Guard: This courtyard is closed to the public. Turn around and start walking.
  • Ezio: Perdonate, buon signore. (Forgive me, kind sir.) We are this evening's entertainment.
  • Guard: Any old gerzek (fool) can carry an instrument around. Get lost.

Ezio ignored the guards and began to play the lute.

Ezio playing for the guards

  • Guard: You sound like a dying cat.
    What is this?
    Berbatsin! (You are terrible!)
    What are you doing?
    Pekala! (All right!) Go in and bother the guests with that noise.

Ezio met up with Yusuf after targeting and killing the first two enemies.

  • Ezio: This courtyard is clear.
  • Yusuf: But I do not see Prince Suleiman. Follow me.

Ezio and Yusuf went to the next courtyard.

  • Yusuf: Now this is a celebration. Suleiman. The Sultan's grandson, and governor of Kefe. And he's only seventeen.
  • Ezio: We met on the ship. He told me he was a student. And who is that?

Yusuf pointing out Suleiman and Ahmet

  • Yusuf: His uncle, Shehzade (Prince) Ahmet. The Sultan's favored son. He is grooming himself for the Sultanate as we speak.
  • Ahmet: Serefe! (To life!) Sagliginiza! (To health!)
  • Yusuf: Come, we have more Byzantines to find.

A Janissary spotted a dead body, which had failed to be hidden properly by the Assassins.

  • Janissary: Suikastchi! Suikastchi! (Assassin! Assassin!) Clear the courtyard! Shehzade (Prince) Suleiman, take cover! Follow them!

Yusuf called out as a Byzantine ran towards Suleiman with a dagger unsheathed.

  • Yusuf: Ezio!

Ezio snapped his lute in half and killed the assailant with part of the handle.

  • Suleiman: It is a relief to see you again, mio bel menestrello. (my handsome minstrel.) Did I say that right?
  • Ezio: Well enough. I hear you are a governor too. Is there anything you do not do?

Ezio introducing himself to Suleiman

  • Suleiman: I do not talk to strangers. I am Suleiman.
  • Ezio: Ezio Auditore...
  • Janissary: Shehzadem! (Prince!) Are you injured?
  • Suleiman: Who is your captain, soldier?
  • Janissary: Tarik Barleti. He is away on an errand.
  • Suleiman: Clear this body and send the guests home. Then summon Tarik to the Divan.
  • Janissary: Bashustane, shehzadem. (Yes, my Prince.)
  • Suleiman: Tarik Barleti is a captain in the Janissary corps, the Sultan's elite soldiery.
  • Ezio: They guard the Sultan, but not his family?
  • Suleiman: Not very well, evidently. Ezio, do you have time to spare? I would like your opinion on something.
  • Ezio: I will, once I change out of these rags.
  • Suleiman: Guzel (Good). Meet me when you are ready.


Ezio was able to save Prince Suleiman, killing the final attacker himself, and was invited to consult with him later on.

Ezio's songs

On singing

I'm dressed up like a jester
I act the fool and mime
All the actions of those I curse
And run down all the time.
I am a tactless minstrel
I sing off-key for coins
If you spot me in the street
Please kick me in the loins.
No one understands my plight
The life of a musician
Singing for impatient men
A terminal condition.
I can't believe I stand here
And sing, my time I waste
But you who sit and smile at me
Sincerely have no taste.
The things I do to save the world
Surprise me time to time
Like learning how to play the lute
And making these words rhyme.
A minstrel's song I heard them say
Brings maidens by the score
But luck deserts me when I play
They hasten to the door.
I sing in Italiano
You understand no word
But my Greek is nonexistent
And my Turkish is absurd.
I will sing in praise of children
I will croon in praise of dames
I will chant in praise of mighty men
When I recall their names.

Ezio singing for the crowd

Life and loves

While traveling through Forlì
I took her at her leisure
She said "It's strictly business"
Such business was my pleasure.
Proud Romagna's iron lady
A rose of tempered steel
Could raise the ardor of a corpse
And teach a stone to feel.
Oh the beauties of Firenze
Can melt a heart, you see
Beware the girls of Roma
Lest fire you wish to pee.
Konstantiniyye, I beg you
Let Byzantium endure
Constantine's corpse would turn
Had not Istanbul the cure.
To judge a lady's character
Note well her company
If you should wish to seem a sage
Come spend the night with me.

The Borgia

Young Cesare, I heard him say
Could not be killed by man
So I tossed him through the air
To see where he might land.
Cesare, oh Cesare,
A man of great depravity
Believed himself immortal 'til
He had a date with gravity.
Before Rodrigo was the Pope
He was a man of vices
And once he gained the Holy See
He raised his vices' prices.
Fair Lucrezia could not sate
Her appetite for lovers
But I suspect she would be fine
With two or three more brothers.

Other enemies

Vieri, oh Vieri
Yes he of Pazzi fame
Was just as mad as his old man
And ended just the same.
Venezia's grim Doge
A fierce and evil man
Was just a trifle red of face
When I upset his plan.
There once was a man named Duccio
A rat with lecherous taste
Whenever he would show himself
My fist would find his face.


  • If the memory was played with a different outfit, guards may sometimes see through it and attack Ezio, causing the mission to fail.
  • Although Ezio recounts throwing Cesare Borgia to his death at the Siege of Viana in his song, this is a slight embellishment, as in reality, he merely dropped him from the wall.


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