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The Pre-Trial of Strength was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra participated in the Pre-Trial of Strength.


In Lato, Kassandra approached a small arena, wherein the Pre-Trial of Strength took place. All around the stage itself were people lying on the ground, groaning and moaning and complaining.

  • Civilian: HE CANNOT BE BEATEN! He's too strong. Your only logical choice is to purchase the Trial Token from him. Be wise, friend.
  • Civilian: By Zeus, my legs! If only I hadn't tried to fight the Trial Master. I should have paid him. I SHOULD HAVE PAID HIM!
  • Civilian: Put down your spear and grab your drachmae, challenger - for only honorable bribery can save you from sharing my astoundingly painful fate!
  • Civilian: Oh my bones! They are EXTREMELY broken. Don't be a fool - please, you must pay to skip this Pre-Trial!
  • Civilian: The pain! The incredible pain! My limbs and organs - crushed. If only I'd paid for the Trial Token. What an incredible, fairly priced deal!

Kassandra approached the brute exercising on the stage.

  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: Chaire, poorly-muscled challenger! You are here to have your feeble frame crushed in my Pre-Trial of Strength, yes?
  • Kassandra: My "feeble frame" might be harder to crush than you think.
  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: So brave! Pretending you have a chance against a warrior as strong and handsome as me. We may fight for my Token, yes, but maybe you would prefer to remain un-crushed and buy my Token instead? Yes?

  • Kassandra: No, we fight.
  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: Are you sure you would not prefer to spend your shiny drachmae—
  • Kassandra: We fight.
  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: Then let the crushing begin!

Kassandra and the Trial Master drew their swords.

  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: You should have bought my Token, yes? Very good price! Now you must pay a new price... DEATH.
    I will use your bones to pick your
    other bones from my teeth.

Kassandra defeated the Trial Master.

  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: UGH! This isn't what winning feels like...!
    Crush, crush, crush...

Kassandra approached him.

  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: What—what am I feeling? What is this?
  • Kassandra: The shame of defeat.
  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: This is defeat?

Kassandra shrugged

  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: ...Winning is better, yes.
    The Token of Strength is yours. Have a wonderful day—and please don't hit me again.

As Kassandra prepared to leave, the Pre-Trial Master joined the chorus of the civilians around the stage.

  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: My favorite bones! You have crushed them to dust INSIDE of my skin. You ARE a champion, yes!

  • Kassandra: There's no need for unnecessary bloodshed. I'll pay for your Token.
  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: A wise choice, my spineless friend. May you one day slither out from under from (sic) the metaphoric rock of your cowardice!

  • Kassandra: I'll be back.
  • Pre-Trial Master of Strength: I look forward to more of your cowardice, tiny one!


Kassandra completed the Trial of Strength, obtaining the token in the process.

Civilian: Uhh... Is it break time yet? I feel like my legs will be actually crushed if I stay here any longer...


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