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The Port was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Reunited with her Mentor, Wang Yangming, Shao Jun plotted her next attack against the Eight Tigers.


  • Wang: Macau, by day a bustling port, by night a hub for the Templars to trade those who oppose them into slavery. I have located the box, Shao Jun. It is in the possession of Yu Dayong, another of Zhang Yong's Tigers, the one they call him, the Slaver.
  • Jun: So he is responsible for this cruelty? I shall pay him a visit.
  • Wang: Tread lightly, sister. The Templars are searching all ships and cargo. They are looking for us now. I know you can kill these lesser men with ease, but I would suggest you remain invisible, a ghost, until you find your target.

Heeding her Mentor's words, Shao Jun headed for the docks, boarding ships and passing several guard patrols along the way.

  • Guard 1: Keep your wits about you.
  • Guard 2: And you yours, you're meant to be watching back.
  • Guard 1: I'll watch yours, just make sure you're watching mine.
  • Guard 3: Why are we searching all these boats?

Along the way, Shao Jun found a Templar informant.

  • Guard 5: What do you have for me?
  • Informant: I have heard rumors about the Portuguese smuggling slaves out of here.
  • Jun: Templar informants! The worst kind of traitors. I will end their betrayal.

Shao Jun killed the first informant and continued on her way. Encountering a shielded guard, she remembered her training with Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

  • Ezio: Some enemies will unleash a volley of strikes in a single attack. Good, keep going! You've got it, now let's deal with enemies that block your attacks. Use a standard attack against the enemy with a shield. Try again. Enemies with shields will repel standard attacks. Use a heavy attack to degrade the enemy's defenses. Good, keep going and destroy his shield. Good, keep going! Excellent, now finish the job an kill him! Remember you can also roll over an enemy to bypass his defenses.

Shao Jun kept this knowledge in mind as she continued past more patrols.

  • Guard 6: Did you hear? Two of the Tigers are dead.
  • Guard 7: Yeah, I heard it was the Assassins. I heard they're back.

Shao Jun noticed a guard carrying a lantern. As he walked past a dark hiding spot, he noticed a Portuguese sailor.

  • Guard 8: What's that? Move on!

After pulling the sailor out of his hiding spot, the guard knocked him unconscious. Being wary of the guards, Shao Jun proceeded on her journey, killing the other two Templar informants and overhearing more guards' conversations.

  • Guard 9: Yu Dayong wants us to search all these boats.
  • Guard 10: What are we looking for?
  • Guard 9: Anything out of the ordinary.
  • Guard 11: Surely the Assassins, if they are back, won't attack this fortress?
  • Guard 12: They'd be fools if they tried.

Encountering a lowered bridge, Shao Jun raised it. Doing so, however, alerted guards protecting the fortress.

  • Guard 13: Was that the bridge?


Shao Jun left the docks and headed for Yu Dayong's fortress.



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