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"You'll feel the sting of my venom. I'll end you, misthios. You can't stop me."
―The Poisoner to Kassandra, 431 BCE.[src]-[m]

The Poisoner (died 431 BCE), also known as The Poisoner of Athens,[1] was a mercenary and a snake dealer camping outside the city walls of Athens, Greece.


Operations and death

When men in the Fishing District of Athens agreed with Kleon's rhetoric and turned against Perikles and his friends, they chose Metiochos as their target. The man known only as the Poisoner was there to provide them with venomous snakes.[2]

One of the men, Aktis, died after accidentally being bitten by the snakes, but the others, among them Pratinos, carried out their plan; they attacked Metiochos at his home, tied him up, and left him with the Poisoner's snakes. The Spartan misthios Kassandra saved Metiochos, however, and then she followed the clues he could give her, finding the men of the Fishing District. They pointed her further to the Poisoner, in his camp outside the walls.[2]

Kassandra tracked down the Poisoner, fighting and killing him, as well as his snakes.[2]


In the simulation of Hades created by the Isu Aletheia, the Poisoner was one of the Fallen, and had in his possession the Helmet of the Fallen.[3]




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