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The Planetarium was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek completed all twelve Stone Circles and headed to the Great Sphinx of Giza.


Bayek found a hidden entrance at the base of the Sphinx.

  • Bayek: How long has this been here?

Bayek explored the inside of the Sphinx as far as he could.

  • Bayek: A dead end. It does not make sense.
    There must be a way forward.

Bayek found a small opening and crawled through it, exploring further.
Coming to an opening, Bayek discovered Eesfet Oon-m'Aa Poo and activated the Ancient Mechanism with pieces of silica.

  • Pedestal Narrator: Retransmission. Segment 6. Acquiring Contemporaneity.
    It has been one-hundred nine days since the Great Catastrophe.
    The messenger speaks.
    Wake up. Not from a dreamless sleep or an absence of light. But from a reality that will soon cease to be.
    Wake up. The next chapter is unstoppable.
    And yet. The greatest revolutions sometimes originate from the confines of impossibility, do they not?
    Change your mind. Subvert your perception. Stop this world. Bend it into something new.
    Destiny is not without irony. Here I am, imploring a lesser version of myself... to do what I could never do.
    In this timeless moment, you and I are a bridge. Both of us from different eras, meeting halfway at the narrowing of the hourglass in this ocean of sand.
    It is not enough to tell time. You must learn Time.
    [...] (Reality is a simulation. Break the code.)
    And in so doing, escape the inescapable. Fill in the blanks: the ones hiding between words, between worlds. Find the spaces that we could not erase, the variables that ended up erasing us. If you do not, they will erase you as well.
    Time told of a story that ended with us, and now it tells of a story that ends with you.
    Once upon a time, a new story will begin. After the functions which run our days have scattered into an array of random numbers.
    We found solace in Order, we thought it would help us rule the world. We were wrong. Order never served us. It has kept us within the code, within the boundaries. We were tricked into thinking we were the ones writing the rules when they were in fact guiding us to our conclusion.
    You need to transgress. You, of all people, understand the value of disobeying. Take an unexpected turn, away from the path that is drawn straight ahead of you.
    The Animus was humankind’s first unconscious attempt to explain what it could not see.
    Understanding genetic memories, an eye into history. But the Animus bears a fatal flaw. It follows the rules from those who embrace Order just as we did. It allows you to witness – but not alter.
    Your Animus is different. As is the mind that imagined it. It could escape the code. It could do that leap, and make possible a decision that defies the order of things that are.
    Wake up. Be the chaos that comes to be. Gods are just like you and me. Remember.
    Nothing is real. Everything is permitted.


Bayek witnessed the recording, and retrieved the Isu Armor.

Behind the scenes

This quest's name is only revealed in the official Prima guide. The Great Sphinx of Giza can only be accessed after completing the quest The False Oracle.


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