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This article is about one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories. You may be looking for the revolutionary government formed in Nassau.

The Pirate Republic was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After having captured the Whydah from Laurens Prins and uncovered its prized treasure, the Fragment of Eden, Samuel Bellamy entrusted the artifact to Alonzo and La Buse for protection while he led the Templar Order on a drawn out chase with his newly commandeered vessel.

Following this, La Buse aimed to share a cunning plan to hide the Fragment with Alonzo, but cryptically left its concept from the latter's understanding. Thus, the pair traveled to Nassau to be among the company of fellow pirates.


Alonzo pulled up alongside La Buse's ship.

  • Alonzo: Hello, my friend! I think our plan worked... None of those Templars followed me!
  • La Buse: You still have our treasure?
  • Alonzo: Safely tucked away in the hold of my ship. Far from greedy eyes... where are we bound for?
  • La Buse: Nassau! No Spaniard or Englishman will sail near those shores... it's a Pirate Republic!
  • Alonzo: That has a nice ring to it!... Our relic will be safe among pirates?
  • La Buse: It will... if we keep our mouths shut!

Alonzo followed La Buse to Nassau, to which they came across Charles Vane's ship along the way.


Alonzo and La Buse encountering Vane

  • Vane: Who are you... fools?
  • La Buse: Gentlemen of fortune. Men of means and intellect... That must be a rare sight in your republic!
  • Vane: A confederation of drunkards and dunces more like!... But free men!
  • Alonzo: You're not the most welcoming fellow... What's your name?
  • Vane: Charles Vane! And if you hate me now... just wait until you see me sober!

Vane's ship left the pair.

  • La Buse: I don't trust this man...
  • Alonzo: Afraid of pirates, are you? Or maybe you're just getting old...
  • La Buse: Would an old man dare a young wolf like you to race him?
  • Alonzo: A race?... You must be joking.
  • La Buse: Am I?

Alonzo raced La Buse to Nassau, arriving first.

  • Alonzo: Olivier!... I was about falling asleep waiting for you...
  • La Buse: You'll be asleep alright... when I'll cave your face in!
  • Alonzo: I never took you for a sore loser, my friend...
  • La Buse: Shut your mouth! Let's make for the city! Remember we have important business to attend to.
  • Alonzo: He really must be getting old...

If La Buse won the race, he would taunt Alonzo.

  • La Buse: You still have much to learn, captain.
  • Alonzo: Next time, I will crush you!
  • La Buse: Please do so. I'll enjoy the occasional challenge... For now, follow me ashore... if you can keep up!
  • Alonzo: He seems so happy... I probably shouldn't tell him I let him win...

The pair sailed into Nassau's harbor, where they met with the pirate Christopher Condent.


Alonzo and La Buse arriving at Nassau

  • Condent: Hello, friends! Welcome to our striving republic!
  • Alonzo: The right place to settle among brothers... far from the righteous and the corrupt?
  • Condent: Aye!... But you won't find these islands in a much better state than the ones you left... We are free of rulers... but also of any serious supervision! People lack water and proper food!
  • La Buse: No-one is supplying this city?
  • Condent: Ben Hornigold and Ed Thatch... but they have been gone for months!
  • La Buse: Maybe we can assist your cause?
  • Condent: A convoy is on its way to the British colonies... a convoy full of the supplies we need...
  • La Buse: A convoy, you say?... I guess we are just the ones to intercept it!

Condent left, and Alonzo and La Buse discussed the Fragment of Eden.

  • La Buse: I cannot go with you, Alonzo... I should remain in Nassau to protect our prize.
  • Alonzo: You're right friend... I'll catch this convoy on my own!
  • La Buse: Good luck! You'll find me here when you return!

Alonzo chased down and engaged the merchant convoy, managing to destroy its escorts.

  • Jumao: We have enough supplies, captain! Time to return to Nassau!

Alonzo brought the supplies back to Nassau.


Alonzo returning the supplies to Nassau

  • Alonzo: Here are your supplies, Condent!... There's enough to feed your republic for months!
  • Condent: But hardly enough to quench its thirst!... Without a proper supply of rum, pirates will turn rabid!
  • Alonzo: Where can I find enough rum to keep them quiet?
  • Condent: I have heard rumors that a ship was wrecked south of here... but the Royal Navy is protecting the area.
  • Alonzo: The Navy could not protect their own king from a thirsty pirate! Trust me... I'll get your rum!

Alonzo sailed to the wreck site and collected fifteen crates of rum.

  • Jumao: Time to return to Nassau, captain!... We have enough to keep them drunk for years!

Alonzo made his way back to Nassau, but came upon some trouble.

  • Alonzo: The Royal Navy must really be after those crates of rum!
  • Jumao: Let's not stir up any trouble... Our cargo will be useless if damaged!

Alonzo carefully avoided the Royal Navy ships, returning to Nassau by nightfall.

  • Alonzo: Your rum is here, Condent!... Come share a bottle!
  • Condent: There's no time! Vane has sobered up and gone crazy! He left on the Ranger! You have to stop him!
  • Alonzo: Why would I want to stop a mad pirate from getting drunk?
  • Condent: He'll wreak so much havoc he'll doom our republic!
  • Alonzo: I'll catch Vane... but you'll owe me a drink, Condent!
  • Condent: Consider it a promise! Set a course north and explore the region! You are bound to find him!

Alonzo left to locate Charles Vane, and upon locating him, discovered Vane to be in battle with two other ships.


Alonzo finding Vane in trouble

  • Jumao: There's the Ranger!
  • Alonzo: Vane is such a reckless fool! He'll never survive this assault!

Despite rescuing Vane, Alonzo received an earful of his wrath.

  • Vane: Why the hell did you stop me, you blowfish! Do you want your head chopped off?!
  • Alonzo: Shut your gob, Vane! You were in no shape to take those ships!
  • Vane: A pirate's always ready for plunder! I'll take the entire Armada if I fancy it!
  • Alonzo: ...Even if you're sure to die?!
  • Vane: Would that be so bad, boy?!
  • Alonzo: This man is no fool... he's simply mad!

Both Alonzo and Vane returned to Nassau, though Alonzo was in for bad news.

  • Alonzo: I took care of Vane!... Will you finally let me rest?
  • Condent: Rest all you want, brother... but I'm afraid I have bad news. Your friend, La Buse... he's gone!
  • Alonzo: Gone?... What happened?
  • Condent: He vanished without a word... He just left this map for you... I am sorry, Alonzo. I cannot help you... I have to run this republic until Hornigold returns.
  • Alonzo: ...What the hell happened here?
  • Aaminah: This map must be a clue as to his current location!
  • Alonzo: He'd better be there... he has my treasure!

Alonzo set sail for the treasure zone.

  • Alonzo: He's not here!... He took my treasure and played me for a fool!
  • Jumao: Maybe he's still around!... Use your spyglass, Alonzo!

Alonzo searched around and found a chest, with a sheet of paper containing a mysterious code.

  • Alonzo: ...What are those symbols?
  • Aaminah: It's a message!... A secret message from La Buse!
  • Alonzo: He knew he wasn't safe... so he left this to tell us where he went!... But how am I to read it?
  • Aaminah: Look closer! There must be something... The message must point somewhere... Try this!

Aaminah shone a light beneath the paper.

  • Aaminah: The light reveals it... The letters form a drawing!... This is not a message, this is a map!
  • Alonzo: Where does this symbol point to?... It looks like the devil... or is it Charles Vane?
  • Aaminah: I know what this is... The devil's mouth!
  • Alonzo: What is it?... Speak, woman!
  • Aaminah: An island, captain! A place... as fiery as your temper!... A mountain of fire!


Having arrived in Nassau and meeting with Christoper Condent, the island's temporary leader in Benjamin Hornigold and Edward Thatch's absence, La Buse remained behind while Alonzo secured food and rum for Nassau's inhabitants, as well as saving Charles Vane from his reckless attacks on far superior ships.

However, upon his final return, Alonzo discovered that La Buse had taken the Fragment of Eden and scarpered, leaving behind only a map. Using the map to find a hidden code, Aaminah determined La Buse's next step, an island referred to as "the devil's mouth".


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