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The Ordering of the Kosmos was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra identified and assassinated Dimokrates, member of the Order of Dominion.


Kassandra traveled to the Vista of Pylos overlooking the city of Aipeia. As she stood observing the ruined Palace of Aphareus nearby, Darius arrived behind her.

  • Darius: That's the meeting place.
  • Kassandra: What do you know about this man in Amorges' inner circle?
  • Darius: Dimokrates. Drachmae is his weapon of choice. If we kill him, the Order's ability to influence the Greek world will be severely damaged. His death will bring us one step closer to Amorges. To Elpidios.

  • Kassandra: Drachmae can be as deadly as any other weapon. I should know. Enough of it can kill anyone.

  • Kassandra: I like drachmae. But it can't buy the kind of edge my blades provide. Not when I'm driven to find my son.

  • Darius: There's only one problem regarding Dimokrates.
  • Kassandra: What's that?

Darius paused, then spoke flatly.

  • Darius: I don't know what he looks like.
  • Kassandra: Then we'll have to listen closely when we approach.
ACOD The Ordering of the Kosmos 4

Darius and Kassandra waiting at the ruins

Darius led on to the watchtower, where they lay in wait. Night fell, and the meeting got underway.

  • Darius: If anything goes wrong, remember it's Dimokrates we're after.

The Order representatives approached the Cult guard.

  • Darius: The Order has arrived...
  • Cult Guard: You're late.
  • Order Representative: We arrived precisely when we meant to.
  • Darius: Remember, once Dimokrates shows himself, we kill him.
  • Kassandra: Or we can kill everyone...

Darius got into position as the meeting continued. The gathered entourage began moving away from the palace as they spoke.

  • Cult Guard: I'm assuming you've brought what we need.
  • Order Representative: About that. We're not sure we're giving you any more.
  • Cult Guard: You don't make that call. This is the way it's always worked—you provide the drachmae. We have the weapons, the Spartans, and the war. You get what you want. We get what we want.
  • Order Representative: Not anymore. You need to prove to the Order you're worth what we're paying.

They stopped halfway down the hill.

  • Order Representative: I know your entire organization have allowed themselves to be pinned and mounted by this misthios and her pet bird. Consider this your final chance to do your duty and back us up in Messenia.
  • Cult Guard: You clearly don't know the Eagle Bearer. And who are you to throw away our alliance? As far back as Xerxes, we've been working together towards peace.
  • Order Representative: Peace? Don't lecture me about peace. You're the ones who've plunged the Greek world into endless conflict for your own benefit. You think we don't know?

The representative spat in contempt.

  • Order Representative: Amorges was right. How far the Cult of Kosmos has fallen. The value we've given to this alliance, I'll never understand.
  • Cult Guard: I should kill you where you stand!
  • Order Representative: Think very carefully about what you're about to do.
  • Cult Guard: Gods strike you down, Dimokrates! Gods strike you down... You just keep paying, and we'll keep our end of the deal.
  • Order Representative: This meeting is over.
  • Cult Guard: So we continue the arrangement... Dimokrates?

Kassandra had eavesdropped long enough to identify the blue-robed representative, who had done most of the talking, as Dimokrates.

  • Kassandra: That's him. That's Dimokrates.

Kassandra stalked after him and his entourage after they had parted ways with the Cult guards. They approached their horses.

  • Dimokrates: To the fort!

His entourage mounted and galloped off, but Kassandra pursued him.

  • Kassandra: He thinks a fort will save him from me?

Kassandra infiltrated the fort and found Dimokrates. He cried out when he noticed her.

  • Dimokrates: The Eagle Bearer is after us!

She ran after him.

  • Kassandra: Dimokrates!
  • Dimokrates: Filth! You disgust me!
(Killed the other two representatives)
For good measure, Kassandra went after the other two Order representatives. She struck at the orange-robed representative.
Order Representative: I can't wait to tell my children I killed the Eagle Bearer.
Kassandra killed him, denying him the opportunity. She moved on to the green-robed representative in the upper bastion.
Order Representative: You're nothing! Your blood is nothing.
Kassandra killed the representative with ease.

Whether their cover was blown or Kassandra simply forwent stealth, the Order and the Cult drew their weapons on sight.

  • Cult Guard: Gods! It's the Eagle Bearer!
  • Kassandra: Chaire.
  • Dimokrates: It's her...

Dimokrates ordered a retreat.

  • Dimokrates: To safety!
  • Darius: Get Dimokrates. I'll handle this.

Kassandra chased after Dimokrates while Darius covered her.

  • Dimokrates: Artabanus? How? Stop him!
  • Kassandra: I'll figure out which one's Dimokrates after they're dead.
  • Order Representative: Stand your ground!
  • Cult Guard: Kill them!

Kassandra caught up to the representatives and killed the first one.

  • Kassandra: Not Dimokrates...

She killed the second.

  • Kassandra: This isn't Dimokrates either...

By process of elimination, the blue-robed representative who had done most of the talking was Dimokrates. She slew him and confirmed his death.

Regardless of her methods, Kassandra found her target and confirmed his death.

  • Kassandra: Got him. Dimokrates is dead. One step closer to Elpidios... I've got to return to Darius.
ACOD The Ordering of the Kosmos 8

Kassandra reporting Dimokrates' death to Darius

With Dimokrates dead, Kassandra returned to Darius at the cliff east of the watchtower, overlooking Aipeia.

  • Kassandra: Dimokrates is dead.

Her temper flared once more.

  • Kassandra: They deserve to die for what they've done, Darius. Every last one of them.
  • Darius: Kassandra...
  • Kassandra: They're between Elpidios and me.

Kassandra turned to leave, and Darius left as well after a brief pause, seemingly lamenting the anger consuming her.




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