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The One Who Got Away was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore traveled to the Delizia di Belriguardo outside Ferrara to search of clues regarding the whereabouts of Leonardo da Vinci.


Ezio watched from a rooftop in a courtyard outside the palazzo, as Lucrezia Borgia returned from a horse ride.

  • Guard 1: Did you have an enjoyable ride, Duchessa (Duchess)?
  • Lucrezia: Hardly. I raced across the grounds at breakneck speed for fear of a knife in my back.
  • Guard 1: I do not understand, Duchessa (Duchess). Who is trying to kill you?
  • Lucrezia: My father kept them at bay. Kept me safe. Now they chase after me. They want my head.
  • Guard 1: But, Signora–
The One Who Got Away 2

Lucrezia returning to the palazzo

  • Lucrezia: The countryside was supposed to be serene. Death follows me, even here. Increase the patrols and warn me of any intruders. No one is allowed in the palazzo but my husband's private guard.

Lucrezia departed and headed for the safety of the palazzo.

  • Guard 1: You heard the Duchessa (Duchess)! Sound the alarm if an intruder is spotted. Poor Alfonso, his wife has gone mad.

Ezio sneaked through the outer surroundings of the Belriguardo Palazzo, before arriving at a large storage hall. A crowd had accumulated at a closed entrance watched by a guard.

  • Servant: What is the meaning of this? I am supposed to shine the Duchessa's (Duchess') shoes.
  • Guard 2: No one is allowed in the palazzo.
  • Servant: Is she going to shine her own shoes then?
  • Guard 2: What the Duchessa (Duchess) does or does not do is of no concern to us.
  • Servant: What a life this is, let me tell you.
  • Guard 2: I would rather you did not.
  • Servant: I will complain to the Duca (Duke)!
  • Guard 2: As long as you are stuck on that side, no one will hear you.
  • Servant: I have had enough.

The servant became agitated.

  • Guard 2: Stay where you are.
  • Servant: Let me through!
  • Guard 2 You must wait until the Duchessa (Duchess) allows you to pass.

Ezio navigated the remainder of the storage hall before arriving at the palazzo gardens.

  • Guard 3: I heard the Duca (Duke) has borrowed guards from the Pope himself to watch over his palazzo.
  • Guard 4: Julius has lent Alfonso several of his guards in return for siding with the Pope against Ravenna.
  • Guard 5: We shall see how long that alliance lasts.

Ezio entered the palazzo through a side window. Once inside, he confronted Lucrezia.

The One Who Got Away 8

Ezio seducing Lucrezia

  • Lucrezia: Come to kill me at last, Assassino (Assassin)?
  • Ezio: Buongiorno (Good day), Lucrezia. Or should I say Duchessa (Duchess).
  • Lucrezia: A borrowed title bestowed by my husband, ill-fitting and barely concealing the truth.
  • Ezio: You can keep your life. I am here for the art on your walls.
  • Lucrezia: Redecorating, are we?
  • Ezio: I count five Leonardo da Vinci paintings you have stolen, and I want them returned.
  • Lucrezia: If only it were that easy. My birthplace, my family, have been taken from me. You think Ferrara loves me? I am a stranger, a castaway. An orphan. Your paintings are gone, Assassino (Assassin).
  • Ezio: I do not believe you.
  • Lucrezia: Frightening, is it not? To have lost so much. Perhaps we can comfort each other.

Ezio began to seduce Lucrezia.

  • Ezio: Perhaps. Where are the paintings?
  • Lucrezia: Sold to Francesco Colonna... and one to someone who was special to me, Patrizio. He spends his time near Il Vaticano. I kept one for myself.
  • Ezio: Give it to me.
  • Lucrezia: Guards! Place Da Vinci's Annunciation in a cart. Leave it outside the walls.
  • Ezio: Molto bene. (Very good.) Now, close your eyes.

Ezio moved close to Lucrezia, pushing her towards a curtain, where he began to discreetly tie her hands.

The One Who Got Away 11

The cart with Leonardo's Annunciation

  • Lucrezia: My husband will soon arrive with his guards, so it is best if you hurry.
  • Ezio: Forgive me, Duchessa (Duchess).
  • Lucrezia: What for?
  • Ezio: No man can heal your pain. You must do so on your own. Say hello to the Duca (Duke) for me.

Lucrezia realized she had been tricked.

  • Lucrezia: Guards! Guards!

Chased by guards, Ezio fled from the room and free-ran through the palazzo. Along the way, he closed a door, causing a ladder to fall down and thus creating a shortcut.

  • Ezio: Perfect! A route up if I fall.

He finally performed a Leap of Faith into a haystack near the cart holding the first of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings.


Ezio escaped the palazzo after having acquired Leonardo's Annunciation, and obtained information on the locations of the four remaining paintings. He then returned to Rome to continue his quest to find Leonardo.


  • If Ezio was wearing the Armor of Brutus or the Helmschmied Drachen Armor during this memory, when he went to remove his hood during the encounter with Lucrezia, it would stay in place. This was possibly due to there being no in-game model of the outfit without a hood.
  • Strangely enough, there are still Papal Guards inside Lucrezia's palace carrying the Borgia emblem despite the Borgia had already lost all power within the Church and Rome. There are also Borgia guards patrolling in the palace rather than Alfonso's guard.



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