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The Old Library was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek searches across the river from Letopolis, for the House of Serqet, and a missing sword.


After rescuing Baba in the tunnels, Bayek explored the old library. He investigated a papyrus on one of the shelves.

ACO - The Old Library 02

An alternate entrance that leads to the old library.

  • The Eye of Kemwer:
    Our wonderful, magnificent city is caught in a battle between man and god, the river and the desert, between Horus and Sekhmet. When our ancestors founded it, it was dedicated to the Great Black One, the Falcon whose right eye is the sun and whose left one is the moon. But over the past months and years, the Lady Who Mauls has come closer and closer. Our summer feast in her honor no longer sways her. She creeps ever closer, and the breath of the War Lion brings the heat and sand of the desert into the heart of the city.
    The oracles say she wishes to claim all Egypt for herself, and swallow it whole, unless we make a grand sacrifice. Her wab priests have told the nomarch to give up the city, and that will appease her.

Bayek read another papyrus on one of the tables.

  • The Apotheosis Papyrus:
    We are victorious, The Divine Lion, the powerful one, whose breath formed the desert, whose tongue is as rough as the sand, the fiercest of hunters will swallow this profane place. This city where men professed themselves greater than the gods. We chosen fall towards apotheosis, while our enemies fall in disgrace. The city and all within will lay beneath a blanket of sand for a hundred years. In exchange she will let the rest of the Nile prosper under the God of the Sky. Woe to anyone who seek to unearth it and take the treasure from the goddess.

Bayek investigated another papyrus on one of the stone slabs.

  • Bayek: A history of the lost keepers of this place.
  • A History of the Keepers of the Old Library:
    As (God's Servants), we bear witness to the voyage of Maahes, son of Sekhmet, to confront the invaders who come from out of the sun. We have blessed the Sword of Ptah and placed it in Maahes' hand, sending him across the river to rally our spears at the house of Serqet. Maahes must stand against the armies of Ochus, who is called Artaxerxes, who march from the city of ooze to lay waste and enslave us all.
  • Bayek: The sword is missing. I wonder if Maahes succeeded at the house of Serqet, or whether his cause was lost there?

Bayek left the old library, and ventured across the river, finding the ruins of the house of Serqet. Outside them, he found a Greek man, armed with a knife.

ACO - The Old Library 03

A greek scholar mistaking Bayek for a bandit.

  • Man: Who's there? I am armed! I will hurt you so much the gods will sing stories of how badly for ages!
  • Bayek: (chuckling) Keep the peace, friend. I am merely curious.

The man let the knife fall.

  • Man: There is little enough left of value. The jackals have already stripped this site clean!
  • Bayek: I read about an ancient battle, between Maahes and Ochus, and wondered if it was here.
  • Man: This was where Maahes fought and died at the hands of Bagoas the eunuch and Mentor the Rhodian!
    You may have read my version of Ma'ani-Djehuti ("I have seen Thoth")? No? No matter.
  • Bayek: Do you know what became of Maahes' sword?
  • Man: The Sword of Ptah? Said to be sacred to both Sekhmet and Serqet? No, but as I said, this place has long been plundered. The bandits stay north of here, so I stay far away.
  • Bayek: Thank you. I'll head north.
ACO - The Old Libray 04

The hyena cave where the chest in which the sword is hidden.

Bayek ventured north, finding the bandit hideout.

  • Bayek: These must be the bandits the historian spoke of. I wonder where they are keeping the Sword of Ptah.

He infiltrated the camp, and found the sword.

  • Bayek: Thank you dearest goddesses. I will use this to keep the faith.


Bayek learned of the legendary sword called Sword of Ptah, and searched for it, eventually finding it in a bandit camp.


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