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This article is about a memory of Bayek. You may be looking for the book written by Homer or Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

The Odyssey was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The Priest of Serapis is being hunted by the Phylakitai, and needs help in escaping Alexandria.


Bayek saw the priest sitting in the Egyptian district.

  • Priest: Guards are everywhere! By Serapis.
    Where is that Medjay? Only he can help me.
    I don't feel safe anymore. The gods are not welcome in Alexandria... Now I pray Amun save me.

The priest saw Bayek approaching him.

  • Priest: Medjay! Over here!
  • Bayek: Priest? But why are you on the street?
  • Priest: The guards discovered that I gave their food back to the people. Now they hunt me. I have a bounty on my head. Being a priest of light is a dark job in this filthy city.
  • Bayek: I can get you out of Alexandria, Priest, if you like, but... I cannot keep you safe forever.
  • Priest: I ask too much of you, Medjay. There is a small temple north of here that will take me in.
    The Phylakitai will be watching the roads, Medjay. We must leave by the canal, there should be boats there.
  • Bayek: I will spew arrows on any who get in our way. Be like Amun, Priest. Perhaps we can sneak you out without the guards knowing.

They left. Guards spotted them.

  • Priest: Careful, Medjay!
    We must be cautious, Medjay!
  • Bayek: Hide, Priest! I will take care of these guards!
    Ha! You call that a swing! Come at me!

Bayek dealt with the guards.

  • Bayek: You can come out now, Priest.

They continued towards the canal.

  • Priest: I...I've never seen blood before in such quantities. The Devourer and Apep must be smiling. And the smell. The stench.
  • Bayek: You... get used to it.
  • Priest: Truly?
  • Bayek: No.

Close to the canal, now, they searched for a boat.

  • Priest: Bayek. It is rare that priests are called upon to serve the people. And now I suffer for it.
  • Bayek: You are to serve the gods, Priest. Not the people.

They found a suitable reed boat, or a felucca.

  • Priest: Let's take one of these boats.
  • Bayek: And it will have to do. It looks sturdy enough.
  • Priest: I go to a temple near the Pharos. They will take me in. I hope. Perhaps it is true what they say - Alexandria is a city filled with liars.
  • Bayek: I've met a kind hand or two here in Alexandria, Priest.
  • Priest: Sometimes it's enough to know that not everyone would kill another for a drachma.
ACO The Odyssey - Canal

Bayek and Lysander on a boat in the canal

They approached the mouth of the canal.

  • Priest: We are nearing the arsenal responsible for all ill that has befallen me. They will be on alert.
  • Bayek: Ready yourself then, Priest.

Several soldiers approached Bayek and the Priest, shooting arrows at them.

  • Priest: They come after us with feluccas?
  • Bayek: Apparently they wish to show other priests the error of your ways.
  • Priest: It was only food! The people were starving.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers.

  • Bayek: You may show yourself, Priest. They have gone.
  • Priest: I owe you more than my life, Medjay.
  • Bayek: We are not yet at your island. We still have a little ways to go.
  • Priest: Thank Serapis. Now, what were we saying...

Bayek and the priest reached the island of Pharos.

  • Bayek: Here is where you wish to stop? Is this the island?
  • Priest: Yes. It is yet a short distance to the temple. I will be safe, Medjay. I will practice at the temple as a new man. I will leave you with a small token of my gratitude.
  • Bayek: May your happiness multiply.
ACO The Odyssey - Lysander Thanking Bayek

Lysander thanking Bayek

They alighted from the boat.

  • Priest: This where you and I part, Medjay. I am a Priest no longer. Lysander was my name. It will be nice to be Lysander once more, I think.
  • Bayek: Walk in peace then, Lysander.
  • Lysander: And you Medjay... Bayek. Thank you.


Bayek helped Lysander the Priest escape from Alexandria to the island of Pharos, where the former priest would start a new life in the small temple of Iseion.


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