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The Oasis was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek exited the tomb after killing Hypatos to find his close friend Hepzefa fighting soldiers. After helping Hepzefa, the two made their way to Siwa.


Bayek and Hepzefa fended off the guards.

Homecoming 06

Bayek reunited with Hepzefa

  • Bayek: I see you have made new friends.
  • Hepzefa: They were setting up an ambush! It's a good thing I came to welcome you, eh? It's been months. Look at that beard!
  • Bayek: It's been nearly a year, my friend.
  • Hepzefa: It feels good to get out and fight! I am out of practice. In Siwa, everyone defers to the soldiers on pain of death... or worse.
  • Bayek: I've killed one of the masked ones. The Heron.
  • Hepzefa: Four more. Come, it has been a long road. You need rest!
  • Bayek: No, no rest. Not until all the masked ones' guts lie baking in the sand.
  • Hepzefa: Gods, I have missed you.

Bayek and Hepzefa started their journey back to Siwa.

  • Hepzefa: Where is your mount?

Bayek called his mount.

  • Bayek: Ah, there you are, boy!
  • Hepzefa: Let us go, (my brother)!
  • Bayek: How have you been holding up since I left?
  • Hepzefa: It has been difficult, Bayek. Without you, the villagers look to me to keep order. But the soldiers have set up a garrison, and they rule over all.
  • Bayek: A garrison in Siwa?
  • Hepzefa: Ptolemy wants the entire region kept under heel. I do my best to keep the villagers out of toruble. I could use your help.
  • Bayek: I'll do what I can. But do not forget, I have my own justice to pursue.
  • Hepzefa: I knew I could count on you, seni.

The duo reached a ruin.

  • Bayek: What happened here?
  • Hepzefa: The garrison soldiers are brutal. If they suspect a villager is lying to them, they burn his neighborhood. And worse.

They reached Siwa.

The Oasis 08

The two arriving in Siwa

  • Hepzefa: Welcome home, Bayek! Siwa has missed you!
  • Soldier: You owe all you have, your farms, your goods, your children; you owe your very lives to His Highness, Ptolemy.
  • Bayek: The villagers are drained of life.
  • Hepzefa: No one in the wahat (oasis) can make a move without being questioned, threatened, taxed or beaten. We all have learned to obey and keep our heads down. You see how it is.
  • Bayek: Let's not attract attention.
  • Hepzefa: Are you going to go to your house?
  • Bayek: Nothing there for me. Tell me about the Ibis.
  • Hepzefa: Medunamun.
  • Bayek: Is he here?
  • Hepzefa: He is a plague on the oasis. As you can see, the soldiers have become more brutal since he arrived. Before, they got drunk and fought with the villagers. Now that Medunamun is here, they are disciplined and vicious.
  • Bayek: All the more reason to kill him.
  • Hepzefa: Do not take him lightly. He is lean and sinewy, but very powerful.
  • Citizen: By the gods Amun and Iset, Bayek is back in Siwa!
  • Hepzefa: Ah, home! Leave your mount, he will not stray far. Go ahead on in.

They entered Hepzefa's home.

The Oasis 01

Bayek meeting Rabiah

  • Hepzefa: Rest, my friend. It has been a difficult day.
  • Bayek: I have no interest in rest. I must prepare for this man.
  • Rabiah: Hepzefa? Hepzefa! Once again, the soldiers—Bayek?
  • Bayek: Rabiah, my Rabiah.
  • Rabiah: I have worried about you.
  • Bayek: You know me, you should be worried!
  • Rabiah: Look at you. Cuts, contusions...
  • Bayek: I'm fine.
  • Rabiah: Sit, sit, sit. I'll take care of it.
  • Bayek: You haven't changed.
The Oasis 02

Rabiah tending to Bayek's wounds

  • Rabiah: You and Aya, I've always patched you two up, made excuses to your parents... Times have changed, but you, I can count on.

After a nap, Bayek found Hepzefa outside.

  • Hepzefa: Slumbering Osiris, I thought you would never wake up!
  • Bayek: Rabiah patched me up and I just...
  • Hepzefa: I let you sleep. You need to be alert to tangle with Medunamun. In fact, my friend...

Hepzefa gave Bayek a bow.

  • Bayek: A new bow?
  • Hepzefa: See if you like it. Best spot to hit is right in the head. One of the dummies is sturdier than the other. More arrows in the rack over there. Good.
  • Woman: Hepzefa!
  • Hepzefa: What is it?
  • Woman: Soldiers are coming for you!
  • Hepzefa: Go! Come, quickly.

Bayek and Hepzefa hid in the tall grass.

The Oasis 05

Bayek and Hepzefa hiding from the soldiers

  • Soldier: Make certain no one gets out of the house alive. Hepzefa! We're just here to talk. Nomarch Rudjek's been killed. Your friend the Medjay may have been involved! Come out if you wish to clear his name.
  • Hepzefa: Nek (shit)! They will find my letters and burn down my place. I will be executed.
  • Bayek: Don't worry. I will take care of this.
  • Hepzefa: Watch out!
  • Soldier: What's that? Who's there?
  • Bayek: Keep low!

Bayek knocked out a soldier.

  • Bayek: Now the rest of them.

Bayek defeated the soldiers surrounding Hepzefa's house.

  • Bayek: That does it.
  • Hepzefa: Thank you Bayek. I told you these neket iadets (pieces of shit) do not care.
  • Bayek: I cannot believe their gall.
  • Hepzefa: It is sad. Come upstairs. I will show you all the Medjay duties of Siwa.
    All the problems of Siwa are here. I try to help everyone, but it's more than I can do.
  • Bayek: So you're telling me you do not have the powers of a god?
  • Hepzefa: But the real problem is that man you want to kill: Medunamun. The people were hopeful when he first arrived. Surely things would improve. We soon learned the truth, actually...

In his mind's eye, Bayek saw Medunamun bludgeon a priest with an Apple of Eden.

The Oasis 07

Medunamun beating a priest

  • Medunamun: I fear for the safety of your family, priest. I will move them to a more secure area.
  • Hepzefa: That is the man you're up against.
  • Bayek: I will find him and kill him.
  • Hepzefa: Medunamun is a lot more powerful than he looks and he is surrounded by the finest soldiers.
  • Bayek: I do not care.
  • Hepzefa: You'll be killed. You need to get tougher if you want to murder than spindly shit. For sure you will need better armor.
  • Bayek: I can make that myself.
  • Hepzefa: Weapons are more difficult. The soldiers took everything in the village.
  • Bayek: I will talk to the blacksmith.
  • Hepzefa: Yes. Benipe can certainly make something for you. Or Senu can help you find what you need.
  • Bayek: Senu? Senu is alive?
ACO The Oasis - Bayek reunited with Senu

Bayek reunited with Senu

  • Hepzefa: Look who is coming!
  • Bayek: Senu, old girl! In fine form.
  • Hepzefa: Rabiah has nursed her to health.
  • Bayek: I must thank her.
  • Hepzefa: The people are desperate for your help, Bayek. They'll help you if you help them.
  • Bayek: I understand.


Bayek returned to Siwa, and started his preparations against Medunamun.


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