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The Night of the Eagles was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Can it be true? Has The Ibis truly been resurrected?! Was he ever truly killed?

The disturbing rumors of his reappearance have led us to a remote temple in Haueris Nome. His new sect of cultists has been convening there in secret, and our ears in the region have heard that Medunamun himself will attend tonight.

We will enter the temple, find the "resurrected" Ibis, and put an end to his plans before they can start.


The Hidden Ones made their way through the temple and soon reached Medunamun, who engaged them in combat but was fatally wounded.

  • Decoy: Fools! The glorious Ibis Reborn knew you would come. He's *cough* far from here. You cannot stop his... divine mission...

The decoy collapsed dead on the temple floor. Performing the last rites, a Hidden One removed the mask.

  • Hidden One: This face... this is not the Ibis of Siwa. This is a decoy meant to distract us from our true target. Nek! We must pick up his trail. He will not escape us.


The Hidden Ones assassinated The Ibis in the temple, only to find out that it was a decoy.


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