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The Mousetrap was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek makes a new friend in the shape of a shady black marketer and self-proclaimed Street King of Cyrene Sminthos the Mouse.


While in the Agora in Cyrene, Bayek found a man at a corner selling his goods.

  • Sminthos: For the rarest and most exotic goods in Cyrene talk to the Mouse.

The man spotted Bayek.

  • Sminthos: Hey you there, big strong Egyptian!
  • Man: That Futuo Sminthos! He's tainting our market with his worthless tat.
  • Woman 1: That Mouse is always sniffing around here.
  • Woman 2: He sold me a potion, said it would make Quintus fall madly in love with me.
  • Woman 1: And, did it?
  • Woman 2: Gave him the shits for a week. Now he won't even speak to me! That rodent ruined my life!

Bayek spoke to the man.

  • Bayek: Get many Egyptians in Cyrene?
  • Sminthos: You'll get no judgment from the Mouse, but you did stick out.
  • Bayek: The Mouse? An odd title my friend.
  • Sminthos: Yes, yes, I am the Mouse because I can access the more hard to find trinkets. If you follow me to my shop, I'll show you...
    I have bows, blades, scepters... you won't be disappointed. The Mouse guarantees it... Sir...
  • Bayek: Bayek. Alright, let's see what you have, Mouse.

Bayek followed Sminthos.

  • Bayek: Don't you have trouble with the Romans.
  • Sminthos: Well you know what they say about our Latin friends. The Greeks invented the threesome and the Romans added women. (laugh)
    Besides I know how to stay hidden, Sir Bayek, with the way I look, I have to. People think the Mouse is unlucky. They don't see I'm an entrepreneur and savior of the waifs and strays.
  • Bayek: Waifs and strays?
  • Sminthos: The children, Sir Bayek! I give them work, a roof over their little heads. Without me they'd be on the streets!

They arrived at a corner, where Roman soldiers ambushed them. Bayek eliminated the soldiers.

  • Sminthos: Oh cursed Mouse! Woeful Mouse! They took it, they took everything, Sir Bayek.
    The Roman swine must have taken my chest to the barracks. Please, will you recover it?
  • Bayek: And why would I do that?
  • Sminthos: Because you know what it's like to be brushed aside, victimized by those who hold themselves above you. The Mouse will die on the streets with no living to support him, and what of the children... will no-one think of the children? And I could probably spare a fine reward for my savior. And I could probably spare a fine reward for my savior.
  • Bayek: I would not want the children on my conscience.
  • Sminthos: Gods bless you, Sir Bayek. I will wait for you in the market behind the baths. Good luck, my friend.

Bayek travelled to the Cyrene barracks. He found Sminthos' chest in one of the buildings.

  • Bayek: The Mouse's stash!

Bayek carried the stash out of the barracks, bringing it to Smithos' house. He placed it on the floor on the second floor.

  • Sminthos: You have saved my life for a second time, Sir Bayek! I am blessed! Blessed y the gods who brought you to me on this the greatest of days! The Mouse will embrace you! As a sign of my undying gratitude.
  • Bayek: Please don't!
  • Sminthos: Then money, I will shower you with riches to make Croesus jealous.
  • Bayek: Take care of yourself Mouse, try not to get caught in any more traps.
  • Sminthos: Ah such grace, such wit! You deserve more than mere money. Come see me again later, I will find you something special from my stash.


Bayek protected Sminthos and recovered his stash from the Cyrene Barracks.


After killing some Roman soldiers at his tent, Sminthos says: "And what of the children? Will no one think of the children?". Referring to the commonly used trope "think of the children", used to stir up emotional feelings with the person that needs convincing.


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