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The Mother of All Crimes was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having returned from Deptford, Evie convened with Inspector Frederick Abberline and the Metropolitan Police Service at the murder scene of Mary Kelly.


Evie entered Mary Kelly's apartment room.

  • Evie: Monster, you damn monster!
  • Officer: OY! You're not allowed in here!

Evie restrained the officer by his throat.

  • Abberline: Evie! Get a hold of yourself! Go go...Out.
  • Evie: Who is she? Tell me quickly.
  • Abberline: Tell you? By what right?! I am an officer of the law, I'm not a member of your secret organization.
  • Evie: Listen to me... Jacob knows—
ACS The Mother of All Crimes 4

Abberline warning Evie

  • Abberline: No you listen to me, I cannot cover for you much longer. All the evidence points to your brother, your 'Order', you... You need to deliver the Ripper's head on a spike soon, or I'm afraid there will be nothing to stop my men from arresting you in his stead.
  • Evie: You'll have his head, even if it costs me mine.

Evie began to inspect the murder scene.

  • Abberline: A young 'Unfortunate', by far the youngest at 25... Miss Kelly was found dead here at 10:45 this morning. Her throat had been cut and her whole head and body mutilated in a fashion which defines the word hideous.
  • Evie: He removed her organs, her heart... her dignity! You want me to see you as she did... Imagine the terror she felt? Do you hurt women just to prove you're a man, Jack?
    The kettle is still warm...
    That is a lot of blood.
    I can't make sense of these markings from this position.

Evie aligned the thrown back door with a blood splatter on the floor.

  • Evie: What's this? ... Jack must have left these markings for me.
  • Message: My gift to you, Miss Frye, and more to come unless you do as Jack says: Follow the trail of blood through the looking glass.
  • Evie: Jack wants me to return to the scene of his first crimes. I will do as you say, Jack, until I find you and send you to your own special hell...
  • Abberline: What did you discover?
  • Evie: A message for me. The monster is going to lead me right to him, Inspector. I must return to the locations of the Ripper's first crimes...
  • Abberline: Don't let your fury blind you, Miss Frye. I would not lose you, too...
  • Evie: If I do die, Inspector, I will take the Ripper with me.

Evie left to investigate the murder scenes of Jack's other victims.

Evie arrived at the murder scene of Annie Chapman, finding it guarded by Rooks.

  • Evie: I am going to have to scare off this lot, if I want to investigate in peace.

Evie scared off the Rooks and investigated the crime scene.

  • Evie: Someone fought here...
    This is where Jack ripped the life from Miss Chapman's breast, the second victim of his hideous crimes. He cut off her ring where is the ring?
    Where does it lead?
    Damn it...yet another one.
    Her Assassins ring must be here somewhere...

Upon finding Chapman's Assassins ring, a raven picked it up and dropped it in its nest nearby.

  • Evie: Jack wanted to be sure I'd find these rings...

Evie found a message left by Jack.

  • Message: What kind of creed cannot protect its own?
  • Evie: This message was intended first for my brother... Catherine Eddowes was murdered in a small square close to the train tracks.

Evie left the scene to investigate the murder scene of Catherine Eddowes.

  • Evie: I must find the location where Jack murdered his other victim.
    That is a lot of blood.
    Signs of a struggle...
    This is where Miss Eddowes breathed her last...humiliated and degraded by Jack—he wanted to punish my brother.
    You monster. You murdered every Assassin my brother turned against you and your insane creed.
    Where does it lead?
    I should follow these traces.
    Blood splatters...
    More blood splatter...
    Her Assassins ring must be here somewhere...
    Two Assassin's rings... Jack murdered two women here, two of Jacob's initiates.

Evie found another message from Jack.

  • Message: How many more must die before you see the truth? P.S. Your brother didn't listen so I gave him a double lesson. Your Creed failed them, as it failed my mother.
  • Evie: Jack lived around here with his mother as a boy...that's where he's leading me. For Jack, only his mother's death counts as murder...

Evie arrived at the murder scene of Jack's mother. Upon reaching the site, she was ambushed by a fear bomb, which induced hallucinations in her.

  • Evie: What?
  • Jack: I was born here, survived the madhouse and learned from the best, until he betrayed me. Come test your Creed against mine.

The hallucinations intensified and Evie began to fight off illusionary clones of Jack.

  • Mother: Go to Jacob! Run, Jack!
  • Evie: The murder of Jack's mother marks the day that the 'Ripper' was born...and he blames my brother—blames the Creed for failing them.
    What's happening to me?
  • Jack: I should thank you, Evie... Jacob inspired my acts by his treachery, but it is your meddling that inspired today's masterpiece!
  • Evie: He is inside my head...
  • Jack: Where was Jacob when Starrick's men gutted my mother? Where was he when they dragged me to the madhouse?
  • Evie: Am I losing my mind?
  • Jack: What kind of creed cannot protect its own? ...a dead Creed, that's what.
  • Evie: Face me you monster!
    Control yourself, Evie.
  • Jack: Jacob freed me from the madhouse, riddled by guilt... He saw something in me and made me 'Assassin'...but I grew—grew to see his weakness and knew what I had to do. The world will know my terror!
    Your brother squealed the loudest...
    With the Fryes gone, no one can stop me.
    Jacob begged like those pathetic initiates he sent to the slaughter.

Evie thwarted off the hallucinations and came to her senses, realizing she was attacking civilians.

  • Civilian: No! Please, please...
  • Evie: The madhouse...Lambeth Asylum...Jack lures me through the looking glass.


With no doubt in her mind, Evie came to the conclusion that Jack the Ripper was waiting at Lambeth Asylum.


  • This memory takes places on Jacob and Evie's 41st birthday; potentially, this is why Jack the Ripper refers to Mary Kelly as his "gift" to Evie.



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