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The Monastery of St. Lucia was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Ramírez escaped with the first piece of the Staff of Eden during the chaos of the battle at Sádaba Castle, but we learned the location of the second piece. A group of Dominican monks loyal to Ramírez are holding it for him at the Monastery of St. Lucia. The Black Knight of the Inquisition, Ojeda, has been spotted on his way there. We must be prepared!


The Assassins made their way through the monastery, eventually reaching the treasure room where Ojeda stood before an open chest containing the Piece of Eden.

  • Ojeda: Well, well; the Brotherhood arrives! I did not expect you so soon; I had thought to have the fragment and be gone before you turned up. But as you are now here, I will have the pleasure of dealing with you myself. I will enjoy this!

Ojeda engaged the Assassins in combat but was severely wounded.

  • Ojeda: Pestilential Assassins! You have gained in strength since we last met. You may have kept me from the second piece of the Staff of Eden, but it is useless to you without the first! We will regroup and take this piece from you when you least expect it.

Ojeda knocked the Assassin to the ground then escaped though a back door.

  • Aguilar: Well done, my friends; we have prevented the Templars from acquiring the second piece of the Staff of Eden! It is imperative that we keep it out of Torquemada's grasp. Alas, Inquisitor Ramírez and the coward Ojeda have escaped us yet again. However, we have been alerted to a more pressing threat. Torquemada has learned that our ally Muhammad XII, Sultan of Granada, knows the location of the Apple of Eden! Torquemada intends to make war upon Granada until the Sultan reveals what he knows. We must stop him!


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