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The Mole was a memory of Clay Kaczmarek during his journey through the Animus Black Room.[1]


Clay explored his memories on becoming Subject 16.


  • Clay: Where's our team being sent?
  • William: Italy, to Abstergo's new research facility. I want to know what they're after with the Animus device. Your third teammate has been kept outside the Assassin Order, waiting to be called upon.
  • Clay: Lucy Stillman.
  • William: She's been trained to infiltrate Abstergo. Since the age of 17, the girl has lived outside our ranks. All her ties to the Assassins have been erased.
  • Clay: Lucy Stillman. I know you're out there.
  • William: D-Day is February 1, 2011. You will be caught by their Lineage Discovery and Acquisition department. They will bring you in as a test subject. Now, Lucy will get you direct access to the Animus at night. And once you have enough information, she'll get you out.

Clay entered the Animus.

  • Warren: Welcome to the Animus, Subject 16.
    Picture the pages of history, Mr. Kaczmarek. They are tattered, blackened, almost illegible. Useless to all but dreamers. Misunderstood and misused by politicians. But what if there was a way to restore history's luster? To truly know its lessons? The Animus gives us such a chance.
  • Clay: What are you really looking for? Last time I checked, Abstergo didn't have a history division.
  • Warren: Very astute, Mr. Kaczmarek. But we do own an entertainment studio. Perhaps a period drama is in production? Contemplate that while you finish your next session.
  • Clay: Can I have a rest?
  • Warren: Keep working and I will consider it.
  • Clay: You're a good liar, Vidic.
  • Warren: Get him back in there, Miss Stillman.
  • Italian Man 1: There is an old tale, passed down through the ages, that the Apple of Eden was not flesh at all, but solid like marble or bronze. They say incredible power will be granted to the man who holds it. Truthfully, I believe such lies to be little more than blasphemy.
  • Warren: If he sees the Apple, let me know immediately.
  • Italian Man 1: Have you heard of the Assassino (Assassin)?
  • Italian Man 2: Sì. (Yes.) Ezio Auditore.
  • Warren: Find out about this Ezio Auditore. I want his records on my desk by the end of the week.
  • Clay: What Apple are you looking for, Vidic?
  • Warren: You really want me to answer that question, Mr. Kaczmarek? If I did, you couldn't reasonably expect to be released at the end of this experiment.
  • Clay: In which river do you throw bodies?
  • Warren: Is that fear I hear in your voice, Subject 16? It should be.
  • Warren: His readings aren't normal, Ms. Stillman.
  • William: Are you there, Clay? Remember, stick to the mission.
  • Clay: What's going to happen to me?
  • William: Don't worry. Lucy will get you out. We're a team.
  • Clay: Lucy?

Clay experienced the Bleeding Effect.

  • Abraham Lincoln: We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.
  • La Fontaine: Rien ne pèse tant qu'un secret.[note 1]
  • Abraham Lincoln: That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.
  • Voice: Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardi Iddio![note 2]
  • Abraham Lincoln: Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Letter from Lucy to Clay[]



Your kind words are appreciated. Work continues on schedule. Vidic is busy dealing with the execs, while I'm running experiments on Subject 15.

During drills, focus on getting inside the Animus codebase. I'm already investigating the archives.

Don't stress about the operation. I'll protect you once you're in here, I promise.



  • Above the doors in the Animus room, there were lights spaced in an orderly manner that resembled Morse code, which translated to "Beware the dautnhter [sic] of the sixth."
  • In the Animus room on the wall above the conference room window was a broken circle, and on one of the pillars in the room lines and a dot. When viewed from the correct angle, these two aligned into a circumpunct, a circled dot; an ancient symbol, often used to represent the Sun.
  • The achievement "Enter the Animus" was unlocked after entering the Animus.



  1. French for "Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret", the first line of Jean de La Fontaine's Les Femmes et le Secret
  2. Italian proverb: "I can protect myself from my enemies, may God protect me from my friends!"


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