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For the historical event, see Battles of Lexington and Concord.

The Midnight Ride was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor was visited at the Davenport Homestead by a courier, sent by Paul Revere, who gave him information about John Pitcairn's location.


  • Connor: William Johnson is dead – and with him the Templar plot to steal the land of my people. But in ending this threat, I have revealed another. On his body was a letter addressed to John Pitcairn, containing orders to root out and destroy Patriot weapons and supplies. Should he succeed in this, the colonists will be unable to maintain their resistance and the Templars will surely take control. So long as Pitcairn lives, the danger remains. I need to find him. He needs to die.

Connor and Achilles Davenport met in the manor's secret basement.

  • Connor: I thought it might bring clarity. Or instill a sense of accomplishment. But all I feel is regret.
ACIII-Midnightride 2

Achilles and Connor discussing their next move

  • Achilles: Hold fast to that. Such sacrifices must never come lightly.
  • Connor: I had to do it. Not only for my people, but for all the others Johnson would have harmed.
  • Achilles: It's a start. But to truly be free of Templar influence, all of them must be dealt with in turn. Even your father.
  • Connor: I know.
  • Achilles: You speak the words, but do you believe them? Seems we've company.

Achilles met a courier at the front door.

  • Connor: What is it?
  • Achilles: A request for aid from Paul Revere. Seems the Redcoats are up to something in Boston. Guess you made an impression on the Sons of Liberty.
  • Connor: They mistake me for one of their own. Please tell Mister Revere he has my sympathies, but I cannot help at present.
  • Achilles: You might wish to reconsider: John Pitcairn is mentioned by name.
  • Connor: Where am I to go?
  • Courier: Mister Revere's house in Boston. If you'd like I can...

Connor traveled to Boston and met with Paul Revere.

  • Revere: Ah, Connor. What a relief! You came! Allow me to... to introduce you to William Dawes and Robert Newman.
  • Connor: Your letter said John Pitcairn was here.
  • Revere: Aye. He's readying an assault on Lexington, where Adams and Hancock have taken shelter. After that, he will march on Concord – hoping to destroy our weapons and supplies. You must help us!
ACIII-Midnightride 5

Paul Revere along with William Dawes

  • Connor: Only tell me where to find him and I will put a stop to this.
  • Revere: He has dozens, if not hundreds, of soldiers at his command. You cannot hope to match him by yourself. But fear not – for you will not have to! We have an entire army of our own – merely awaiting the order to take up arms.
  • Connor: Then you must call upon them.
  • Revere: Indeed, you and I will cross the Charles river and rouse the boys. William, I need you to take the overland route and do the same. Robert, I need you up in Christ Church. Light the signal. Two lanterns – our enemy comes by sea! No time for dawdling, my friend! We have lives to save. Come on!

Connor and Revere traveled to the Frontier across the Charles river by boat, from where they made their way to several safe houses by horse.

  • Revere: Ah. They've only left a single horse. We'll have to ride together.

As Connor pulled the boat ashore, Revere mounted the horse.

  • Revere: Ah, you take the reins. I'll navigate. Quickly, Connor! Get on the horse. I'll guide you towards those we need to alert! Follow my directions and we'll be done in no time!

On the way to the safehouses, Revere would provide Connor with directions.

  • Revere: None of this looks familiar.
    Wrong way, Connor.
    Something is wrong. We are off course.
    Give me a moment and I will get my bearings.
    Hmmm. This is not right...
    Turn back, Connor - you're going the wrong way.
    No. Wrong place.
    Where are we? This is all wrong...
    Hmmm. No. Turn around. Where we want to go is behind us.
    We've gotten lost somehow.
    I have made this crossing a dozen times - why is everything suddenly so foreign? Pressure must be getting to me.
    Oh bother. Everything looks the same at night...
    Does any of this look familiar to you, Connor?
    Not here, Connor.
    To the left, Connor.
    Go left up here.
    Turn right.
    Go right, Connor.
    To the right, Connor, to the right!
    I believe we are on course.
    Excellent! We are right on course.
    This way, Connor.
    Yes, this is exactly where we need to be!
    Keep going.
    Yes! This is it! This is the way!

As Connor and Revere approached the Munroe Tavern, they noticed the British Army on patrol.

  • Revere: Redcoats! What are they doing here?
  • Connor: They must be scouts.
  • Revere: Be careful Connor. We mustn't let them warn the others!

Connor and Revere neared the first safe house.

  • Revere: Might be safer if we approach the houses on foot.
    Let us continue the search on foot...
    This is it. You have got the right place.

Connor and Revere knocked on the door of the first safe house.

  • Revere: Let everyone know that the Regulars march for Lexington and Concord.
  • Rebel: The British are coming!
  • Revere: Back in the saddle, my friend. We have more people to warn.

On the way, Revere would warn Connor of potential threats.

  • Revere: Did you hear that? Could be Redcoats. Careful.
    Careful, Connor. There might be other scouts around.
    Be on the lookout for Redcoats...

The pair reached the next safe house.

  • Revere: Might be safer if we approach the houses on foot.
    This is it. You have got the right place.

Connor and Revere knocked on the door of the house.

  • Revere: Spread the word! The Regulars are coming out.
  • Rebel: At once!

After another stop, Connor and Revere came to the next house.

  • Revere: We should dismount for this. It'll be quicker and quieter.
    This is it. You have got the right place.

Connor and Revere knocked on the door of the house.

  • Revere: The regulars are coming!
  • Redcoat: Here. WE'RE HERE. GET THEM!

The two mounted the house.

  • Revere: Find a way to get rid of them, Connor!
    Faster! We need to get away from them!
    We need to lose them!
    We've gotta shake those redcoats!

Connor and Revere then escaped from the Redcoats.

  • Revere: That was much too close for comfort. Let us take care to avoid any further surprises...

Th two made their way to Samuel Prescott.

ACIII-Midnightride 13

Paul Revere at Samuel Prescott's residence

  • Revere: Might be safer if we approach the houses on foot.
    This is it. You have got the right place.

Connor and Revere knocked on the door of the house.

  • Revere: Where the devil is he?
  • Connor: Are you sure we are in the right place?
  • Revere: Sure I'm sure! Prescott?

Prescott's fiancée ran half naked out of the house. Prescott then walked out, wearing a shirt and a pair of underpants.

  • Prescott: Evening, gents.
  • Revere: Listen, the Regulars are out. You need to rally your men... And put on some trousers!
  • Prescott: At once.

Connor and Revere then rode to Lexington.

  • Revere: Welcome to Lexington, Connor. Now let's find Hancock and Adams. Hmmm. No sign of Dawes. I hope he's alright.

They entered the house where Adams and Hancock were hiding.

  • Adams: Paul. Connor. Good to see you.
  • Connor: You need to leave. The Redcoats are coming.
  • Adams: Aye, so William's told us. Let them conduct their little search. They'll find nothing.
  • Connor: You don't understand. Pitcairn intends to kill you.
  • Revere: I'm afraid it's true.
  • Adams: I suppose we have no choice then, but to go. What of you three?
  • Revere: Dawes and I will continue on to Concord. Connor, it's best you stay here and help our man John Parker hold the town. It'll give us time to spread the word.


The militia in Lexington were alerted of John Pitcairn's march towards them, and preparations were made to defend the town.



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