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The Merchant of Death was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Our visit to the Dominican Chapter House yielded no information concerning Ojeda; he has not been there for weeks.

However, we have discovered correspondence between Ojeda and a corrupt merchant of Murcia. This man sells the seized properties of victims of the Inquisition, sharing his profits with the Inquisitors.

For his actions and support toward the crimes committed by the Templars, he deserves to die. But before that, we will see if he knows anything of value concerning the Templar plans.

Retrieved Documents

  • Inquisition business partnership, February: Profit share payment of 5000 Coins made to the Inquisitor's Scribe. (Note: Starting this month, payments are to be delivered to him in Casas-Ibáñez.)


The Spanish Assassins eliminated the corrupt merchant. Searching his desk, they found a receipt for payment of services rendered by an Inquisition scribe.


  • The title of the memory is a reference to an epithet from the 1930s that was applied to the industries or banks that funded or supplied military–industrial complexes during World War I.


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