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This article is about the genetic memory. You may be looking for Abu'l Nuqoud, the Merchant King of Damascus.

The Merchant King was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Alonzo arrived at Harbour Island, noticing several ships with black flags.

  • Alonzo: What happened here? This place is overrun with pirates!
  • Jumao: They're plundering what they can before the King's fleet comes to hang them all!
  • Alonzo: We have to find our man before the situation turns to chaos!
  • Jumao: I see a small ship! Let's see what they know!

Alonzo spotted the ship and approached it.

  • Pirate: What's your business, man? Are you pirate hunters working for the Royal Navy?!
  • Alonzo: I am no such thing, brother! I'm looking for Thompson, the merchant who runs this place!
  • Pirate: Thompson... the man who trades our stolen goods?
  • Alonzo: Aye!... Where is he?
  • Pirate: I have cargo to trade, but I couldn't find him... I heard Vane was looking for him!
  • Alonzo: Charles Vane?
  • Pirate: He has gathered an army to loot these islands before the Navy sails in!
  • Alonzo: ... Why am I not surprised!

Alonzo set sail to find Vane, eventually discovering him and his fleet.


Alonzo confronting Vane

  • Alonzo: Surrender Thompson or I'll make you eat your insides!
  • Vane: I'd love a bite, pirate! Want to share that meal with an old soul like me?
  • Alonzo: I'm in no mood for your jests, Vane! Where is Thompson?
  • Vane: You'll never find him landlubber!

Vane prepared to attack.

  • Vane: Men! Let's sink this small-fry! He's giving pirates a bad name!

Alonzo sank Vane's flotilla, and the latter attempted to escape.

  • Jumao: He's getting away, captain!
  • Alonzo: No, he is not!

Alonzo went after Vane, evading the mines dropped by the pirate before catching him. After fighting Vane, Alonzo defeated him.

  • Vane: For hell's sake, I give up! What's wrong with you, pirate! Why fight your own kind!
  • Alonzo: Shut your gob, Vane... and tell me where you're holding Thompson!
  • Vane: That coward of a merchant? I have not the faintest idea...
  • Alonzo: Don't push your luck, Vane. My patience is thin and my men are eager to blast you to the deep!
  • Vane: Hold your cannons, man! I haven't harmed Thompson... He's marooned on an island... until he finds his tongue... and we find his gold. Eh! What do you say... Maybe we could share it?
  • Alonzo: I won't share a gallows with you!

Alonzo left and sailed to the islet on which Vane left Thompson, finding the merchant there.


The islet

  • Thompson: Have mercy! I will talk... but give me some water, I beg you!
  • Alonzo: You have nothing to fear. We've not here for your gold!
  • Thompson: You... you don't want to steal from me? My friends! I am forever in your debt! Just tell me what you need, I am at your service!
  • Alonzo: I was told you knew about the whereabouts of friend of mine. La Buse, the French captain...
  • Thompson: Yes! He came to Harbor Island... But he did not stay... He joined Thatch's fleet and sailed north!
  • Alonzo: Thatch, eh?
  • Thompson: The infamous Blackbeard! He made for Charleston, desperate to find a cure for his sick crew! If you hurry, you might still catch them!

Alonzo rushed to the north in pursuit of his friends. To catch up with them, Alonzo decided to sail through a narrow passage littered with sunken ships, mines and reefs.


The dangerous passage

  • Alonzo: If we want to catch him, this path is our only chance!
  • Jumao: But captain!... Pirates dropped hundreds of mines in this passage to protect the Harbor!
  • Alonzo: Sound like a good way to die, friend! Like a true pirate!
  • Jumao: This is crazy! No ship has ever survived this passage!

Alonzo managed to sail through, before finding Thatch's ship.

  • Thatch: My young friend. I never thought I'd see you again! Unfortunately, I have no time to waste! My sick crew is in urgent need of remedies!
  • Alonzo: I am looking for my friend... I heard he was with you!

La Buse appeared.

  • La Buse: And you heard right...
  • Alonzo: Here you are, finally!... We chased you to the ends of the Earth!
  • La Buse: I carried such a weight I could not linger in one place, Alonzo. And now, I am tired... In fact, I need your help.
  • Alonzo: You saved me, old man. You gave me a boat when I had nothing. You made me a captain!
  • La Buse: And now it's your turn to give me a ship! A ship that will take me far from these rotten seas!


Thanks to Thompson's information, Alonzo discovered that La Buse had joined Thatch's crew and was on his way to Charleston in South Carolina. Going after them and catching up with Thatch's ship, Alonzo was eventually reunited with La Buse, who intended to leave the West Indies with the artifact and needed Alonzo to find a ship for him.


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