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The Meat Cellar was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


The thief and fellow Assassin, Perina di Bastian, gave us documents that will guide us to the captive Florentine citizens. The Templars are keeping them all together in an old wine cellar under the city streets near the old Contarini Mansion.

These notes also point to the potential identity of the man behind the Templar resurgence in the city. Some noble black-sheep from Venice named Bonacolto Contarini. He has used his family's looming influence in Italy to make inroads to Florence, and is single-handedly masterminding its take-over.

We will enter this wine cellar, find the innocent Florentines, and free them.


The Spanish Assassins made their way through the wine cellar, reaching a room where the Florentine citizens and fellow Assassin Corvo Antonelli were held in.

  • Florentine: Who are you? More 'buyers'?
  • Spanish Assassin: Don't worry, we're here to free you. Wait... what do you mean, buyers?
  • Florentine: Oh, thank God. That evil man, Bonacolto, he's been indenturing the people here to foreign merchants. He's SELLING us.
  • Spanish Assassin: Not anymore he isn't. The path is clear behind us. Go! Return to your families.
  • Florentine: Oh, thank you. Thank you!

The Florentine citizens left. The Spanish Assassins freed Corvo.

  • Corvo: My thanks. I am Corvo Antonelli of the Italian Brotherhood! Good to see some fellow Assassins!
  • Spanish Assassin: How did you end up here?
  • Corvo: Thought I had some Templars cornered, then their friends trussed me up like a hog. That bastardo Bonacolto was unbearably self-satisfied.
  • Spanish Assassin: Bonacolto seems to be the one pulling the Templar strings in Florence. Do you know where he is?
  • Corvo: No clue. But, I did recognize some of his retainers. I can point you toward them, and you can carve it out of them.
  • Spanish Assassin: We'll find him, Corvo. You find a doctor for those wounds.


The Spanish Assassins infiltrated the wine cellar and freed the captive Florentines. They also freed fellow Assassin Corvo Antonelli, who pointed them to Bonacolto's retainers that might have a lead on his location.


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