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The Matriarch was a virtual representation of Bayek's genetice memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A young woman has been kidnapped from a honey and opium farm long exploited by soldiers for its produce. The farm's matriarch needs Bayek's help.


While in Kerke, Bayek came across a few villagers speaking to a lady.

  • Man: It's your own fault! You've been hiding opium from us! What do you think the Commander would do?
  • Meritmaat: Gentlemen. There is no need for further hostility. You're Mahu right?
  • Mahu: How do you know my name?
  • Meritmaat: Nothing much happens in Kerke I do not know about. Your wife just had your second child. And you are Kawab.
  • Kawab: That is right!
  • Meritmaat: The soldiers are not paying you enough. That is going to be tough when your new baby arrives.
    You too Herihor. I know your father is sick. You could use some help.
  • Herihor: Who couldn't?
  • Meritmaat: Why do I not have gifts sent around for your families? Just to make things easier this month.

Bayek approached the group.

  • Man: Enough! Fine, you can carry on. But remember we have the girl. Any further trouble and she disappears.

As the men turned to leave, Bayek addressed the woman.

  • Bayek: Do you need help?
  • Meritmaat: A Medjay! I am Meritmaat, the village leader. Ah, do not worry about they are just middle men for Ptolemy's soldiers.
    I have an understanding with their Commander. Opium and honey for protection of the village. He is the one we have to worry about.
  • Bayek: Sounds like they took a hostage?
  • Meritmaat: Hah, just like the Medjay of old! If you want to be a hero, they took her to the nearby military camp. If she still lives you will find her there.
  • Bayek: I will return with her soon, Meritmaat. And then you can decide if I am a hero.

Bayek infiltrated the military camp and eliminated the soldiers. He found the hostage in one of the tents, laying on the ground.

  • Bayek: This must be the kidnapped girl. She is drugged, but still breathing. I have to get her out of here.

Bayek carried the girl out of the camp. He placed the girl on the ground.

  • Bayek: Are you okay? You were drugged.
  • Henuttawy: Yes... thank you, I... gods! The Commander was going to put me on the next opium shipment. Send me somewhere... far away.
  • Bayek: The Commander? Do you know where he is?
  • Henuttawy: I think he left the camp on a ship. That's all I remember. I'm sorry.
  • Bayek: Alright. Go and show yourself to Meritmaat. Do not let any soldiers see you.

The girl rose and walked to the village.

  • Bayek: I should return to Meritmaat also. I need to talk to her about the Commander.

Bayek returned to Meritmaat in her home.

  • Meritmaat: Medjay! I heard you freed the girl.
  • Bayek: The Commander was not at the camp. But we should deal with him. Tell me everything you know.
  • Meritmaat: The local soldiers and middle men I can deal with. But the Commander... he's vicious. A murderer. I dare not confront him. Years ago he took another hostage. My own daughter. There was no Medjay to save us then. He killed her to assure our compliance. For the village's sake I did nothing.
  • Bayek: I have got an idea how to get to him. The shipments of opium go along the river. I will follow them, find him, and end your agreement.
  • Meritmaat: Then may Horus guide your blade, Medjay. Sink it deep! Do not be merciful! The Commander is guilty as Set.
  • Bayek: How did this all happen?
  • Meritmaat: We grow honey and opium. They're commodities the army found impossible to ignore.
    At first they tried to take over the village. Some of our men resisted. They were branded rebels and traitors and hunted down.
    Those that weren't killed fled North. Ironically, they joined with the rebels. We send them opium and money whenever we can.
    The Commander became suspicious, so he took another hostage. If you had not rescued her, I think he would have killed her too.
  • Bayek: I will deal with this murderer, I promise you.
  • Meritmaat: I have made the most of things. Until now I have managed to stop anyone else being taken. But we will never be free while the Commander lives.

Bayek sought out the docks east of Kerke, and boarded a felucca, following the trails of opium shipments along the Nile. He came upon a trireme carrying opium and infiltrated it.

  • Greek Soldier 1: Why does the commander tolerate Meritmaat, the old hag? I would have gutted her long ago.
  • Greek Soldier 2: You've heard the way she talks to us!
  • Greek Soldier 1: Yeah! We should abduct more of her children. She'll be much nicer.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers and investigated the tent, where he found a number of jars.

  • Bayek: There is a sweet smell hanging in the air. Opium. This is the right ship.

He read a note on a table.

  • Bayek: A manifest. This ship unloads at Memphis. That is where I will find the Commander.

Done on the ship, Bayek journeyed to Memphis. Approaching the city, he mused.

  • Bayek: Memphis. The Commander terrorizing Kerke will be somewhere in this city. Probably near a dock.

Bayek located the commander and his ship, settled along one of the canals. Bayek killed the commander and his soldiers. On the commander's body, Bayek found a note.

  • Strange Confessions:
    It's a strange thing to me that I have come to view Meritmaat's daughter as my own. When I took her I admit I intended to keep her for collateral only as long as was necessary, and then kill her. Nothing less would have persuaded that stubborn woman to fear me, and I had to have her absolute compliance.
    But when the time came, I couldn't do it. My own daughter would be Ipy's age had she lived. It's true what they say, that a child's death never leaves you.
    Ipy became my consolation.
    The only thing I fear is that she discovers the truth.
    She would surely hate me. She must never know.
  • Bayek: The murderous neket iadet is dead. But what is this about Meritmaat's daughter? She might still be alive! And right here in Memphis!

Bayek searched around the city for Meritmaat's daughter, and addressed her.

  • Bayek: Greetings nebet. Are you the Commander's daughter?
  • Ipy: I am. May I help you?
  • Bayek: I am the bearer of... strange news. But you must believe me. Your mother still lives.
  • Ipy: My mother? I was abandoned as a child. How could that be? Who are you?
  • Bayek: I have something here you should read.

Bayek passed the Commander's note to Ipy.

  • Bayek: Take your time. Decide what to do. Your mother is at Kerke, to the South. She misses you.
    If you do return to her, tell her that her Medjay friend fulfilled his... heroic task.


Bayek helped the village Meritmaat to rescue a young lady hostage. Following the opium trails, he tracked the Commander to Memphis and assassinated them, only to find that Meritmaat's daughter, taken as a hostage years ago, was alive. He found her in the city and informed her of the truth.


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